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I did early voting. Handel got my vote again. And, though I still think Kemp should have conceded because I really think Black is going to make it through again, given the gap Kemp had to close, I still voted for Kemp. I think he is the best guy to take on Irvin. He’s a younger guy with a young family. He exudes energy on the campaign trail. And he’s got new ideas that fall outside the status quo of the Ag Commissioner’s office.

I think Kemp is the best guy in that race and I was not willing to vote for Gary Black just because I think he’s actually going to win. That said, I’ll still bust my butt for Black after this is over.


  1. debbie0040 says:

    I think Black is the only one to beat Irvin. Irving has served for 24 years as AG Commisioner. Irvin has ties to those in the Ag business. It will take someone with those ties to defeat him.

    Black has those ties, Kemp does not.

    The AG Commissioner is a “down ticket” race. Not everyone will vote on that race. The voters that have connections with the AG community sure will. That is why it is important to have their support.

    Compare Black’s bio to Kemp’s. Kemp has been a fine Senator but that is not enough to win in November.

  2. MorganCoGOP says:

    Good to see you still have your witt about you Erick. I think Kemp will pull this one out. I don’t think Black’s supporters will come out for a runoff.

  3. jsm says:

    I wish everyone would vote their conscience, no matter the anticipated outcome. I’ll also be voting for Kemp.

  4. CobbGOPer says:

    Other BTW – No post on the Handel-Stephens debate? Personally I thought she whipped his a$$. All he could do was bring up the bogus questionnare again, saying “Georgia Equality says it’s real,” and “She’s endorsed by Creative Loafing. CREATIVE LOAFING, PEOPLE! PEOPLE?”

    What a useless crook. And he calls himself a political strategist. They saw that this line wasn’t working before the primary, and obviously didn’t work during the primary since Handel garnered 44% of the vote (which she got to mention several times during the debate, to Stephens’ chagrin). So why are Bill and Katie Grove continuing down this path? Makes no sense.

    Oh, and the classic line: Stephens in response to the factual charges that he was fined $14,000, the largest fine in state history – “That’s like being called ugly by a frog.” Great answer! That’s exactly how I’d want my elected public official to answer charges of ethical ineptitude. (That’s sarcasm for you folks still groggy this morning).

    Besides the fact that he’s now just sort of resorting to name calling, by comparing Handel to an amphibian, among other things.

    Anybody else see the debate last night?

  5. Mike Hassinger says:

    I met both candidates at a campaign event in far south Georgia this weekend, and they were both good guys. I’m glad to be a crossover voter against McKinney the crazy loon, because it really would be a tough choice between those two.

    Tommy Irvin will NOT be a pushover, as some Republicans seem to think. He’s won that post many times.

  6. Cotton Boll says:

    You dismiss Gary Black’s experience to vote for the one you “want” to win…good strong logic. At least you realize Black will win next week and he can (and will) win in November. I saw Gary in Tifton at the biofuels convention yesterday. He is one of us – Kemp is not. I’ll be happy to cast my vote to cancel yours Erick. Gary Black has the experience to take to reigns from Irvin.

  7. Mike Hassinger says:

    The streaming feature from is the crap. I have a high-BW connection and the show stutters, burps and eventually frustrates me to the point of shutting it off. They need to fix that, for Zoller’s sake.

  8. Philly says:

    The State Senate showed their arrogance in fielding candidates for SOS and AG commisioner that are not qualified. They assumed that because you served as state senator you are qualified for any office.

    Karen Handel has the best ideas and best grasp on the responibilities for SOS. Bill Stephens has run a nasty campaign. He keeps bringing up the Georgia Equality questionaire Karen filled out. My response is so what!. Karen was trying to be elected in Fulton County . Would not have done her campaign any good if she ticked off the gays and have them turn out against her. She promised them a seat and the table and to listen to their concerns. She did not promise to support their ideology. Big difference!

    Gary Black has the support of those in the AG business. Look at his bio. 25 years working in the AG business. It will take that to unseat Irvin. Just because Kemp is a state senator and is personable means zilch to those in the AG field.

    Brian’s campaign consultant also works for Casey Cagle so look for this race to turn nasty.

  9. HJ Bailey says:

    I voted for Kemp and I was proud to do so. He brings nothing to the table?? HAHA. That is ridiculous. Kemp is first a good candidate and can beat Irvin, secondly he has three different plans that confront issues that Gary has never even thought of (ie heifers vs property tax relief). Gary is a goober that Tommy Irvin is hoping to get a piece of. Tommy told a friend of mine that works in the department that he is praying eveyday that Gary wins because he said he will crush with what he has on him.

