The Lies of Cynthia McKinney and Billy McKinney

Desperation is setting in for Team McKinney. As most of you know, the most ineffective member of the US Congress, Cynthia McKinney, is in a runoff for the Democratic nomination for the 4th District in Georgia. And she and her Anti-Semitic father are willing to say anything and everything in hopes of her being re-elected.

Lie #1: “I will be pitted against a mostly unknown and unproven opponent, who will nonetheless have the unanimous backing of big national media and national money.” – Cynthia McKinney

This is a complete fabrication that Hank Johnson is being funded by national money and the implication that Cynthia McKinney is not. According to PoliticalMoneyLine, 65% of McKinney’s contributions have come from out of state. Not mentioned is that many of her contributions from Georgia have not been from her district. Conversely, only 6% of Hank Johnson’s contributions have come from out of state. I will add the caveat that these percentages may have changed since the primary two weeks ago but I doubt that they have changed signficantly.

Lie #2: “The media and money behind my opponent will do their utmost to polarize the election along racial and party lines.” – Cynthia McKinney

This is highly comical since Cynthia McKinney is one of the great race-baiters in our country today. And specious since her opponent, Hank Johnson, is black as well. I’m not sure how a runoff featuring two black candidates can be polarized along racial lines. This statement is also ridiculous because McKinney does everything she can to blame every ill on the “white man”. Her recent run-in with Capital Police was of course evidence of racism. While she constantly claims to be a victim of racism, she hopes others ignore the fact that as a black female, she is a US Congresswoman, is highly educated, and is a member of the “rich” that she so often rails against. Her constant claims of racism are a great insult to those blacks and other minorities who are truly victims of real racism.

Lie #3: “To win, they must provoke a stampede of Republican voters to the polls on August 8th.” – Cynthia McKinney

I predicted this particular lie from McKinney last week. It is sad how predictable she has become. The AJC showed very clearly that McKinney was forced into this runoff not because of Republicans crossing over but because fewer Democrats in South DeKalb County voted for her. I can also attest that at last week’s rally for Hank Johnson, very few if any Republicans were in attendance.

Lie #4 – “I have been scored by and according to, I have the highest legislative record, success record, of any of the Democrats in the Georgia delegation; and that’s including Congressman John Lewis.” – Cynthia McKinney during 7/31/06 debate.

It is amazing that McKinney is willing to make such a brazen and patently untrue statement that is so easy to disprove. According to, McKinney is actually 408 out of 435 representatives in their Power Rankings. This is pathetic for a representative with 12 years of tenure in Congress. And she is second to last for Georgia representatives, besting only John Barrow, a first term representative. Cynthia McKinney also must assume that her constituents are stupid by claiming a strong legislative record. In my research, I have discovered only one bill that she sponsored that has become law: a bill to rename a post office in Decatur, GA. A case can be made by McKinney that she has been in the minority party during the Bush administration. Fine. But show me the legislation she sponsored under the Clinton administration. You won’t find any.

Lie #5 – “The Fourth District is in danger of being represented by the Republican Party. As I have looked back over the last year of political events, I have detected a very astute strategy to turn the 4th district over to the Republican party.” – Billy McKinney

One wonders what universe Billy McKinney lives in. The 4th District of Georgia is just about the most Democratic district in Georgia behind only Rep. John Lewis’ 5th District. The 4th District has been represented by a Democrat for over a decade with hardly a serious Republican challenger. On top of the fact that in 2004, the Georgia State Legislature redrew the district boundaries to make it even more Democratic.

Lie #6 – “It is easy to see that Hank [Johnson] is a darling of the Republicans.” – Billy McKinney

Let’s take a look at Hank Johnson on the issues and see how likely this statement is.

Yeah, Hank sure does sound like a hardcore Republican to me. The sad thing about all of these lies from Cynthia and Billy is the presumption that their constituents, particularly the black community, is too stupid to fact check them. I have spoken with many of my black friends about McKinney and to a person they are embarrassed to have her as a representative. As am I.


  1. schleyguy says:

    The 4th District gives about 75% on average of its votes in general elections to Democratic candidates. That means Republicans are outnumbered 3:1. Even if every Republican in the district showed up to vote in the Democratic primary (and we know many are ineligible for the runoff due to Cagle/Reed) Democratic turnout would only have to be 33% to outnumber the Republicans.

    I find it very funny that some of the same people whose panties are in a wad over Republican crossover voting were just three weeks earlier encouraging Democrats to crossover and vote against Reed. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, is it not?

