Hate mail from Bill Stephens…

Well, today, a Saturday, I received two different mail pieces from Bill Stephens.

I have nothing personal against Bill Stephens, I just think it’s rather hypocritical for someone who has received the largest ethics violation fine in the history of the Georgia State Senate and then to be fined again for not paying the original fine on time to then turn around and run for a position that sits over elections in Georgia.  The chief elections officer of the state should have ethics beyond reproach. 

Anyway, this mail piece, which I believe was only targeted to Chatham County, includes the endorsement of Ron Stephens and Eric Johnson. Ron says that, “Bill has consistently taken principled stands on issues affecting families and our way of life. You will find no better leader to fight our shared conservative principles.” Eric says, “I have worked side by side with Bill in the Senate for years and I know that if you want a real conservative for Secretary of State, Bill is your choice.”  Oh, on the cover is a picture with Eric Johnson, Bill Stephens, and Governor Sonny Perdue. [UPDATE] The mail piece was paid for by Ron Stephens and Eric Johnson, not the Bill Stephens campaign.  [UPDATE II] For better endorsements see this http://www.votedavid.com/mail/archive/update/060731_runoff.htm

Okay, Karen Handel is also a REAL conservative. I’d submit that Karen Handel is more of a conservative than Bill Stephens. Karen Handel worked on behalf of the Bush/Quayle team while Bill Stephens worked on behalf of the Clinton/Gore team. Karen Handel’s personal life speaks to her values. 

My second piece of mail indicates that Karen Handel is trying to destroy Bill Stephens family. Funny, it’s Bill Stephens and his campaign that are attacking Karen Handel and her husband. What a hypocrite.  You could say that it is Bill Stephens who is trying to destroy Karen Handel’s family. 

What’s most concerning about these mail pieces though is the fact that none of them really have to do with the office of Secretary of State.  There’s nothing about improving elections, continuing the progress in streamlining business licenses or anything else really to do with the office. 

If experience, values, moral fortitude, and commitment mean anything, turn out and vote for Karen Handel on August 8.


  1. techtrack says:

    show me anything, anytime, where handel has attacked stephens family. more lies from a desperate campaign. stephens maybe as short as doug flutie, but he doesn’t have a hail mary pass.

  2. waterboy says:

    Same is true for the Kemp campaign in the Ag Commish race. Kemp has sent out several mailpieces this week telling lies about Gary Black, but Erick won’t discuss those. Why is it bad when Stephens does it, but nothing is said when Kemp does it?

  3. Bull Moose says:

    Okay, let me clarify for you waterboy, Kemp has not attacked Black personally.

    Kemp has clarified the difference between his and Gary Black’s plan and background. I’m sorry, but Gary can’t run from his background as a lobbyist, nor can he run from his background as a liberal Democrat.

    As someone who has contributed financially to Ron Stephens, I’m offended that he would use some of my campaign contribution to pay for a mail piece touting Bill Stephens.

  4. waterboy says:

    Yes, Moose Pile, he did. I saw the mailpieces myself. Paint it however you wish…Gary Black is a loooooong way from being a liberal or a democrat. Bush Cheney Farm & Ranch Team – ever heard of it? Endorsements from Norwood, Linder, Westmoreland & Deal – ever heard of them? Hand picked by Saxby Chambliss to serve on a DC committee managing the farm bill – ever heard of him? Kemp goes away on Tuesday….such a pity he had to try and tear down such a great guy like Gary Black. Desperation does strange things to folks I guess, but that doesn’t make it right.

  5. techtrack says:

    one other thing, the most fined person in the history of georgia politics for ethics violations, that also paid an additional fine for not paying the largest fine in history on time, has still not filed his disclosure. which is yet another ethics violation.

    katie, what’s tina’s number? i’d like to ask her to file an an ethics complaint. if you don’t remember who she is, call carlos at the ajc he has a picture of the two of you.

  6. debbie0040 says:

    Kemp calling Black a liberal is an attack and it lacks credibility.

