Round-Up of the Crazy Democrats

I guess they decided to tell Greg Hecht, “the style of politics you displayed would make it harder to lose to CC. But we didn’t like your big meany pants style so we will nominate the candidate most likely to get torn apart by Cagle”.

Cynthia Appears to be headed for a monumental defeat. Even if she loses by 1 vote, its still huge.


  1. StevePerkins says:

    I don’t have any poll numbers to back this up, but Jim Martin was a no-brainer choice over Hecht as far as having the stronger chance against Cagle this November. I still see Cagle as the easy front-runner, but Martin is an old-school Georgia Democrat with appeal throughout the state. I have family throughout south Georgia, and Hecht’s 4’11”-snot-nosed-lawyer schtick just DOESN’T seem to play outside of Atlanta.

    Of course, with Reed out on the Republican side and the sleaziest candidate gone on the Democratic side, what is the fall campaign going to be about now? Will they start to actually, gasp!, talk about any issues? I’m hoping that the Libertarian candidate Allen Buckley gets a nice boost on account of this whole race being such a toilet.

  2. HeartofGa says:

    A lot of folks, including me, under estimated Jim. I think that voters who will be drowning in the pool of negativity that will characterize the Governor’s race, will see Jim as a breath of fresh air. Personally, I’d love to be starting a general with the brand, “the decent man.” CC’s problem is the same as Mark Taylors: he was part of the mudslinging the primary, and folks know that. Jim kept it above that level. That’s more than just a strategy. It’s who Jim Martin is. Voters seems to like that. Imagine that!

  3. blazer says:

    Jim kept it clean because there were 45 people in the Dem LG primary… a negative campaign hurts the one candidate you aim at while helping your other 43 competitors the same as it helps you….

    Its just common knowledge not to go negative in a primary with that many candidates…. well unless you’re Hecht who had a stop Ralph Reed Website March 05….

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