Air War

McKinney is up:


Rep. Cynthia A. McKinney is grabbing all the face time she can get with voters between now and Tuesday’s runoff election.

    The embattled Georgia Democrat bought cable television ads that are scheduled to air 1,175 times in a five-day period, which began yesterday, according to public filings at the Comcast Spotlight Atlanta office.

    The ads are running in four different coverage zones — DeKalb County, North DeKalb, West Gwinnett County and Rockdale County — and are evenly spread across seven networks: CNN, Lifetime, the Family Channel, TV One, BET, the History Channel and the Oxygen Network. Mrs. McKinney’s campaign paid $9,578 for the ads, the Associated Press reports.


  1. Off topic, but with cable TV ads this cheap (~$8/ad if you do the math) I wonder if the YouTube revolution might spread to cable this election season. Afterall, if the bloggers (and video editors) think they know better than the campaign, why write them a check for $1,000 when you could run >100 ads instead?

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