David Simons

He’s a nice guy. He has less hair than Allen Peake. But he’s got a winner tonight with Allen — 65% in House District 137. Well done. Also well done in in H.D. 22. I didn’t know there was someone as competent as Chip Lake in the GOP who could run a runoff campaign.


  1. Bull Moose says:

    Lips to Ass…

    I’d put Joel up against him ANY DAY of the week – blindfolded with both hands tied behind his back…

  2. RuralDem says:

    I’m not too far from Macon, so I saw and heard the ads nonstop for both Peake and Horne. Is anyone else surprised that Peake did as well as he did? I didn’t know who would win but I thought it would be much closer.

  3. conservativecore says:

    Joel ain’t all that so take a look at his record over all. And as for HD 22 I don’t think that one is a done deal. 35 votes, irregularities at the polls, polling places who refused voters, voters who voted in HD 22 the first go round being told they were no longer in the district. This one ain’t over mark my words. There is a 75% or greater chance that this will be a re-do. Remember 2 years ago Byrd-Carr and that fiasco that was a do over so hold on to your hats.

    The other reality about 22 is that it should have been a walk away. No democrat who worked for Bill Campbell and Shirley Franklin should have gotten that close. EVER especially in Cherokee County. So before we annoint anyone on that race lets take a hard look at the facts.

  4. atlantaman says:

    I agree on HD 22. Working for Bill Campbell and Shirley Frankling ain’t like being Zell Miller’s former Chief of Staff.

  5. stephaniemills21 says:

    There really wasn’t an appropriate thread to post this under, but I have a question. What is really going on in Cherokee County with the HD 22 race. On the SOS site it still has one precinct missing, but they say they have all the precincts in on the AJC page and have the same vote totals. It is only a 35 vote differerence.

    The same for the HD 58 race here in Atlanta.

    I am confused.

  6. Bull Moose says:

    Dave Simons was a Reed supporter… in my book, enough said… This is a blog… Remember that…

    Joel ran the upset of the year with Cagle!

  7. Bill Simon says:

    NO, Tommy. Joel was Casey Cagle (win), Jack Murphy (win), Bill Cowsert (win), Brian Kemp (loss).

    Joel took on a helluva lot this cycle and did pretty darned well. The defeat of Ralph Reed alone raises his consulting stock value by a factor of at least 10.

  8. HSC Republican says:

    Simons was both a Reed and Stephens supporter. He also has not had a winning record in years. He had more losers in winners this primary season as well as in the 2004 election. A fact is a fact if you want to win use someone else!

  9. AmandaSeals says:


    Cowsert didn’t have primary opposition and must face Jane Kidd in November, although I like your prediction 🙂 That is what we want!!!


    This is a blog? Are you kidding me? Dang…I though I was in Oz or something.

  10. educatedvoterga says:

    I’m sure this Joel person is a wonderful campaign person, but we all know Cagle, Handel and probably others too could not have won their races without the help of several of our state senators, chief among them Senator David Shafer.

    Shafer was a great encouragement to Casey Cagle. Next to him my favorite is Senator Pearson who has done a lot for our party and is a great fundraiser. When they came to our airport for the fly around it was on his plane I believe.

    I don’t know much about these campaign gurus but I know credit is due to Senator Shafer.

  11. techtrack says:

    senator shafer was the only state senator to support handel. pearson was a huge contributor to stephens. county commissioners were huge supporters of handel.

  12. Bull Moose says:

    Hopefully leaders like Shafer, Pearson, Rogers, Mullis, etc… will be amongst the Senate’s leadership team as Georgia continues to move forward…

  13. conservativecore says:

    Just to be clear on Joel 2 races Lance Cooper 04 and Mike Byrd 06

    Both out spent their opponents by at least a factor of 2 and neither hold office.

    There are more but those 2 say it all

    As for Cherokee County they seem to have a problem with run offs. In Byrd v Carr 2 years ago a redo was called for a very similar problem

  14. landman says:

    Good job to Dave on getting Alan to the finish line,he is a good guy and will make a good legislature.

    To be clear on Joel,75% winning average says it all,I dont know of any consultant in this state that has those numbers and can say they defeated Tom Murphy and Ralph Reed.Like him or not the guy is tops in his field and his winning percentage will omly go higher after the General.

    BTW,Alan if you read this enjoy the Dive Trip you deserve it Good Job!!!!!

  15. HowardDawg says:

    This is really a sad post. Who cares?

    Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. It’s not about consultants. It’s about candidates who have the guts to run and then have to deal with people like some of the jerks on here who just sit back and criticize and never have the guts to do anything themselves.

    I doubt Joel or Dave or any of these other consultants would say they won or lost anything. They just do what they do for the candidates who hire them.

    Congrats to the winners and congrats to the losers. You had the guts to run.

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