Down In Bibb

They may want to watch Gwinnett County.

Someone is distributing campaign fliers in Macon’s Ward IV council race and because they don’t include information about who paid for the fliers, some voters might be confused about their origin.

The fliers contain a condensed version of Telegraph reports about City Council candidate Cynthia Knight owing about $11,000 in back property taxes, including taxes on a building she rents to the city for use as a police precinct. Knight will face Miriam Lucas Paris in a runoff Tuesday to fill the Ward IV Post 3 council seat.

The portions of the fliers that paraphrase Telegraph reports are accurate, but The Telegraph did not print or distribute the fliers.

The fliers don’t contain any information about who paid to create or distribute them. That is a violation of the Georgia Election Code and is a misdemeanor, according to state law.