    Do any of you honestly think the our Georgia Congressmen would support a liberal Democrat? The Kemp campaign woul dhave us believe that Newt Gingrich would support a liberal Democrat.

    I have been a party activist since Ford’s campaign in 1976 and I can tell you that I would not support a liberal Democrat.

    A great number of Reed supporters support Gary. Do you think they would support a lberal Democrat?

    Look at Gary’s list of supporters and tell me honestly if you think they would support a liberal Democrat.


    Below is just a small sample of Gary’s supporters. You guys would have us believe that all would support a liberal Democrat.

    Former Speaker, U.S. House of Representatives Newt Gingrich
    Congressman Nathan Deal
    Congressman John Linder
    Congressman Charlie Norwood
    Congressman Lynn Westmoreland
    Former Attorney General Mike Bowers – Atlanta
    Former Transportation Commissioner Wayne and Anna Shackelford- Snellville
    Sen. Chip Pearson – Dawsonville
    Rep. Tommy and Karen Benton – Jefferson
    Rep. Jon Burns – Springfield
    Rep. Mack Crawford – Concord
    Rep. Terry and Cindy England – Winder
    Rep. Mike Keown- Coolidge
    Rep. Chuck and Johnna Martin – Alpharetta
    Rep. Tom and Jane McCall – Elberton
    Rep. Tom Rice- Norcross
    Rep. Jay and Sarah Roberts – Ocilla
    Former Rep. Jeff and Suzanne Williams – Braselton
    Former Rep. Craig Lanier – Metter

    You Kemp guys think it is ok for Kemp to vote in the Democratic Primary but not Gary. You Kemp supporters and the Kemp campaign need to stop being hypocritical about it. It is a do as I say not as I do attitude. Brian said he had his reasons to vote in the Democratic Primary and that is ok with you guys. Gary was an active member of the Bush/Cheney Farm and Ranch Team in 2004. That REALLY sounds like he supported John Kerry.


    Debbie, I’m not saying Gary is liberal, my point is he would be status quo should he win the job. We need new blood in the dept. that owes no favors, has no predetermined ideas etc…Gary has made his living dating this dept. can’t you admit there may be just a little closed mindedness. Plus. I’m sure TI has a file on Gary from over the years and doubt he could beat TI anyway.KEMP by 4 points….

  8. Warrior says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen,
    We have four good candidates left. “My guy is pure and your guy is evil” is crap. Bill has attacked Karen. Karen has attacked Bill. Gary is besmirched Brian. Brian has called Gary a name. Ralph attacked Casey. Casey attacked Ralph. That race is over. These will be over Tuesday night and the winner is better than the Democrat. Period. Let’s quit be holier than thou and admit that whoever we support has done the same thing. Politics is war without blood.

    OK. We paused briefly for this kinder and gentler message. Launch your missles again!

  9. RuralDem says:

    Here we go again with the “liberal Democrat” comments. Bull Moose and everyone else calling Gary a liberal, instead of skipping the question how about telling everyone why Gary Black is a liberal. No, I don’t want to know that he voted in a Democratic Primary, that means nothing, nor do I care that he voted for John Edwards, again that means nothing. So is there any valid reason you feel that Gary is a Liberal?

    I didn’t think so.

  10. foray says:

    I love how everyone attacks Gary for being a lobbyist . . . anyone with a clue at what AG Comm. does would know, he is the states lobbyist for Ag in the Legislature and Congress

    Gary’s 17 year connection to Congress and the General Assembly and the working relationship he has formed with the Georgia Delegation is enough to vote for him.

  11. Cotton Boll says:

    I agree with Moose about the political donations from campaign funds. That is a crappy thing to do – I give a politician MY money and he/she gives it to another politician. Several Senators have done this for Stephens and Kemp.

    Also,great points and great posts regarding Kemp attacks on Gary Black. Like Waterboy said – Kemp is desperate and apparently willing to lie to win. Won’t matter – Black wins on Tuesday.

