Is This An Anti-Stephens Site?

A question was posed to the tip line. My answer is no, this is not an ant-Stephens site, though I am voting for Handel. Bull, however, is very anti-Bill Stephens. We have several people who are pro-Stephens, but they have not written anything about Stephens.

I, by and large, have not written about the race other than to cover what is actually going on. Take that for what you want. Whether it is Stephens or Handel that gets the GOP nomination, I intend to volunteer my time for them.


  1. MountainThinker says:

    Hey Eric,
    How about giving one of us Pro-Stephens Guys frontpage access! LOL 🙂 Not really bulldogging you, just offering it up…

  2. Brian from Ellijay says:

    All I see is anti stephens stuff. It is not even pro Karen, but Anti Bill. I concurr with whoever wrote that. I was told not to be biased when I was on the frontpage, and for the most part I was not. BUt in the last 24 hours, there have been like 5 anti-Stephens frontpage posts.

  3. Tammi Metzler says:

    You may not be making it an anti-stephens site, but you sure are condoning it. Bullmoose gets privleged access to post Handel’s campaign points. He continuously just outright campaigns for her on the front page, even sometimes using her campaigns own points and phrases. When there was the error with Brian Kemp mailpieces, posting about that isn’t anti-kemp. But, Bullmoose posts justs to say that Stephens sent out a negative mailpiece, when Handel has done the exact same thing! That IS being BIASED.

  4. Bill Simon says:

    SouthernConservative…there’s a blogger I haven’t seen since….well, since RR lost his ass. Guess he and Cecil Staton are still licking their wounds.

  5. bowersville says:

    Brian? No point here, but I thought southern conservative could handle the counter points from Clint, which I have not yet seen from Clint here on the Pundit. What is your point?

  6. Brian from Ellijay says:

    My point is at this time, this site is very against a Strong conservative and former Majority Leader in our party. That is not sound managment of this site. If Clint is going to be so against Bill, someone should be allowed to counter him on the front page.

  7. JRM2016 says:

    Brian was arrested for stealing campaign signs, so I am pleased he has offered Bill Stephens his endorsement. They do have that common thread, an inability to play by the rules.

    A quick lesson on appropriate comparative (negative) ads and inappropriate comparative (negative) ads.

    Letting voters know a candidate for high office has been fined by the State Ethics Commission for unlawful conduct (Appropriate)

    Questioning a candidate’s sexual orientation (Inappropriate)

    Letting voters know a candidate sponsored legislation to expand the power of the government to use eminent domain for private development (Appropriate)

    Having the college roommate of your campaign manager file a frivolous ethics complaint to distract from your own ethics problems (Inappropriate)

    Identifying a candidate’s affiliation with Bill Clinton and the Democratic party only a few years ago after he has proclaimed himself the “real conservative” (Appropriate)

    Pretending not to understand the state’s budget process and imply that your opponent sought funding for Planned Parenthood and that that funding was used for abortions when you know a) the State Legislature passed the budget that granted the money to Planned Parenthood and that you voted for that budget AND b) that none of those funds by law may be used to fund abortions (Inappropriate)

    I hope this is helpful to some posters that may be confused about what specific charges have been leveled by each campaign at each candidate

  8. techtrack says:

    clear concise and to the point.

    tammi metzler,
    there are front pagers that support stephens. don’t attack eric.

    i think what’s happening here is indicative of the stephens campaign at this point, his support is floundering. that’s what happens when you haven’t laid out a plan or agenda for what you want to do while in office.

  9. Bill Simon says:

    Except…Brian Laurens wasn’t arrested for stealing campaign signs. I checked both the Cherokee County and the Canton police departments for records of any such arrest. Believe you me, I wanted to get a copy of that record, but it didn’t exist.

  10. flamingmoderate says:

    Hold the phone!

    Bill Simon is defending his nemesis, BFE? Say it ain’t so. Bill has gotten soft.

  11. CobbGOPer says:

    I think Brian was just ‘detained’ before being let loose.

    And again, think back to the primary: the loudest shrieking came from the dying campaigns: Cathy Cox, Ralph Reed, etc.

    Stephens’ is done. They have no money. He sent out two pieces of mail to a mailing universe even smaller than his universe during the primary. I mean, my parents are Republican super-voters (every R primary, every general, every runoff) and they didn’t even get one of Bill’s pieces over the last three weeks. Not one!

    His disclosure says they apparently did another radio ad? Where was it played? Didn’t hear it at all on 750 or 640, and haven’t heard anything about it playing on any other smaller markets. So where did the money go? Has anyone heard any ads from Stephens the last few weeks?

    This is all the bluster of a dead campaign. It’s over, Bill. Go ahead and prepare the concession speech.

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