Trouble in Kempland

This could blow up in his face.

GON has not endorsed Brian Kemp for Agriculture Commissioner in the Tuesday, August 8 run-off election.

A mailer is being circulated indicating that GON has endorsed Brian Kemp.

GON had never seen the flyer until a reader faxed it to GON on the morning of August 4. Our only comments on this or any other race are published in the GON July issue.

If the Kemp campaign took those comments as an endorsement, they did so without our knowledge and in error.

GON does believe the Republican Party has fielded quality candidates for the post of Georgia Agricultural Commissioner and does plan to endorse either Brian Kemp or Gary Black in their campaign against current commissioner Tommy Irvin this fall. If the Kemp campaign took that information as an endorsement, it was premature.

By the way, you know the nice thing about this story? I’ve always wonder what the hell those “GON” stickers were on the back of all the trucks I pass in Macon. Now I know!


  1. waterboy says:

    Kemp also pretends that Senator Chambliss has endorsed him… Saxby’s office and ask about that one. Kemp can’t find supporters, so he makes them up as he goes along. GON, farmers, Chambliss…..who’s next?

    Meanwhile, Gary Black has the support of farm and agribusiness groups, newspapers, Members of Congress, even Larry Munson (The Voice of the Dawgs) and more. Gary doesn’t have to make stuff up and voters will prove that on Tuesday.

  2. John Silage Jr. says:

    I am not a Kemp supporter by any means, but I don’t think this even effects the race. Honestly, how many people will find out about this before they vote on Tuesday? I really don’t know that many people that log on to the GON website on a regular basis. I read the magizine from time to time and wasn’t even aware they had a website until now. Just my thoughts on things.

    GWB 2006!!

  3. John Silage Jr. says:

    BTW, Erick do you plan on raising money on redstate for whoever wins this primary? I think conservatives from all over would love to remove such an entrenched democrat.

  4. waterboy says:

    That is part of Kemp’s plan….lie and get caught after it is too late to let folks know you lied! What a strategy! He has obviously done this before and will certainly do it again in his next campaign for whatever…dogcatcher, HOA president, book club, etc.

  5. jackson says:

    Pretends Saxby endorsed him…you’re kidding right? Have you seen Gary Black’s mailing. I dont care who you are supporting, but its lame to even say that.

  6. Bill Simon says:

    Gary Black has a 2003 quote from Saxby Chambliess while Brian Kemp has a 2006 quote from Chambliss. Waterboy thinks the older comments should have more weight in a race in which Black wasn’t running for back then.

    Boy howdee…Waterboy needs some shock treatment.

  7. Groseclose says:

    Kemp’s erroneous mailer obliterates any lasting respect I might have had for Brian Kemp. Up to this week, I have repeatedly suggested that Brian Kemp was a good man who had simply been blinded by naiveté and reckless ambition. That has all changed. This weeks mailers indicate that Brian Kemp is willing to do anything to win, even if it means to lie. Let me lay out Kemp’s lies:

    1) GON endorsement: This publication never endorsed an Ag candidate. In Kemp’s desperation, he recklessly disregarded the truth. I hope all Georgian’s recognize Brian’s overzealous efforts.
    2) Gary’s Voting Records: One mailer suggested Gary voted against George W. Bush! That is a flat out lie! There can be no basis in truth for that statement. Who one voted for in the general election is not a matter of public knowledge. What, however, is public knowledge is that in 1998, Brian Kemp voted in the DEMOCRATIC primary. He didn’t even vote in the General election in 2002 when HE, Sonny, and Saxby were on the ballot.
    3) Misquote GPB Debate: Gary never called Kemp’s “plan to cut wasteful spending

  8. Romegaguy says:

    I would bet that this hits the papers across the state this weekend and maybe a tv station or two in the rural parts of the state. Not that it matters, Kemp was going to lose anyhow.

  9. Jack S says:

    Grose – you’re quickly approaching debbie territory!

    That post is ridiculous.

    Sounds like the gon thing was a misunderstanding. Get over it.

    Gary voted for a liberal dem for president in 04. You can dress it up and put perfume on it but its still a pile of horse manure. And please, you really think anyone is going to believe your hysterical rants about kemp supposedly not voting for himself. Damn, you’re stupid.

    Spare the ralph reed, bill campbell “I know its clear I said it but really I didn’t” excuse on the spending. I watched both debates. Gary clearly called kemps plan irresponsible in the first debate and clearly said he would proudly ask for more money any time he could. That’s the big difference in this race. Gary can’t have it both ways. And frankly its pathetic that he’s howling and spinning when kemp called him out for exactly what gary said.

    Garys a lobbyist. Some folks care about that, others don’t. But its true. As a legislator kemp accepted meals and tickets from lobbyists. I don’t think many people care cause not too many incumbent legislators get beat.

    You gary black wannabes wanna lawsuit – bring it on. We’ll have some fun then and you’ll get embarrassed again just like youv e been embarrassed every time you’ve tried your not so cute games.

    The truth hurts. And if you light weights can’t handle kemp’s pretty straightforward contrasts ON THE FACTS what are you going to do when kahn and irvin get a hold of you? Grow a pair and get over yourself.

    Let’s nominate someone with a pair of balls who will take it to them dems – not some whiny lobbyist who pisses himself every time some hurts his little feelings.

  10. debbie0040 says:

    I bet it makes Galloway’s column in the AJC.

    I received a great automated phone call from Gary. He is staying above going negative. He has class.

    Gary will win hands down. I hate his victory party is in Perry. I still will try to go to both he and Karen’s.