  2. CynicalGeek says:


    I see the folks at DK didn’t give you much love after they found that you posted elsewhere.

  3. Dignan says:

    Yeah, they wanted some sort of disclosure. Ridiculous.

    I asked them if they wanted me to label myself so that they could better understand where I am coming from. 🙂

  4. BB says:

    No disrespect intended, but so what? McKinney lied! That’s about as newsworthy as Clinton had sex with an intern or Mark Taylor is fat.

    I’m with Demonbeck, can’t wait for Aug. 9th. No matter which D wins the 4th, either will be ranked in the bottom 1% of the power rankings.

  5. Loren says:

    With regard to Lie #4, I believe that McKinney’s 0.5 score in Legislation is due to the House passage of HR 2099, the Arabia Mountain bill.’s ranking criteria appears to have looked only at the year 2005, which is when the Arabia Mountain bill passed the House. That bill also appears to be the only one of McKinney’s 16 bills from the 109th Congress that made it out of committee.

    Not only was McKinney’s bill for the Earl T. Shinhoster Post Office passed in 2001, thus putting it out of the scope of’s rankings, but their legislative criteria specially excluded “bills of a ceremonial or commemorative nature such as naming of post offices or other public buildings.”

  6. Dignan says:

    At least John Lewis isn’t an embarrassment and has the bona fide track record of fighting for civil rights. Whether you agree with John Lewis or not, he is an honorable and good man.

  7. Rick Day says:

    Look people. it is very simple.

    You either support the status quo, or you do not.

    If you do not, then we require more leadership like Cynthia. The fact she can not get anything done with either party says to me, she is not part of ‘the system’.

    If you support the status quo (the one-party dupoply we serve under) then why the Hell are you on this blog?

  8. Loren says:

    If you do not, then we require more leadership like Cynthia. The fact she can not get anything done with either party says to me, she is not part of ‘the system’.

    And the fact that she cannot get anything done means that she is completely and utterly ineffective as a weapon against the status quo.

  9. BB says:

    Dignan, no I don’t live in the 4th and no matter who wins, the taxpayers of the 4th will not have representation.

    I do live in Cherokee County where on the local level there are nut cases that make CMac look almost intelligent. So I can relate to paying taxes w/o representation, check out our Board of Commissioners and especially the Board of Education.

  10. whitemalevoters says:


    I think you have the right idea. It is a known fact that all white male voters support Cynthia McKinney in her re-election bid. Dignan, if that is his real name, is obviously not a white male voter.

  11. John Konop says:


    You may disagree with Buzz or Mike , but to reffer any of them as “nut cases” is an insult to their families as well as the community. This is what Cynthia does attack people in a hateful manner with no facts. This is why People like you and Cynthia should be out of any leadership role in the parties.You guys are destroying the system.

  12. BB says:


    Who said anything about Buzz (he hasn’t even taken office yet) or Mike? As you prepare to run for county commission in two years following in the footsteps of your Ohio brother, you might want to learn more about the history of both boards I referenced and the members. Note especially the BOE which relinquished its authority to an overpaid superintendent who now has complete control of a $600,000,000 budget (about $17,000 per student), increased by $100M in just one year. Talk about taxation without representation, maybe even you can understand that citizens don’t elect the superintendent, yet he controls the money thus ‘taxation w/o representation’.

    Mike is a good friend who tried to steer Cherokee County in the right direction by becoming more involved in regional decisions. He did something you must despise based on your incessant attacks against Tom Price, he made sure Cherokee got transportation funding back into the county (or as Bill Simon would call it, redistribution…HA).

    This is not the proper place to discuss local politics in Cherokee County, but if you would like to learn more about some of the nuts (nuts used in the same vein as CMac who is ineffective, but has some control over millions of taxpayer dollars) on either board, I will be happy to link you to a local chatboard.

  13. John Konop says:


    The issue about schools and budget problems also have to do with the system not using impact fees to off set cost instead of sales tax. Developers have been buying corporate welfare in elections while sticking the bill to the local community.

    Getting back to the topic. The issue is how you insult people in a personal way instead of dealing with the issues.This is why people are upset at Cynthia. My point is you do the same thing!!

    As the VC of the Republican party or as a office holder,you should not use hate to get the point across.

  14. whitemalevoters says:


    Are you unaware of the fact that white male voters support the guy you call “Konop”? I think you would do good to show some respect to people of superior intellect than yourself. It’s John Konop, or Mr. Konop to you. Got that? Good!