  12. RuralDem says:

    Bull Moose,

    I know what the thread discussion SHOULD be about. However, if you care to review what you wrote, you will see that YOU said the following:

    “Kemp has clarified the difference between his and Gary Black’s plan and background. I’m sorry, but Gary can’t run from his background as a lobbyist, nor can he run from his background as a liberal Democrat.”

    So, care to explain how Gary Black is a liberal?

  13. Dawgsrock says:

    Will Johnson provide the same support to Handel & Black if they win? He should have his checkbook out first thing Wed. morning.

  14. MorganCoGOP says:

    Eric Johnson doesn’t have to support Handel or Black if they win. He doesn’t have to work directly with them if elected like he currently does with Bill Stephens and Brian Kemp.

  15. Senator Eric Johnson says:

    I know Karen and Gary well. I can enthusiatically support them. But I have worked with Brian and Bill and they have earned what little help I can give. I have participated in no negative attacks and wouldn’t.

    And, Bull Moose, where was your outrage at the campaign contributions from Senators’ campaign accounts for Casey? Or to Brian? Ron and I did a mailer for the former Majority Leader and budget conferee who helped Chatham County out so much with the budget issues. Loyalty is a precious commodity in this business.

    I don’t like negative attacks on family. I can’t wait until Wednesday!

  16. techtrack says:

    senator johnson,
    i agree with you about attacking families. according to the latest stephens mailer, he accuses handel of attacking his family. she has never attacked his family.

    it’s stephens who has attacked her family, take a minute to look at his attack web site and see how it suggests that handel’s husband is gay.

  17. bowersville says:

    Will some Stephens’ supporters come on line and explain how Handel is trying to destroy Stephens’ family? Talk about the Stephens wimp factor, is Stephens trying to play the victim after he ran such a terrible, outlandish personal attack campaign against Karen and her husband? Stephens, you need to be taken out behind the woodshed, or better yet, ridden out on a rail!

  18. Bull Moose says:

    I’m not touching the comments on the Cagle donations. All I’ll say is thank goodness for the wisdom and leadership of those Senators that stood for things that are right and moral in support of Casey Cagle. Experience, leadership, and moral convictions mean a lot and those colleagues recognized those qualities in Casey.

    Bill may have done good things for the coast, but the means do not justify the ends. It doesn’t change the fact that Bill Stephens is the recipient of the single largest ethics fine in the history of the state of Georgia and then, on top of that, was fined for paying that fine late.  Now we know that he hasn’t even filed his campaign disclosure report. 

    If the Republican Party is going to continue to win elections, it’s going to have to return to the foundation of its principles and get back to its roots. We need to raise the bar and reduce the cyniscm that exists in our society.

    That starts by not putting up candidates who have faced such massive ethics violations as has Bill Stephens.

  19. bowersville says:

    Put Stephens up for SoS in November and see if he isn’t treated the same as Schrenko. If Buckner wins what does Stephens do, bash the hell out of her? Put Stephens up for November and watch him go down!

  20. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Senator Johnson. I support you. Also, your judgment in the statewide campaigns this election are right in line with the Conservative values that our party holds so dear. Thank you for your leadership this election and for your continued leadership in the Senate.

    Cagle, Stephens, Kemp 06

  21. waterboy says:

    One outta three….better luck next time. Try this group to bat 1000: Cagle, Handel, Black ’06

  22. JRM2016 says:

    I will certainly be thinking hard about who I donate money to in the future, since I now am on notice those monies may go to candidates I vehemently oppose. A statement that Bill Stephens is “a real conservative” that by implication that Karen Handel is not. Every real conservative I have known has understood how to play by the rules. Why can’t Bill file his disclosures as required by law? Karen’s “attacks” on Bill have been based on issues (should our elections referee be the biggest violator of State Ethics laws?; should we trust someone who claims to be a true conservative but sponsored a bill to expand government power at the expense of our private property rights?; etc.).

    Handel ’06

  23. Bull Moose says:

    Johnson was not behind Cagle at all. He stayed “neutral”. Some close to Johnson supported Cagle, while others, including Dave Simons, his political consultant, supported Reed.

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