Open thread.

It’s kind of a slow Georgia political news day so have an open thread. 🙂


  1. rugby_fan says:

    I missed the HJ Bailey comment that crossed hte line *BUT*, when reading the thread, someone mentioned that it’s too bad some humility didn’t rub off onto Bailey.

    I thought Charlie Bailey was being referenced. I said to myself, “wow, that doesn’t seem like the Bailey I saw in the debates”.

  2. rugby_fan says:

    oh yea, it seems like nothing is happening in any of hte blogs lately. What am Isupposed to do at work with no updates? Work? Yea, right.

    btw, Demonbeck, what happened to the other “best of” awards. there were some outstanding. I remember.

  3. rugby_fan says:

    I’m sorry to keep doing this (ok, I’m really not sorry) but I might be headed to Stockholm for work. Allegedly, Erick has several thousand brethren with the same name.

  4. SpaceyG says:

    Love me some open threads! So take a moment and read my latest op/ed in the Georgia Political Digest. This ones’ all about making nice-nice with Wal-Mart. You can sing the op/ed to the tune of the Dixie Chicks’ (Not) Ready To Make Nice song if the spirit to say FU to the country music industry moves you.

    I totally love that song, and sing it often and loudly when driving any fundies around in my vehicle. Sit back and watch ’em squirm!

  5. buzzbrockway says:

    Interesting article SpaceyG.

    BTW, while watching my right wing tv shows the other night, I noticed Wal-Mart advertising a new organic foods section. Perhaps the store in your neighborhood will carry such items. Although, I though part of the allure of organic foods was the desire to support local independent farmers. I wonder how Wal-Mart will pull that off?

  6. Big Mack says:

    Since you have opened this thread, Buzz, I want to say that I predict Balfour, Staton and Hudgins will catch rip from the rest of the Senate for their support of RR. Since I did not support RR, this is fine with me. However, I do not like the idea of working my fingers to the bone to elect a Republican senator and then have the Senate put up many of its own as statewide candidates. This is the height of arrogance in my opinion. At the risk of repeating myself, I resent having Sen. Brian Kemp presented to me as a candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture when I know that he does not know anything about agriculture. If there was any truth in the last mailer I received from Brian, I do not know what it was. What my state senator has done is assure himself of some competition in two years because of his support of Brian and this is a shame because we had a hard time electing him to start with. They will never learn.

  7. Dawgsrock says:

    The state senators learned that the name recognition and influence that they have in statewide races is not as good as they think. We have many talented state legislators in Georgia. It’s a big step from a state legislative position to a statewide constitutional office. The exception is the Lt. Gov’s office.

    In this primary the voters realized that just because you are a talented legislator. your not automatically qualified for higher office. I hope that the legislators that backed their fellow legislators will now back the non-legislative candidates with the same zeal and financial support.

    It’s time for republicans to take over the Lt. Gov’s office, the SoS office, the Attorney Generals office, the Commissioner of Agriculture, the Commissioner of Labor, and full republican control of the PSC.

  8. UnknownTruths says:

    I am still relatively new to the Peach Pundit. Did get to meet quite a few at the Casey Cagle Victory party. I like this board….some of us have talked and agree that allot of the things discussed on here are mainly North East GA…Macon to Atlanta…I might be wrong but thats my thought at this point….I would love to see an open board where those that don’t have the ability to post thread topics could post daily on topics that interest them in their areas that may have an affect on GA politics as a whole.


  9. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Big Mack, “”””” I want to say that I predict Balfour, Staton and Hudgins will catch rip from the rest of the Senate ….””””””

    Ain’t gonna happen. Senator Staton was just awarded a chairmanship. I would hope our leadership is far more visionary to see the agenda as opposed to independent races. In fact, I know they are.

  10. Bill Simon says:

    The Cagle-Reed race aside, Don Balfour is a Major Asshole as Rules Chairman and needs to be shoved aside (in a manner as brutish as his demeanor).

  11. donkeydonkey says:

    What is conventional wisdom regarding a candidate who has not paid his/her federal taxes? It’s provable. You have the federal tax lien and it’s not satisfied. Would there ever be a situation where you wouldn’t use it? The candidate cannot claim a hard luck story. He has enough money to spend it on other more frivolous things.

  12. conservativecore says:

    Donkey squared
    I think but don’t remember clearly that you must be current on your taxes to hold a Georgia state office. I am not sure it speaks to federal candidates though

  13. Dawgsrock says:

    Sen. Johnson.
    We’re looking forward to you endorsing and providing strong financial support to the entire statewide republican ticket, including SoS candidate Handel, and Comm Ag Black.

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