  11. John Konop says:


    Brian Kemp is a class guy. I am sure you have your own spin and agenda with your post. The comment you made about his kids was in bad taste.

  12. waterboy says:

    The respect Saxby Chambliss has for Gary Black spans many years and is genuine. The quote Gary used came from an ag industry publication that was unsolicited by Gary….that is just another difference between Gary Black and Brian Kemp. Gary has leadership – Saxby knows that. Kemp is a part of the GOP and Saxby doesn’t want to hurt his feelings….did you read the bland quote??? Why didn’t Saxby put Kemp on the team managing federal farm bill issues? He chose Gary Black because Gary knows agriculture.

    Groseclose hit the nail on the head with his list of comments. Debbie0040 too. Great comments!

    Bill Simon and Jack Ass are losers that support lies instead of truth when their boy gets backed into a corner on his way down the political toilet.

    Konop – I would have agreed with you the Kemp is a class guy until he proved otherwise with his lies and distortion this week. He is a coward and untrustworthy in every capacity. It is sad. In addition, Groseclose said nothing in poor taste about Kemp’s kids…..he actually alerted a concern his kids should have regarding the flawed character of their father. Try reading it again.

    In all, Romegaguy has it right…..Kemp’s gonna lose. His short political fantasy ends on Tuesday. It’s gonna be a great day!

    Vote Gary Black for integrity, honesty, and experience.

  13. John Konop says:


    I have nothing against Gary Black. In fact, I thought all the candidates did a great job. I thought this race had the most quality candidates.My point is simple,Brian Kemp is a bright guy that has always shown integrity to me.I have never heard anything negative about him until the run-off.In fact everyone always says Brian kemp is a great person.Now suddenly he is in a run-off and you want me to believe he is a bad guy, that is a tough sell.

    As far as his daughters , all I can say they should be proud of their dad for his service and running for office, end of story.

  14. CHelf says:

    I think it’s kind of ironic that people say Gary’s run a classy campaign then they follow that statement with classless insults of the opposing candidate and his supporters. I find it even more ironic that many of the same people who supported Reed and who have been preaching that Cagle’s people “better be nice or they won’t support Cagle” are on here and other boards making quite absurd and juvenile insults of other Republicans. I guess “practice what you preach” is a dead notion nowadays.

  15. waterboy says:

    Kemp is a liar….who would be proud of that? We have all seen the real Brian Kemp – he is a liar and desperate. That is the “rest of the story.”

  16. Jack S says:

    No the rest of the story is that gary black is a damn democrat lobbyist who spent years kissing democrats butts at the capitol and now he’s trying to sneak into the republican ticket. He’s the damn liar.

    And he’s lying about where he is on spending. He spends weeks and TWO debates mocking kemps proposal and then cries like a baby when kemp points out he’s a tax and spend democrat.

    Kemp tells the truth. It sucks don’t it gary!

  17. waterboy says:

    Y’all are pathetic…..but just as birds of a feather, the Kemp clan is consistant. 100% pathetic.

  18. Groseclose says:

    John Konop:

    I wish you were right. Though I thought differently until this week, I wish Brian were a class act! John, Gary asked Brian not to go negative. Gary suggestion was not because of Gary’s fear of his record being scrutinized (because Gary has plenty of trash on Brian), but because Gary believes in positive campaigning about issues and experience. So when Brian lost by 15% in the primary, Kemp became desperate. In Brian’s desperation, he began to pay increasingly less attention to the truth. Joel has publicly acknowledged that truth and reality are secondary to winning when he publicly apologized about this GON incident. I hope this lying is Joel’s shenanigans and not Brian’s desperation.

    You are right I have an agenda: to nominate an honest, experienced, and qualified candidate for this important position. Gary fits that bill, Brian has proven once again that he does not!

    Brian brought his children into this campaign when he put them front and center in a campaign ad months ago. Nonetheless, I do not intend to be too personal. My simple point was that there are more important things in life that winning elections and avoiding lawsuits. One of which is being a Godly example for your children even during tough times. It just doesn’t seem that Brian is living up to that calling when he recklessly disregards the truth


    Mistakes happen in everyday life much less in politics… for those of you who want to make this an anchor BEWARE it’s just a mistake. KEMP IS A CLASS ACT. 4 POINTS … BOOK IT!!!!!

  20. techtrack says:

    unlike stephens with the $28 BILLION – joel stood up and did the right thing. like i said before i’m for black, but joel did stand up.

    i’d bet that right now katie is out trying to find another college roommate to attack handel and make up some other false bullstuff in the closing hours. katie was virginia another roommate?

  21. Jack S says:

    Grose, you’re a moron. Grow a pair and welcome to the real world.

    Kemp is going to win because he was ready for runoff and he has the balls to call gary out for who he is. He doesn’t want or need a bunch of whiny, bedwetters like you helping him now or in the general. Geeezz….you black guys sound like a pre k class that didn’t get their nap time.

  22. John Konop says:


    You seem like a nice guy.I just see the comments getting out of control.I also do respect and like Brian Kemp. As I said , I also have had nice dealings with Gary Black.

    I will support the guy who wins the race in the fall. I am not trying to be harsh or judgmental about you.Yet if you read what Waterboy said as a follow up to your comment about his kids, you would have to agree that was out of line. I am against going after kids. I am not saying that was your goal, but comments like you made always end up in that direction.

  23. Philly says:

    Jack s, the fact you support Kemp makes me sure my choice to support Black was the right one.

    Kemp is a hypocrite for blasting Gary for voting in the Democratic primary when he did the same thing himself.

    But then again, what do you expect from someone that has Joel as a consultant?

    I used to have respect for Kemp but no more.

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