McKinney’s end.

I’m sitting here watching 11Alive as they broadcast McKinney’s defiant concession speech. She played a song by Pink and the Indigo Girls called “Dear Mr. President.” Now she’s speaking and she running through the litany of issues that caused her to be rejected (again) by the 4th District.

She started the speech by claiming the media attacked her mother and one of her campaign workers. Apparently there was some sort of scuffle at her HQ. I don’t know what she’s talking about but I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about it.

UPDATE: 11Alive has a brief story about the incident.


  1. skbarton13 says:

    Well I hope we hear more about it — WXIA’s site doesn’t have any more than what they showed after the singing and the speech and the concession sentence. Here’s my recap of what I want to hear about, previously posted on AJC Political Insider blog:

    By Steve Barton

    August 9, 2006 01:05 AM | Link to this

    Who is going to have the whole story of the shenanigans tonight at the Omega World Center. Brenda Wood and co. on Channel 11 were mighty shook up by what they had heard and seen from their WXIA folks at the McKinney election event.

    They showed video of pushing and shoving, camera hitting ground maybe, when McKinney arrived.

    They talked of Cynthia supporters running out and in of the big room, running into a small room, lots of back and forth.

    They spoke of WXIA employees being chased by threatening folks back to the satellite truck where the McKinney folks tried to bust in.

    They said 911 was called and that police were handling much worse stuff outside than the on-camera people were seeing inside.

    They made repeated comments that it was all very ugly and a bad ending for Cynthia, whose campaign would “have to explain

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