Peake Endorsements

Heading into the final stretch, Allen Peake in House District 137’s runoff has picked up the endorsements of the two Republicans on the Bibb County Commission — Chairman Charlie Bishop and Commissioner Elmo Richardson.

This race has heated up in the past week. Stebin Horne is saying he’ll pass a law banning autocalls from politicians and that he’s been a Republican working in the party. Allen Peake responded that he’s been a Republican since Ronald Reagan (when Horne was in short pants) and he can be judged based on his life and work.

Horne has finally decided to get his voice on the radio instead of using others to speak for him. He’s emphasizing that he too is a businessman. Peake is pointing out that he is a businessman and the guy in the race who is raising a family.

I’m waiting for it to get really ugly. Horne has started saying he voted against all tax increases on city council. That just might open an avenue for Peake to attack Horne’s tenure on the Macon Water Authority, which has failed to collect millions of dollars for the city and has raised water and sewage fees repeatedly.


  1. memberg says:

    I’m kind of upset that they haven’t changed their radio spots again. I have really been enjoying the back-and-forth. I think the next step has to be a debate over who has loved Jesus longer.

    And Erick, maybe an autocall ban could be a valid time/place/manner restriction? Kind of like a spam bill for the phone. Automated, unsolicited phonecalls would be banned. Live calls from a real person would be fine.

  2. LINDA says:

    Horne also campaigned for everyone to vote for the SPLOST! Horne addressed the Bibb County Republican Women’s monthly meeting to push for the SPLOST. Horne along with the other City Council members endorsed the SPLOST with a resolution. This is a tax increase, as a matter of fact it was a 20% increase in sales taxes!

  3. RuralDem says:

    Is Former Representative Frank Horne, Stebin’s dad?

    I was listening to the radio a few days ago on the way back from Columbus and hear an ad on one of the Macon stations where a guy says something to the effect of “when I was in the General Assembly I voted with Republicans many times” and then something about Speaker Tom Murphy and then something about “Vote for my Son”. The station kept breaking up so I didn’t hear it all.

    The other reason I ask is because Lt. Gov candidate Jim Martin released a statement of new endorsements today and Former Rep Frank Horne was listed as one of them, along with Congressman Jim Marshall and Mayor Jack Ellis.

  4. Maurice Atkinson says:

    I voted today and am confident that a highly qualified individual will win this seat. The candidates that ran in this race were all highly qualified and all fiscally and socially conservative. All would do a good job in Atlanta.

    This race has also stayed decent. I did receive a mailer today that probably was as critical as I’ve seen, and it still was decent. Too bad other races couldn’t just be this good.

    We need solid conservatives to get involved in the process. Far too many are willing to lob criticism, yet are unwilling to run or participate in the process. My hope, and I have expressed this to the various candidates I run into, is that they use their experience and stay involved.

    Macon needs real leaders. We’re blessed with a Commission Chairman who is honest and does his best, consistently. Our party has 2 city councilmen and 2 commissioners. We have one candidate who is running for Mayor. I haven’t heard whether there is anyone running for any other city council seats. Now would be the time to explore interest.

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