Say Something Positive for a Change

As I was driving in to work today, listening to my favorite radio show, “Savannah’s Best News with Bill Edwards” on 1290 AM WTKS, the host (Bill Edwards, duh) made a point that I hadn’t thought of until then.  I thought that point ought to be repeated here for the masses to discuss.

A caller called in saying that a lot of voters don’t vote because of all of the negative campaigning all the voters know are bad things about each candidate – which is what makes them apathetic.  Bill responded saying that there was probably some truth to that and pointed to the Gary Black Campaign as an example of a truly positive campaign.

Now I know we have a tendency to go off on a rant about other things, regardless of what the initial post is about, (John Konop, I am looking at you) but I am curious to hear – all spin and bias aside – who do you think ran the cleanest campaign this season?


  1. Demonbeck says:

    Full Disclosure – I support Black, so I may be biased in agreeing with the radio host, but I think he has easily run the most successful positive campaign this election season.

  2. Demonbeck says:


    I’m a Stephens supporter, but even I cannot admit he hasn’t thrown his share of mud.

  3. The Busdriver says:

    For a moment I thought this would be a serious thread. Then AngryBeaver went and wrote that Ralph Reed ran a positive campaign.

  4. Jace Walden says:


    I have to assume you’re joking.

    Although I am a Kemp supporter, I would have to give the credit to Gary Black also for running the most positive campaign. All of his mailers have been issues oriented and focused on his qualifications. He was humble and modest in his TV spot–and he is yet to attack Kemp. I wish more people would campaign like that.

    Like I said, I’m a Kemp supporter. But if Black wins, I’ll be happy to vote for him.

  5. Demonbeck says:


    Do you think the positive campaign of Black will make it easier for you to enthusiastically support Black (should he win today) in November?

  6. techtrack says:

    Gary Black ran the cleanest campaign. Issue oriented with a positive vision. Chuck Eaton also ran a positive campaign.

  7. HSC Republican says:

    I agree with Jace, even though I voted for Kemp….I would enthusiastically support Black in the general. I took a class on campaigns this year at school and am sad to say looking at all the studies show negative ads work the best. I hate to say it but it is the truth


    First of all there is a difference in going negative and reporting facts. The spin goes both ways. CAGLE 06 educated the voters in the primaries, but was labeled negitive simply because of the volume of issues with the opposition. Look this is politics and it is full contact. This sport is not for the weak.

  9. Erick says:

    Man, I’ve voted already for Brian Kemp and no regrets on that at all, but I do think Gary Black has probably run the politest campaign so far. I think I’ve only gotten three mail pieces from him the entire political season.

  10. Demonbeck says:

    I think we’ve gotten to the point where any statewide race that remains clean should be applauded openly and publicly.

  11. memberg says:

    Point taken, but it’s hard to notice what goes on down there at the bottom of the ticket, especially in a locked-up race for the (I).

  12. jackson says:

    Tell that to the guy that stole my Kemp 4×4 and put up a Black on in it’s place. (He did it to my neighbor down the way too).

    I’m voting for Kemp, and would have voted for Black if he would’ve won the primary. But no use talking about that, since Black Won.

    I think the cleanest campaign was Chuck Eatons. He didnt even allude to anything bad about his opponent (that I know of).

  13. Jace Walden says:


    Yeah, actually. Although, I’ve never had anything against Gary Black. I think both he and Kemp were well-qualified. But yes, I will enthusiastically support Black if he wins–and I think that is partly because of his positive campaign.

  14. GAPeach says:

    Here’s a question:
    How many Black supporters will support Kemp since he has gone negative? Do you think you would have supported him if he didn’t?

  15. Demonbeck says:

    I have nothing against Kemp and will happily support him should he be chosen today. For me, who to support between these two candidates was the hardest decision I had to make this election.

    In Kemp’s defense, his campaign has not had a whole lot of negativity that I have seen – just the “liberal special interest lobbyist” line and the “he voted against George Bush in the 2004 Democratic Primary” line (which still doesn’t make sense to me, since Bush wasn’t even on the 2004 Democratic Primary ticket.)

  16. MountainThinker says:

    I crossed over and voted for Howard Dean and I was part of the NY RNC Delegation from Georgia. I got to vote on the flag amendment just the same and I wanted to stave off John Edwards. I encouraged many of my Republican friends to do likewise, and they did.


    Gary just comes across to soft for my taste… could be the traits of a yes man. Kemp will learn and lead, but will not be spoon fed, and that is what has a certian group nervous.

  18. HSC Republican says:

    Demon can back this up….My parents are far from liberal but they crossed over to vote for John Edwards because my Dad being a Vietnam Vet, felt Kerry was not right to lead the country….My parents are far from liberal! As a Kemp voter I am tired of hearing the liberal thing about Gary!

  19. memberg says:

    D-beck, I was just saying how I thought Kemp construed Black’s vote in the D-prim.

    Reminds me of a classic Onion piece (
    “Poll: Many Americans Still Unsure Whom To Vote Against”
    “We have to remember how close the 2000 election was, when we voted against Gore. Actually, to be fair, when I voted against Gore, I was voting against Clinton.”

  20. BB says:

    Karen Handel – clean, factual, idea based campaign while responding appropriately to the negativity from her opponent only when it became absolutely necessary.

    Tom Price – Didn’t mention his opponent, thus his was a clean, issue based campaign.

  21. MorganCoGOP says:

    I agree that Black has ran the cleanest campaign of any statewide candidate. That being said I am going to cast my vote for Brian Kemp later today. I think Kemp is younger, and more energized about this position. I believe Kemp is the best person for the job.

  22. atlantaman says:

    I voted for Black, but that being said it would have been hard to say anything negative about Brian Kemp. Brian’s a good man and we will be lucky to have either one of them running against Tommy Irvin.

    The bottom line is on a down ballot race it’s stupid to say anything about your opponent. The general public doesn’t care about Agriculture (at least in the all-important metro Repub Primary vote) and the PSC. So if you’re Gary Black or Chuck Eaton and you can get somebody to acutally remember your name before they walk into the voting booth you’ve accomplished a minor miracle. Any talk about your opponent would simply water down your message and any hope of name ID for your own campaign.

  23. GOPeach says:

    Angry Beaver-

    I read your post first and I will sencond that.

    Ralph Reed did run the most positive campaign
    all season.

    He was and will always be a class a act.
    Anyone who fails to agree, has never met him.

  24. whitemalevoters says:


    We think you are correct. Ralph Reed always stood up for the three most important American Values:

    (1) The Right to be White
    (2) The Responsibility to be Male
    (3) And the Right for White Males to vote

  25. rugby_fan says:

    “Anyone who fails to agree, has never met him.:

    I’ve met him. I fail to agree. He’s a slime ball. Wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    Three cheers for whitemalevoters.

    Can’t figure out if you are a Dem satirizing GOP or a GOP satirizing GOP. I guess it doesn’t really matter in the end.

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