Voters Really Are Stupid

At least in the 4th Congressional District.

A new poll by InsiderAdvantage suggests that more voters in the district — made up of DeKalb County and parts of Gwinnett and Rockdale counties — are making up their minds about which candidate they want to send to Congress. Among the undecided, the poll shows that McKinney has picked up more support than Johnson, although it shows him in the lead.


  1. Mike Hassinger says:

    I’ve always been told that undecideds break for the challenger. Just one more reason why standard rules don’t apply in this race.

    Johnson should win, and the 4th (and America) will be better for it.

  2. Unless the support for Johnson is weak, then his 49% should remain the same. I don’t see McKinney siphoning off any of his support meaning that she has to win all of the undecideds in order to win the run-off.

    Hank Johnson only has to win 1% of the undecideds.

    To use a baseball analogy, Hank’s magic number is 1 and Cynthia’s is 17.

  3. Decaturguy says:

    I think it is unfair to say that the 4th District voters are stupid. In the past 3 Democratic Primaries, the most McKinney has ever gotten was 50.8% of the vote. She got 42% in 2002 and 47% this year.

    It is very had to knock off an incumbent Congressperson.

    Despite how you spin the way the undecideds are breaking, did anyone really ever believe that McKinney would only have 21% of the vote. It is no surprise, that the polling is getting narrower. My prediction is that Johnson will win with about 55% of the vote.

  4. rugby_fan says:

    My prediction is CM gets 3.7% of the vote and chased out of the 4th into Colombia and starts work with a friend of a friend of her’s (who has a rather plum job, or so I’ve been told).

    I only hope I am somewhat accurate.

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