Reject Negative Politics – Vote Karen Handel for Secretary of State

Friends, Bloggers, and fellow Georgians, it’s time to put the nail in the coffin of negative and personally destructive politics. 

Karen Handel is my candidate for Secretary of State, because she has a record of success in cleaning up corruption, is a fiscal conservative, and she has the desire to do the job.  Karen has great credentials of which to bring to this job.  She’s worked in both the private sector and in government.  She knows how to get things done! 

This year we’ve seen the encroachment of the whisper campaign used to new levels to make attacks against people who stand for office and their families.  It’s not right and it needs to be rejected by the voters of Georgia. 

Handel’s opponent, the former Senate Majority Leader, Bill Stephens, sat by while his campaign contributed to the spreading of rumors about Karen and her husband.  Where I grew up in Georgia, that’s not right and shouldn’t be tolerated.  Gentlemen just do not act like that and get away with it. 

Furthermore, Stephens faced the largest ethics violation fine in the history of the Georgia Senate.  He brags about this as it is some sort of battle scar of which to be proud.  Have we as a society sunk so low as we can tolerate this level of cyniscm?  Not only did Stephens face this fine, but on top of that, he was fined for paying the fine late. 

I am sincerely surprised at some of those who have endorsed and continue to support Bill Stephens, especially some of our elected officials.  They are demonstrating poor judgement. 

Let’s put the nail in the coffin of negative politics and vote for Karen Handel for Secretary of State. 




  1. Bull Moose says:

    I’m sorry, but I just checked out Bill Stephens website and he applauds those Georgia Congressmen who voted against continuation of the Voting Rights Amendment.

    I think that is absolutely horrible of him to say that. Thank goodness we have that bill or people like him and that woman from Augusta would have completely disenfranchised every African American in this state and thought it was fair.

  2. debbie0040 says:

    I support Karen, but too applaud those Congressmen that voted against it. If it is such a great bill then it should be applied to ALL 50 states not just the ones in the South.

    Times have changed dramatically since the passage of the original act. I abhor racial discrimination and it should not be tolerated. I agree with the original act and it’s passage but why should we keep paying for the “sins of our fathers”?

    Please tell me how not passing the Voting Rights Ammendment would disenfranchise African Americans.

  3. Cobb County says:

    If I am correct the Voting Rights Act only applies in some of the southern states. This is unfortunate because there is blatant racism/disenfranchisement outside of the south. The act needs to be applied uniformly throughout the United States, or not at all, in my opinion.

  4. Cobb County says:

    Also, I have gotten many of Karen’s mailers, she is not so innocent of negative campaigning herself.

  5. debbie0040 says:

    I agree Cobb County, Times have changed since the original passage and if it applies to one state then it should apply to all states or no states.

  6. Demonbeck says:


    While I disagree with you on your choice, this is a great assessment of why you feel Karen Handel is the right choice for the job. Good work!

  7. Cobb County says:

    As far as the VRA, I honestly cannot believe that Sharpton, Jackson, and gang have not pressed expanding that issue as hard as possible.

  8. John Galt says:

    The GA Republican Congressman were not opposed to the Voting Rights Act. They were opposed to the Section 5 provisions which mandate that certain states (mostly in the South) and selected districts elsewhere have to get preclearance from the Dept. of Justice before they make any changes to voting laws. All they wanted was for the Section 5 provisions to apply to EVERY STATE. Further, these provisions are based on the 1964 presidential elections. The GA Reps merely wanted to update the Act so that the formula looks at the 2004, 2000 and 1996 elections.

    Why anyone could oppose updating the Act so that all states have to pass an updated formula is beyond common sense. As it stands, the VRA is nothing more than a symbol – it doesn’t protect the right to vote – the Constitution does that. And in an election year, the RINOs and the Libs and the civil rights dinosaurs were not about to start educating the public on the current inequities in the VRA.