    Vote for the clear choice, Brian Kemp.

  10. jacewalden says:

    I early voted for Brian Kemp as well.

    I think he is the right man for the job. I will say that I had hoped to see more mailouts, and ads on Kemp’s part–purely for name recognition purposes, because let’s face it, less people know him than did Casey Cagle. Still, proud to support him.

  11. CobbGOPer says:

    I agree with you Philly, I would just point out that that questionnare Bill keeps slinging everywhere has no signature, is a scan of a fax of the “original,” and cannot be authenticated.

    Bill keeps saying that Georgia Equality says it’s real. Maybe I missed the article where they state that. If it’s true, why doesn’t Bill have any official statements from the group? Why can’t Bill get the original from Georgia Equality?

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: no signature, not official. I’ve filled out a million of those things for candidates, and they are never official unless they’re signed.

  12. Cotton Boll says:

    So Kemp brings paper, Gary brings over 25 years of experience and the support of farmers and agribusiness folks….gee, what a choice. Like I said – Kemp brings nothing to the table.

    On another note, I need rain!

  13. Philly says:

    HJ and all other Kemp supporters. Do you really think the AG people will vote for someone with NO Ag experience? You guys really are arrogant. Irvin will crush Kemp as being young and inexperienced.

    I heard that Bill Shipp introduced Bill Stephens as his kind of people to different friends of Shipp’s. That would be enough for me to vote for Karen had I been undecided.

    No state senators for me…


    KEMP by 4 points..BOOK IT. Call us arrogant but we win. There is more to AC than farming and Brian will win over the farmers once he’s in place with his willingness to learn and his ability to promote the industry.

  15. jackson says:

    “Gary Black has the support of those in the AG business. “—

    —“Just because Kemp is a state senator and is personable means zilch to those in the AG field.”—-

    FYI, more than just AG folks are represnented by the department. It is paid for with ALL our tax dollars and is imporant to ALL of us. I am sick of this special interest, elitist attitude that comes with this department. Agriculture Department is not just farming. These are also the guys that inspect the fuel pumps, make sure food is safe, etc. It’s obnoxious to think that the only person capable of running a bureaucratic state department is a lobbyist that represented farmers. What about someone that has experieince winning tough races AND representing actual constituents, not special interests.

    Unlike Debbie/Philly, I am going to support the nominee, no question. But it ridiculous to assume the someone that is bright,articulate and capable but without direct experience can’t run the department. Wasnt that your arguement for Ralph Reed?


    Jackson, I could not have said it better myself. Black was hand picked and was thought to be a shoe in, will not happen.As far as DEBBIE/PHILLY and the likes look at their track record.Kemp will win by 4 points.

  17. JasonW says:

    SOCO, my track record is pretty damn good, as well, and I say Black. And you can BOOK that one as well… The problem Kemp has in winning, is that he has to beat not only the farmers vote, but also the Atlanta vote. Thats going to be difficult if not impossible to do. While I agree that Kemp is young and articulate, that doesn’t translate into winning against TI.

    Oh, and I’ll definitely be voting for Handel. She’s the more qualified candidate, and the one that, I think, will do the best.

  18. foray says:

    HJ- does Brian Kemp even know what a heifer is?

    For you to say that Tommy Irvin told your friend something is hogwash . . . I think it was TI a few months back when Brian but his first Ad on TV that it was a sign of a Campaign on its last legs.

  19. whitemalevoters says:

    White male voters agree with Mr. Philly and Mrs. Debbie0040. We strongly endorse the candidacy of Gary Black. Gary Black has accomplished more than most white male voters could ever hope to have accomplished–he reached the top of his particular lobbying field. Other than Ralph Reed, another quality white male voter, NO other white male voter has ever been a top lobbyist. Gary Black is the best choice for white male voters to make.

    White Male Voters for Black ’06!

  20. Big Mack says:


    Irvin has been Ag Commissioner for 37 years.


    Kemp doesn’t have a prayer. Gary Black has a membership of 650 companies in the Georgia Agri Business Council and they are located all over this state. Three of the biggest are in the Atlanta Metro area. He has a base that Kemp doesn’t have. I do not understand why Kemp wants to be Ag Commissioner when he doesn’t know doodlum squat about agriculture. Those of us who make our living from agriculture need a man with some experience. I understand that Kemp is a first class family man and Republican. He should have run for some other position. The last guy that tried to spring board from Ag Commissioner to Governor was Tom Linder and Gene Talmadge shellaced him. Not a good choice on Kemp’s part.

