Runoff Predictions


Lt. Governor: Martin wins by 4%. I don’t expect anyone but hardcore Dems to vote, and most Dems who vote will no doubt have a bad taste in their mouth about the GH attack mailer. GH should have never apologized for the attack. But he did.

Sec of State: Buckner by 7%. GB has been going to Democratic meetings while Hicks as been AWOL. As I said above, don’t look for anyone other than strict partisans to vote. With this race as boring as it is, and with no reason to vote for either candidate, whoever meets with the party members will be the one to lead the voters.

4th: Hank. Hank by at least 15%. And good riddance. Hank is just solid. I haven’t spoken to one person who lives in the 4th and wants CM. His ads were pretty good. Just what he needed to get the 7% undecided into his camp. CM’s media buy was so cheap, I can’t imagine her ads reaching anyone.

If you are a Republican who crossed over, please please please do not vote for CM because she will be good for the GOP. As long as she is in office, she does nothing for American democracy or the republic. I don’t care how much money she raises, or how many candidates use her to beat up a Democratic opponent to get elected. She is good for nothing. And if a GOP candidate must use CM to get elected because they are such a bad candidate, then that is no better for our republic than having CM.

There has been enough discussion about those races on PP.


  1. debbie0040 says:

    I have a Republican co-worker that lives in Dekalb that just got to work. She votes in a heavy Republican precinct and she said almost everyone was getting a Democratic Ballot and the vote was steady so far.

  2. SpaceyG says:

    Vote for Hank or Cindy on! Heck, you don’t even need to live in the 4th over at TG. Believe me, Sas and Pauline don’t care if you vote once or one hundred times.

    As of the TrueGritz poll’s opening bell, Cindy Mac is getting a thumbs-down. That’s all subject to change once San Francisco wakes up, of course.

  3. rugby_fan says:

    I’m only posting this in the comments as it is not Georgia related.

    Some people are saying that Joe Lieberman losing shows that hte Democratic Party is abandoning moderation. Well, that may be the case. At the same time, an argument could be made (as effectively) that the GOP is doing the same.

    To this I say, what a shame. By highlighting the polarity of our political system, rather than trying to build comprimises, we are straying from what our founding fathers wanted in our legislative body. Moderation and avoiding political extremes.

    I understand that the two parties need to offer differing strategies, otherwise, what is the point of the parties? But, when we start to highlight our differences in such a manner, by playing to the more extreme elements of the party, we achieve *ONLY* division amongst ourselves.

  4. debbie0040 says:

    rugby, many,many Republicans are praying Cynthia gets taken out by Johnson. Johnson even received donations from GOP donors.

    I think it is better for the GOP to have Cynthia to kick around but it is not better for Georgia and our country and that is more important.

    I hope Cynthia is sent packing.

  5. whitemalevoters says:

    White male voters everywhere want Cynthia to win this race. She has always stood tall for us.

  6. Mrs. Adam Kornstein says:

    I disagree about Hicks, I’ve seen him at several events and each time, he picks up more support. If you’d been in Dekalb last week at their debates, or Cobb on Sunday, you would have seen the wheels coming off of the Buckner campaign.

    As mentioned, only serious partisans will show up today, and many of them don’t like Gail, haven’t liked her votes for 218, Amendment 1, verfied voting and her demeanor towards other legislators over the years. She’s bullied numerous women in the past few weeks, and it’s not gone unnoticed. She’s not liked in Clayton, and it’s possible that’s the reason she’s not running for her same seat.

    Hicks has picked up support far outside the perimeter, and key newpaper endorsements that Gail hasn’t.

    It will be close, but I’m going with Hicks.

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