McKinney Losing

Despite the Insider Advantage polling that showed large undecided in the McKinney-Johnson race, credible sources tell Peach Pundit (backing up a tip we got earlier today) that the Johnson internal polling shows Johnson with a 7% lead and only 7% undecided. Likewise, I’m told by two sources I consider reliable, that McKinney’s campaign is seeing similar results, which just might explain why she is lashing out at the world.


  1. CHelf says:

    It will all be about turnout. Considering how many did not even vote in this district, it is hard to gauge the mood of the district. Among those who didn’t vote, there is about a 17 to 1 advantage to Dems over Republicans. These are consistent partisans. So the crossover could help but not overwhelmingly.

    My fear is that Johnson has basically been connected close enough to the GOP that the turnout machine of non-active but easily manipulated voters can be rounded up for McKinney. I’ve even heard a few people back in my old neighborhood already calling Johnson a derrogatory term for a African-American turncoat. It’s a lot nastier than people realize. Much of the dirty politics has managed to remain low-key.

    I don’t count Cynthia out yet. This election plays into her hands. It’s a low key election and she’s the prize turnout queen. If there was no Hecht-Martin race, I’d call it for Cynthia. But that race is just enough to turn out the other demographics in the district. We’ll see if Rockdale and Gwinnett generate turnout to make a difference.

  2. whitemalevoters says:

    Believe us when we say that the turnout among us (white male voters) will be higher than usual in this race. We are hitting the polls to make sure our Representative, CMac, get’s to keep her job!

  3. CHelf says:

    Do you realize that if 40% of those white male voters who DID NOT vote in the July 18 election actually DID vote against Cynthia, we would not be talking about a runoff. Had they turned out and voted against Cynthia, we’d be cheering the political demise of Georgia’s own version of Zsa Zsa Gabor.

  4. kolt473 says:

    poor loser MCKINNEY she thinks her MR.T attitude can work mojo, on the voters….to bad her antics are a big turnoff,,,,,,MADAM MCkINNEY needs to learn shes heading for the dust bin of of history…….grow up ms.mckinney…….you no longer have way with pushing people around……taking on cynthia tucker big mistake….hope she has a blistering truthful column regarding you that will change voters mind…..don’t blame jews or republicans for failure…….LOOK IN THE MIRROR MADAM AND PLEASE GROW UP…….

  5. CHelf says:

    I read about the number of buys she has up for all of her commercials. I guess she figures if she loses she never wants us to forget the face of the “cutest little Commie in Congress” as Boortz calls her.

  6. whitemalevoters says:


    We’re sorry. We’ve been keeping it down too long. It’s time for the voice of the white male voter to sound from every mountain top!

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