  9. Chris says:

    Handel also strongly supports a voter verified paper ballot audit trail for our elections machinery, at least according to the left-leaning Defenders of Democracy. From their candidate scorecard email:

    Karen Handel is the Fulton County Chairwoman and has no legislative track record. Earlier this year she established an election reform platform and in a January response to a Secretary of State candidate survey I distributed to all candidates she committed to support our HB790 vote count verification bill as “our foundation for moving forward”. :Her related comments are:

    “To ensure that Georgia’s elections have the highest degree of integrity and to heighten public confidence in the electronic system, we need a voter verified paper audit trail (VVPAT) component to our electronic voting machines. Additionally, there is the separate issue involving the citizens’ growing desire for a paper receipt of their votes. As Secretary of State, I will work to implement VVPAT and voter receipt systems that are comprehensive, practical, and cost effective.

    There are various proposed approaches, including one by my opponent which calls for a 3-county pilot. However, only State Representative Harry Geisinger’s legislation [HB790] addresses the issue in a state-wide, comprehensive way. This legislation should be our foundation for moving forward. In addition, it is important to get the front-line input and insights from our local election officials to ensure that we move forward with a solution that can actually be implemented and provides real audit capabilities. It is also important to move forward in a cost effective way.”

  10. waterboy says:

    Moose Pile is tired of negative campaigning toward Karen, but fully supports Kemp’s baseless attacks on Gary Black in the Ag Commissioner race. Nice double standard you heaping pile of poo.

  11. techtrack says:

    kemp ran a positive campaign until this week. stephens has attacked for over a year.

  12. bowersville says:

    Plus Stephens allowed a whisper campaign to continue unabated of the most personal type that could be made against Karen and her husband.

  13. waterboy says:

    I like your picks tech, but negative campaigning should not be accepted at anytime during the race. Whether it started a year ago or last week does not make it right. We agree that Stephens and Kemp started with the attacks and we agree that Handel and Black will finish the business and win their respective races. Moose Pile doesn’t mind the negative campaigning if it done by her candidate of choice.

  14. Bull Moose says:

    Okay, there is a difference… Stephens has run a negative campaign full of personal attacks toward Karen and her husband.

    Kemp’s campaign has been based on issues, background, and experience, not attacks on Gary personally or his family.

    There is a CLEAR difference.

  15. techtrack says:

    bull moose,
    well stated. we agree on handel. even though we disagree on kemp you do focus on what you feel are the important issues. kuddos for that.

  16. waterboy says:

    Moose Pile – you are a joke. There is no difference. Calling Gary a liberal, free-spending, non-Bush supporter…ALL LIES! Each and every one of them.

  17. Groseclose says:

    Let me clarify what Bull Moose is really saying: To LIE is acceptable as long as it is not about the personal life of a candidate you support. I stand in the corner of the GOP that believes lying is WRONG not matter the substance or the victim of the attacks. If you live by that standard, you don’t have to spend your time and energy, like Joel did today and Bull Moose is doing now, differentiated and justifying your standard of conduct.

  18. Cobb County says:

    I have to agree. The Stephens campaign has been one of whispers, mainly because I think they are embarrased about what they are trying to say.

  19. JP says:

    Debbie, if we see other states making the attempts Georgia does to restrict voting, perhaps it should be expanded. But until the attempts stop, it’s immoral to remove it.

  20. debbie0040 says:

    JP, Georgia is not trying to restrict voting. In fact they eased the restrictions on absentee ballots so anyone can vote absentee.

    Georgia is only trying to have fair an honest elections. You have to show ID to even rent movies, you have to show ID to obtain public assistance.

    ID’s will be given out free to anyone that needs it. The ones that are already registered to vote like the elderly can simply vote absentee. Most elderly already do that.

    It is a travesty to have stricter requirements on renting movies than casting a ballot.

    The detractors of the voter id law do not want fair elections. They want to leave the door open for fraud.

  21. Dorabill says:

    If we don’t require i.d.s for voting then mabe the I.N.S. could at least show up with some large exit poles.

  22. Philly says:

    Bull Moose, I find your remarks about negative politics extremely hypocritical. You did not have a problem with Cagle’s negative ads but you do with the Stephens ads.

    For the record, I support Handel and I despise any Republican using negative tactics against another Republican.

    Bullmoose, you apparently approve when it is used by a candidate you support.

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