    Mr. Konop,

    White male voters have your back.

  15. BB says:

    Konop, seems you have a friend, y’all are perfect for each other (oops, another hateful insult — LOL).

  16. BB says:


    Georgia law does not allow impact tax for schools. Georgia School Superintendents Association does not want to replace sales tax with the pre-property tax. Do you favor more property tax instead of a sales tax?

  17. John Konop says:


    You are right the law is wrong. Impact fee is the cost put on a new project that is put on the community. By not having impact fees for the cost a developer adds by his or her project you are putting the cost on the tax payers.If I add X amount of homes you will need money for y amount of schools. Using sales tax to pay for this is poor fiscal planning. Now you are chasing the money ,which means you will being paying interest on top of the cost for the new school buildings. Also sales tax is being pushed on residents who did not make a profit from the new homes.

    As a fiscal conservative I would think you want a system that deveolpers pay for the extra cost added on to the community instead of more taxes to hard working families.

  18. BB says:

    Here we go off the subject again, but are you so naive to think developers pay the impact tax? It is a pre-property tax paid passed through to the homebuyer.

    Being a fiscal conservative with a bit of common sense, I will take a sales tax any day over a new property tax.

    Developers in Cherokee County negotiate a payment for each house with Russ Sims before receiving zoning approval in addition to the SPLOST which by the way is leveraged for the next 15 – 20 years. If the state abolishes the SPLOST program to be replaced by a pre-property tax and the housing market slowed due to the recently elected no growth commission, you public school folks would be in big trouble. Ask your neighbor Dr. P if he wants an impact tax to replace the SPLOST.

  19. John Konop says:


    The developers do not want the impact fee because it lowers the price of the home.Yet the cost of new schools is passed onto the tax payers.Bart this is a one time fee to cover the additional cost of new homes.This is not an on going tax like proberty tax. I realize you are big on borrow and spend policies but that is not being fiscally conservative.

    This is why Mike Bryd lost his job. People are made about uncontrolled growth with tax payers holding the bag.You cannot approve new homes with no money to pay for the cost added on to the community.The new home buyer should pay the new infrastucture cost.Bart this is called personal fiscal responsibillty.A concept that use to be part of the Republican party in Cherokee.

    The law needs to seperate one time cost of new infrastructure from on going cost of running the schools. This is basic business 101. Sales tax is not a smart way to pay for new infrastruture.It will always put you in debt or over crowded schools or both.But ,you do like the borrow spend solution.Also since you have no kids it may not be a big deal to you.

  20. BB says:


    Your ignorance is showing! The Atlanta Homebuilders Association helped write the impact fee regulation for Canton and supports it fully. They know up front how much to build in to the cost of a home for the pre-property tax. And show me where the price of any new home in Cherokee County has been lowered, are you out of your freakin’ mind!!??

    Mike Byrd lost because a local editor of a tabloid paper printed a bunch of BS stories. You know the editor, you contributed to his firing by sending him bogus crap about me and CCRP. Have you hired him yet to be your press secretary when you run for county commissioner? Mike did a good job even though I disagreed with him on trying to appease people like you who upon moving into an area immediately start working against personal property rights and decrying development. What a hypocrite you are.

    Bottom line is you support higher property taxes regulated by a non-elected school superintendent responsible to nobody but his mortgage holder, Harley Davidson loan provider and food source. That is taxation w/o representation, something Dignan would like to eradicate in the 4th district.

    Konop is to fiscal conservatism what Mark Taylor is to anorexia.

  21. John Konop says:


    You really think the county has kept up with infastructure of schools,roads…? Why do you think we have trailers for classrooms? Do you like the traffic? I talk to Mike Byrd, Buzz Aherns, Sean Jurgensen, Harry Johnson… everybody knows the system is broken but you and some developers.

    Bart, the borrow and spend king of the Cherokee Republican party.

  22. BB says:

    Gramatically challenged, factually challenged Konop,

    As usual, this is going nowhere. End of free lessons on Cherokee County to help you prepare for the county commission race next year. Please run with a foundation based on raising property taxes while abolishing the SPLOST. In fact, with your liberal big government attitude demonstrated during the congressional campaign, I encourage you to not even abolish the SPLOST, add another penny. Hell make it two cents more and double the millage rate. That’ll teach those evil generational landowners, builders and developers (how long have you lived in Cherokee County on your tiny little lot burdening our schools and roads??).