  21. MorganCoGOP says:

    I see Greg Hecht is sponsoring PP now….will that be enough for him to pull out the victory on Tuesday???

  22. Mike says:

    From Gary’s email blast–

    “However, today marks a sad day in this race. My opponent sent a dishonest mail piece to many of you distorting my career, my values and my opinions. It is sad to see his campaign stoop to such desperate antics but it can only be expected after his disappointing performance in the Primary. Let me set the record straight to you.
    The truth is I have voted for every Republican presidential nominee since I could vote, casting my first vote for Gerald Ford. In 2004, I was an active member of the Bush/Cheney Farm and Ranch Team and actively participated in the Great American Farm Breakfast at the Republican National Convention.”

    Any one seen the mail peace?

  23. HJ Bailey says:

    Yep, it marks a sad day for someone that has tried to hide the truth and lie his way into office.

    Say NO to the LIBERAL DEMOCRAT SPECIAL INTEREST LOBBYIST Gary Black and YES to the Conservative Leader Brian Kemp.

  24. techtrack says:

    why did stephens pander to GRTL by changing his pro-life stance?

    here’s a link to his questionnaire in 1998, where he states he’s for three exemptions and takes no stance on part-birth.

    now he’s for one exception, seems he changed after GRTL changed it’s position. i call that pandering.

  25. Mike says:

    So Bailey…Why does your boy have to go negative? Other than having jackasses like you on his team, I thought Kemp ran a positive, albeit ineffective race.

  26. jackson says:

    I am not to concerned with the fact that Stephens changed his stance on abortions since 1998. Plenty of people have done it. Saxby, actually, went the other way (if you remember his primary in 2002).

    The point is NOT that Karen Handel filled out the questionaire and doesnt support it now. The point IS that she is lying that she didnt even fill it out. That doesnt pass the spell test. If it was so detestable that she filled it out, then why did the Southern Voice paper reference it…twice…with nothing from Handel in response?

    Like i said, if she had to pander to liberal or homosexual groups to get votes in Fulton County, that is what she decided to do. But dont lie about it.

  27. techtrack says:

    handel did kick butt last night. she demonstrated that she has a clear grasp and understanding of the sos office. she also showed that she has a plan. it’s interesting that stephnes takes credit for just about every bill that passed through the senate, but forgets that he was co-sponsor of SB5.

  28. whitemalevoters says:


    Handel was unable to convince ANY white male voters that she is right for the job. It’s so clear at this point that Stephens is the only TRUE white male voter left in the race.

    White Male Voters for Stephens ’06!

  29. bowersville says:

    If you are bothered by a liar, go over to, Political Insider and tell me who is lying. Governor Purdue and re-election staff or your boy Bill Stephens. Seems like your boy, Bill, has told in an emailer that the Governor is supporting Bill. The Governors staff’s says it ain’t so? Who’s lying Jackson?


    Black needs to toughen up, sounds weak. Full contact baby thats the game can’t handle the heat sit on the bleachers.If you all think this is negative if he were to win TI would murder him. Sorry guys you can come up with all the reasons Gary should win, but just like RR the voters will decide and it’s up to more than the “INSIDERS” we pull off another victory KEMP by 4 pts BOOK IT BABY…

  31. JasonW says:

    Wait, I thought SOCO won Most EVOLVED blogger? Reading his posts in this thread, it must have been a misprint or something…


    Jason wipe the milk ring off and grow up. You need thick skin in this game you may want to sit back and watch for awhile, it’s okay we all have to “evolve”.

  33. techtrack says:

    handel says she didn’t fill it. so because you don;t believe her it’s a lie? i know your going to say that it’s been verified by georgia equality, but what has actually be verified, and b who? chuck bowen wasn’t even there at the time. stephens met with bowen, who then said stephens was becoming a moderate. am i supposed to believe that? just for the record, i don’t think stephens is a moderate, no matter what bowen says. i also don’t think he’s the only conservative in the race.

    why did stephens claim he was working for zell in 1992 while he was campaigning for clinton. he left zells office in 1991. why did his campaign manager claim not to know her former roomate when asked about false ethics charges.

  34. waterboy says:

    I agree with JasonW – SOCO is a LOSER. Such childish antics, but I am interested in this 4 point thing. Kemp will lose in a big way and I’ll take all the money in your piggy bank. So where and when will I collect on a wager with regard to your cute little prediction SOCO?


    A bit touchy aren’t we guys, first sign of weakness and fear is incoherent mumbling.. 4 points that’s the number…. sorry, “some gotta win, some gotta lose, goodtime Gary gonna have the blues ” sorry I could’nt help it….

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