Where Have Clayton & Erick Been



This has been a long time coming and is the result of a lot of Clayton’s sweat equity. I’m glad I could play a part and feel guilty that I’m the guy getting the salary when Clayton’s the guy who did all the heavy lifting on this.

Anyway, we haven’t forgotten about Peach Pundit. And yes, I’m more forgiving on the front page tirades. They should mostly be over tomorrow.


  1. LINDA says:

    I will show you conservatism unleashed. Come on to my blog and read my review of “Talledega Nights!” That is if you want to have a reviewer that will advise you to save your money by not going to see it!

  2. Demonbeck says:

    I was wondering why there hadn’t been fifteen threads on the 4th Congressional Runoff tomorrow.

  3. LINDA says:

    It is not a spam comment! I feel passionately about trashy movies, and what better way to get the message out. I don’t write for advertising dollars, as I am a concerned mother that cares about the crap hole that America is becoming. What is wrong with someone trying to warn others. But if you want to waste your money on trashy movies, memberg go right ahead! You should thank me for telling you!

  4. memberg says:

    You made an unsolicited, unrelated comment, intending to induce readers to visit your blog. Sounds spamalicious to me.

    And, as Duluthmom knows, I believe that any mother who is blogging instead of reading to her kids could not be a “concerned mother.”

  5. LINDA says:

    Don’t you tell me how to be a concerned mother! My son is sitting right here with me. As a matter of fact, he is signed on another computer in our house writing his own review of the movie that he also thinks is trash. You see, I have aready raised a son to be 27 that turned out quite well, thank you very much. What is the matter with people like you, is that you think people in their 50s do not have a right to speak out. You are like to many other young people that think you already know everything.

    You see, I am very active with my child’s development. And right now my husband is on the phone with Amstar Theatre’s manager talking about the movie. And I have already called Applebee’s to compain about their sponsorship of the movie. And I am getting ready to contatct Nascar. I just checked out your blog, and frankly you have nothing to add to the advancement of civilization on your blog.

  6. Demonbeck says:

    Why must every movie be wiped of any and all possibly offensive material?

    Calling the movie theater, NASCAR and Applebee’s is absolutely ridiculous. The manager is going to apologize, possibly offer free passes to another movie or a refund and call your husband unprintable names when he hangs up.

    If anything, I think we don’t have enough possibly offensive material in our movies.

  7. LINDA says:

    No actually, the manager is giving us free passes. And on a personal level, he does not like for his children to see that sort of trash either. Mike Helton, the CEO of Nascar’s assistant said that she would pass on my feelings about the movie to him and apologized for the movie, and she said she had children and would not want them to see it either. I have already written to Worldnetdailey’s editors, and sent emails to all of my contacts. And now I intend to contact Mr. Donahue of the Catholic League.

    What have you done to improve things in the world today?

  8. landman says:

    I personally thought the movie was hillarious and walked out with a sore throat from laughing so hard.If you have had a bad week and need a good laugh this will do the trick!!!!!

  9. Michael C says:

    Linda, I suggest you rent a Veggie Tales movie to insulate yourself from offense. Speak out and make your case, this is a free country. I support you fully. But you must look at you choice of movies. All of Farrell’s movies are offensive on some level to someone and should be taken with a grain of salt.

    The movie is PG-13 and you took you 11-year old son. Movies have ratings for a reason.

  10. LINDA says:

    Well, we are Nascar fans. My husband went to high school with Darrel Waltrip, and my husband’s dad painted Darrel’s first race car in the body shop that they all worked in. We really did not think that Darrel would be in a real anti-family values movie nor did we think that Nascar would be involved in such trash.

    We saw the movie on a Sunday evening, and the majority of the movie goers werd families with children younger than my son. Yes, I am familiar with Farrell from Saturday Night Live, but this was overboard as it was associated with Nascar. Most television programs today are PG-13. I cannot believe Hollywood tried to put a PG on “Invincible” because of its Jesus content. But that has been removed because of 15,000 emails.

    Things are changing way too fast in this Country, and you can joke and poke fun about it all you want. But if people don’t complain, things will get worse.

  11. rugby_fan says:

    What have you done to improve things in the world today?

    Well, for one, I respected people’s intelligence and good judgement.

    You see, I figured that if there is a PG-13 movie and I have an 11year old son, and I would get offended by people exercising their right to freedom of speech, then perhaps, I should not take my 11 year old to see said film. Even if the film was about cute, adorable, fluffy little lambs.

    BTW: You say its “overboard as it was associated with Nascar [sic]”. I’ve been to NASCAR races. There is *NOTHING* wholesome about NASCAR events.

  12. rugby_fan says:

    back to Red State, the Pej is someone who I can vehemently object to whatever is being said, and yet still have great respect for the ideas.

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