Stephens Campaign Dirty Trick?

The tip line filled up with this one, but I was out with the wife and Galloway & Co. beat us to it.

The Stephens Campaign has sent out a mail piece with glowing quotes. From the Insider:

One of the paragraphs read thusly: “[Governor Perdue and I] have absolutely been supportive of Senator Stephens.


  1. bowersville says:

    Here’s your opportunity. You’ve been so bold in calling Handel a liar. Who’s lying on this one, Perdue and his staff or Bill Stephens. Come on Jackson and get you some!

  2. stephaniemills21 says:


    Is anyone really surprised at this? Stephens has as much ethical credibility as Linda Schrenko. Maybe one day we will see him doing a perp walk with a fur collar.

    Please folks, please if only for the fun of it, vote for this guy. It is sure to make the general election fun, and PP too.

  3. Bull Moose says:

    I have encouraged everyone in and around Chatham County to go to the polls and vote for Karen Handel in the run-off. I hope everyone else will do that too.

    We need someone with ethical credibility in the office of Secretary of State.

  4. portman08 says:

    Karen Handle supporters vote on Tuesday Aug. 8 and Bill Stephens(the white guy)
    supporters vote on Wednesday Aug. 9

  5. Brian from Ellijay says:

    So is it wrong for Karen to use that pic in every peice of lit and email she sends out?

    I am sure that quote was said, just prob in 2004 when he was running against Bubb McDonald.

  6. techtrack says:

    i just checked the handel website – jamie ayers is ass’t political director.

    stephens will say and do anything to get elected. look at his platform.

    throw cynthia mckinney in jail – the sos can’t arrest any one
    english only ballots – the voter rights act calls for multiple language ballots in some cases, that’s federal law, he can’t do anything about it
    constitutional amendment for voter-id – it was a federal judge who ruled against it.

    not only does he make stuff up – the weak platform he has is bulls… and he can’t do any of it.

  7. stephaniemills21 says:

    Brian, you are right. Here is the quote from a 2004 AJC story.

    Perdue endorsed Stephens over McDonald, but is staying out of the Lee-Harp race.”He’s not going to meddle in local politics,” Nick Ayers, spokesman for Perdue for a New Georgia, said about that race. “But we have absolutely been supportive of Senator Stephens.”

    Source: AJC, Rhonda Cook, ELECTION 2004: 2 Senate races hold GOP’s fate;
    Results likely to decide who runs chamber, 7/17/04

  8. bowersville says:

    That’s lame. Bill once again has tried to mislead. Quit floating trial ballons for Stephens. It want work this time. You know, if my neigbors dog comes into my yard and takes a dump, I let it lay there for a few days. I’ve found if I do that, it dries a bit, and then when I kick into the scoop, I find there are two advantages: 1) It doesn’t stink as bad, and
    2) I don’t get crap on my shoes.
    It might be best to let this “crap” lay a while.

  9. techtrack says:

    so it’s not lieing to use a quote from a state senate race in 2004 for a state wide race in 2006. didn’t cynthia mckinney get crushed for using an old quote from andy young in a prior race.

    i’m cutting and pasting this from pi, because i think formerstephensguy has it right.

    By formerstephensguy

    August 2, 2006 07:35 PM | Link to this

    “… His campaign makes up false ethics complaints against Handel, then denies it. He claims he didn’t have anything to do with SB5, but was the 3rd signer. Claims Zell made him camapign for Bill Clinton, but he didn’t work for Zell at the time, now makes up false quotes from Nick Ayers.

    How can you trust this guy to be in charge of the elections process? Knowing him he’ll give Cynthia McKinney 28 BILLION votes. “

  10. techtrack says:

    it will be interesting to see what other lies stephens comes up with between now and 8/8. i the first debate handel had a great line “just because bill stephens says it doesn’t mean it’s true”

  11. bowersville says:

    I understand from the AJC, Political Insider, the emailer from Stephens said “What people are ‘saying’ about Bill.” From Rhonda Cook, AJC, 2004, “But we have absolutely been supportive of Senator Stephens.” Stephens instead of using “saying” should have made this point clear, they “said” it about him in his bid for the Senate in 2004, not about his bid for SoS. What a deceiver! How can he be trusted? He can’t! But then again, he learned his political strategy from no less than “Slick Willie!”

