Of course she is

Cynthia McKinney is alleging “voting irregularities” in yesterday’s landslide loss to runoff opponent Hank Johnson, detailing on her website stories of voters supposedly unable to cast their ballot for her. Her “concession speech” included this gem:

Electronic voting machines are a threat to our democracy.
So let the word go out– we aren’t going to tolerate any more stolen

Says Mary Katherine Ham at Townhall.com, “Um, you lost by 16 percent in a district that’s more solidly Democratic than the Kennedy Compound. It ain’t the voting machines, sugar, unless by “machines” you mean “citizens”.”

This was completely expected from Ms. McKinney. However, using defenses like “disenfranchisement” and “voting irregularities” make a lot less of a difference when you’ve just lost by 11,000 votes.

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  1. It’s scary to me that 28,832 people actually voted for her. I’ll make sure to get my shots and wear a flakjacket the next time I’m in that district — lest some shards of stupidity start flying. Obviously, there is a serious sanity-deficiency still permeating large swaths of that district.

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