  23. John Konop says:


    So what facts are wrong ?

    Are schools not using trailers for classrooms ?

    Are we not behind on new schools ?

    Do we not have a traffic problems ?

    Do new homes not add kids for schools and cars for roads ?

    Are we not using a borrow and spend formula to pay for this ?

    All you talk about is how we can get the federal or state government to pay for it. Bart the debt is at 9 trillion how far do you want to get into the red to China?
    Do you get that this is no free lunch that someone has to pay the bill with interest?

    You have no room to talk about Cynthia liberal voting record , if you back this borrow and spend policies that have us 9 trillion in the red.

  24. BB says:

    I can’t believe it took you to post #28 to blame China, debt, etc. You are slacking Konop.

    Are schools not using trailers for classrooms ? Yes, so what? Trailers provide a roof, A/C, desks and adequate environment for learning. If you don’t want your kids in a trailer, move to some impoverished county in S. GA where classrooms are plentiful or stop wasting $100,000+ on no-win campaigns so your kids can go to private school. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    Are we not behind on new schools ? No, we are spending hundreds of millions building new schools. Check the fed, state, county budgets.

    Do we not have a traffic problems ? Cherokee County – somewhat, but how do you propose to fix it if you oppose Georgians getting fuel tax money back from Washington? I’ll make it simple — if $100 goes to DC in fuel tax collection, $83 used to come back. Thanks to Congressman Price and Senator Isakson $93 will now be returned to Georgia taxpayers as part of the Transportation Bill you constantly attack. You would rather let the money stay in DC or go to another state based on your failed campaign strategy.

    Do new homes not add kids for schools and cars for roads ? NO, new homes do not add kids, SEX does. Maybe you should re-read that birds and bees story.

    Are we not using a borrow and spend formula to pay for this ? Yes, so what? You are an absolute hypocrite as one who built a career promoting debt accumulation through credit card distribution for a company listed as one of the biggest offshore labor users in the world. Check Lou Dobbs’ list of “Worst Offenders” under ‘C’ for Citigroup. You profited from private debt accumulation and offshore jobs…how do you sleep with yourself.

    OK, I answered all your questions. Now for the fifth time carrying over a previous dialogue;

    Name one good thing about America in 2006. Simple Konop, one thing. So far all you have done is bitch, bitch, bitch.

  25. John Konop says:


    First my son goes to public school. And I have used private and public schools.As far as trailers being ok for kids , You demonstrate why it was good you do not have kids.

    Second, Bart everyone knows we are behind on new schools.

    Third,your solution and Tom Price for roads is to trade pork that we cannot afford to get a higher % of our money back. Are you sure you are not on Cynthia’s team.You,Tom and Cynthia than wonder why we are 9 trillion in the red ?

    Your final logic is I made my money in the banking world ,and that makes it ok to run up 9 trillion dollars of debt for our kids to pay with interest. As I said I do not think that Cynthia has made a comment with this lack of logic about spending. Bart , you have gone beyound liberal spending.

    We have many great things about our country. One is the internet that allows you to demonstrate your liberal spending views while pretending to be a conservative Republican.

  26. John Konop says:


    On the James Budd situation, for the record , you claim he lost his job, becuase of a false story I gave him about you and the CCRP party ?And you are the VC of the CCRP so is the position of the CCRP?

  27. kolt473 says:

    Trouble in LALALAND MCKINNEY as if once in her life, CYNTHIA TUCKER called it right on mckinney…….she now wants a retraction of the ”truth” ”SHE CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH,” so lashing out means she’s desperate as mr. johnson suggests…..In tommorrow’s debate as in previous look for her to use money accepted by solid waste and as a tool for Republicans……what’s the matter ms. mckinney afraid of JEWISH BACKLASH????? MY MONEY IS STILL ON HANK JOHNSON time for her to save her tirades for her answer rallies…..MS. MCKINNEYS VOTING RECORD ALLEGEDLY DEBUNKED BY REPUTABLE SOURCES….WATCH THAT TO COME UP AS WELL AS PERSONAL ATTACKS….SEND THIS WOMEN INTO POLITICAL EXILE FOR GOOD DEKALB COUNTY……YOU DESRVE SO MUCH BETTER…..

  28. whitemalevoters says:

    Konop & BB,

    White male voters everywhere think both of you are full of shit. And full of yourselves. Especially you, BB.

    Konop, white male voters still support your run for Congress!

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