  12. bowersville says:

    I think at this point we can pretty much accept the fact that if Bill Stephens says it, it’s not true.

  13. jackson says:

    I can hardly call Stephens a liar if the quote is true, bowersville.

    Look, i dont have a problem with 80% handel’s politics. If she wins the primary, I will happily support her. No question. I dont blame her for pandering to homosexual rights groups in Fulton…though I would not have done it personally.

    My points have been that she denies denies denies the questionaire, when it is obvious she had a part in it. If not, why didnt she disavow multiple articles in the gay newspaper that referenced it? She didnt disavow it because 1. it was true or 2. it was convenient to mislead. That is my only point.

    I am supporting Stephens because I feel he is the more conservative candidate. I personally dont think Handel is being honest, so I say it. That is my main issue with her (save voting for money for planned parenthood — whether or not they do abortions, the group is deplorable).

    Many of you — black and kemp, stephens and handel — are trying to turn this into “anyone that votes for the other guy/gal, or says anything nice about the other guy/gal, or questions my guy/gal is a scumbag.” That is just plain silly.

    My only issues with anyone on this site are debbie/philly because they are dishonest and act like children. Even though i dont agree with you on this candidate, that doesnt mean we dont want the best for our party, republicans, and Georgia. Healthy debate is part of the process.

    Trust me, no matter how bad it gets “in the family” the Democrats will be much, much worse. They will lie. They will cheat. They dont care about twisting facts and destroying peoples lives. And you best be ready for it — and be prepared to argue your points.

  14. jackson says:

    techtrack –

    As it relates to quotes, if someone says it, they say it. Candidates put that stuff on their mailings all the time. Have you seen Gary Blacks (and Brian Kemps) mailings with the Saxby quotes? I dont honestly think you can call someone a liar for puttin that on a mail peice.

    Frankly, I dont see why the quote really matters or why Stephens used it. NO one knows or cares who Nick Ayers is and it doesnt do stephens any good to put in on there, so it seems kind of petty. Maybe they just wanted to egg Nick on? Who knows.

    I am not saying I agree with putting a quote like that on a mail piece, I am just saying its a stretch to call someone a liar for quoting someones actual quote.

    Handel is stretching credibility as well, tryiing to make the Republican Senate Majority Leader into some liberal democrat. I dont think it is working, but who knows. I think both campaigns have stretched the truth. I dont know that anyone lied about anything (that I PERSONALLY know of) except that questionanire thing doesnt pass the smell test with me.

  15. bowersville says:

    I have a HUGE problem with planned parenthood, but when a grant comes down to Georgia, from the Republican controlled Washington house and senate, to Georgia, to Fulton County, to be sent out for bids by Fulton County, mandated by the grant and Stephens hollers foul! Stephens knows the ropes in politics, if the state wanted to reject this grant, it had the power to send the money back to Washington instead of sending it to Fulton County. There is no, and I repeat no taxpayer money going to fund abortions. I’m ignorant and I know that and so does Bill Stephens, just one more distortion of the truth on his part. No, I fault no one for supporting the candidate of their choice, but damn, do some research for the truth in their statements.

  16. Tammi Metzler says:

    I’ve gotten a Handel mailpiece where she has quotes from the Perdue saying how great she is, etc, that were from her past campaign, not this one. This is no different. Face it, you’re main problem is that it is from Stephens, not the quote itself. ALL campaigns do this, including KAREN HANDEL.

    I mean, Erick says the quote isn’t real, and then Stephanie cites an article that it came from, showing it is real. Where’s the retraction? It may have been from a past campaignand not this one, but the quote is still real, as in Nick Ayers was quoted as saying it.

    One more note: The Galloway article said this came from an e-mail from Stephens’ campaign, and Erick’s post says it was a mailpiece. So which is it? The insider, and the quote Erick used from the insider, say it is an e-mail, not a mail piece. A mail piece would be a much bigger deal than an e-mail going out to a few thousand people.

