1. whitemalevoters says:

    White male voters would like to take this opportunity to endorse Bill Stephens as our candidate for Secretary of State.

    Although not a voter until the age of 18, Mr. Stephens has always been a white male. He comes from a long line of white male voters in Georgia. And as Secretary of State will be a credit to all white male voters. With the defeat of Charlie Bailey and Eric Martin, Bill Stephens is the only white male voter left in the race. Choose wisely. Choose the candidate of choice for white male voters, Bill Stephens!

  2. Broty says:

    Did she mention anything about his plan if he’s elected as SOS? Still waiting for something about what he’d like to accomplish besides throw Cynthia McKinney in jail.

  3. whitemalevoters says:


    You obviously are NOT a white male voter. All white male voters support Stephens. His plan is to live up to the expectations of white male voters, duh!

  4. CobbGOPer says:

    Does anyone care? He’s just bugging people who aren’t going out to vote on the 8th anyway.

  5. pathfinder says:

    While Ms. Coverdell is an understandably sympathetic figure in hardcore GOP circles she has not proven to be a draw for voters. She cut a televised commercial for Mattingly in 2000 and he promptly got spanked by Miller. She also followed many GOP elite in backing Ralph Reed and we all know where Ralph ended up.

    Her success rate is somewhere between a coin toss and a stopped clock (i.e. it’s right only twice a day).

    I predict she will be equally ignored this go around.

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