Rumblings in Macon

Senator Staton is running unopposed this year, but rumors are starting to fire up that a man named DaCosta is down here trying desperately to find someone to run against Senator Staton in the 2008 primary — already trying to find a candidate.

I doubt he’ll be very successful.

Full disclosure: I ran Senator Staton’s 2004 race and have preformed legal work for him and his businesses. He’s a friend.


  1. Smillican says:

    I’ve had about four local political players tell me this independently in the last couple of weeks. I’d assume this stems from Cecil’s support of Reed, which, I might add, won’t be any stronger than his support of Casey Cagle in the general. Anyway, I digress.

    Three words: bring it on.

    One question: is this DeCosta fella working at the behest of Robert Brown and Jesse Jackson, both of whom I hear have a bone to pick with the good Senator who sponsored voter ID?

  2. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Ain’t gonna happen. Senator Staton is a quality person. We disagreed on Reed, but Senator Staton is an individual who sees the larger picture, which is a pro-active effective conservative agenda. He has been a consistent effective leader in the local Party as well as the state GOP, and a friend of myself and many.

    Phil is a good guy. He’s dedicated to the causes he chooses and a diligent worker. Seth, your rhetoric is probably comparable to Phil’s. I’ve told him he needs to lighten up a bit. I would suggest the same to you. We’re on the same team, he just doesn’t see the play working the way many do.

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