    As of now it seems it is just from an e-mail, and means there is soem distortion of what is actually taking place.

  17. techtrack says:

    we’ll agree to disagree on this one. the main reason i support handel is that she is the best qualified for the job. she is the only to with a plan. i also want the best ticket for sonny in november. i don’t think the ethical baggage that stephens carries will help the sonny. i also don’t think that it helps that stephens actively raised money for and campaigned for clinton. what really puts it in perspective is when a dem like stephaniemills, says she would rather have stephens, because he’ll be easier to beat.

  18. whitemalevoters says:

    Hey Bowersville,

    Are you unaware of the fact that ALL white male voters are supporting Bill Stephens? What’s your problem? Having an identity crisis are we? The bottom line is, Bill Stephens (the liberal democrat version and the conservative republican version) has ALWAYS looked out for the white male voters. AND, he didn’t have to change his stances to get our endorsement. He has always met our qualifications (1) Must be white (2) Must be male (3) Must be a voter.

    Tell me, Bowersville, how is Karen Handel gonna spin that one? Please. She’ll probably try to paint herself as a white male voter. But smart people know that after Charlie Bailey and Eric Martin lost, Bill became the only TRUE white male voter left in the race.

    Tammi & Jackson,

    You two have made a good choice. You make white male voters everywhere proud.

  19. Bill Simon says:

    Jackson, the point is that Stephens did not put the date of the quote in his mailpiece.

    If Stephens wished to proclaim himself as an “honest conservative” he might have done that.

  20. CobbGOPer says:

    And no one has pointed out that none of this matters. Handel had an 11% lead. Nothing Bill Stephens has done since the primary election will help him cut into that lead. So long as Karen gets her voters to the polls on the 8th, this thing is over. Bill is not on radio, not on TV, and likely barely has enough money to get any mail out.

    And speaking of mail, my sources tell me Handel’s mailing universe was more than twice the size of Stephens’. With little money to throw around this week, his mail universe will never reach all the voters Handel’s has.

    Robo-Calls from Nancy Coverdell? Please. While I’m sure Nancy was happy to do it, I’m just irritated that candidates continue to flog Paul Coverdell’s legacy for their own political benefit. I respect him, voted for him, and was sad to see him go, but he’s been dead a long time, and memories can be short for voters.

    Besides, robo-calls suck, everyone hates them, and hardly anyone listens.

    There is little left that Stephens can do. The numbers are against him, poll-wise and from a scientific standpoint.

    Ask Dr. Bullock – runoff candidates who led the primary by 10% or more win the runoff 70% of the time. Female candidates in the same situation – they win 79% of the time.

    So Bill basically has a 21% chance of winning on Tuesday. Don’t know anyone who’d take those odds.

  21. Art Vandelay says:

    I just want to say that I really like the name “whitemalevoters.” Whoever you are…cool name! I’m a girl but i love the way white males vote…especially upper class white males!

  22. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Thanks Stephanie. I figured as much, but figured that someone else could do the actual research. BTW, great job at finding the actual quote. Kudos.

  23. bowersville says:

    The quote is from 2004, Brian, when Stephens was running for the Senate. Why did Stephens and Grove put out a statement that is so misleading, it appeared as trying to mislead people into believing Perdue was endorsing Stephens for SoS? Why doesn’t Grove and Stephens acknowledge they were attempting to mislead? Is it because they have no class or character?

  24. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Steve Handel. I know your wife is busy a lot right now and that you have nothing better than do than attack on a blog. But please shut up. Your wife will have a lot more time for you after tues.

    Bowers- Your saying that the picture that Karen uses is not misleading and does not appear to be current… you have to look really hard at the identical logo to see that it says commisson and not state. So does that mean Karen has no class and is attempting to mislead? No, it means they have what they have from a previous campaign and are going to use it. Although, a picture is worth a thousand words. Whos worse?

  25. whitemalevoters says:

    Brian from Ellijay,

    You are obviously an well-informed white male voter who understands the intricacies of politics. We applaud you for standing up for the white male voter. Moreover, we are glad that you support our candidate of choice for SOS–the only TRUE white male voter in the race–Bill Stephens!

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