A Leader for Agriculture Commissioner, not a Liberal Lobbyist

Okay folks, my vote is going to Brian Kemp for Agriculture Commissioner.  Brian Kemp is a Conservative Republican Senator, has a history of standing up against wasteful spending, and has the ability to WIN in November. 

His opponent, special interest liberal lobbyist Gary Black has no history of elected service, supported liberal democrats in past elections, and can’t beat Tommy Irvin in November. 

Please consider casting your vote for a leader, Brian Kemp, for Agriculture Commissioner. 



    I agree Bull Moose Kemp is the guy, and again for the record I say we win by 4 pts in runoff and between 7 – 10 in November.Black seems to soft to me, Brian will do a good job and several of the leaders will again be surprised. Change is in the air I can feel it all around………remember that song. Just thought I would add the jingle.. this is fun.

  2. Cotton Boll says:

    Moose and “friend” – you boys don’t have a clue about the Ag Commish race, yet you won’t shut up about it. Gary black wins this thing on Tuesday and again in November. It is obvious neither of you losers knows Gary or anything about this job. Save the Broadway Joe predictions and your whining pleas for Kemp. IT IS BORING AND LAME.

    Did y’all not see Kemp’s pathetic performance in the GPB debate tonight (and last month too for that matter)??? He doesn’t have a clue – just as Bob Greer stated. Gary mopped the floor with him (again). It is all over for Kemp – except for your whining.


    CB, 1+1+1+1=4 pts get it.Calm down and wipe the milk ring off, you need thick skin to play the game sit it out for awhile and learn.Way to uptight ,little nervous… now go back to your milk and cookies and off to bed.

  4. Cotton Boll says:

    Cute comeback SOUTH – childish, but cute. Are you old enough to be up past 10 p.m.??? This site is for adults, so go away.

  5. waterboy says:

    So Erick is going to let front pagers beg and plead for their candidates of choice while making absurd claims like Moose Pile has done here on PP???? What a classy group of guys. To suggest Gary Black is anything but a leader in the agriculture community is a disservice.

    Cotton – I saw most of the debate. I can only hope there were others that witnessed Gary master the discussions. Lobbyist for agriculture – you bet….and a damn good one! Georgia agriculture is better today because of Gary Black. BK can’t hold a candle to Gary. The choice is clear. Gary Black will make a great Agriculture Commissioner. Put that on the front page Erick.


    You guys are rattled more so than I would expect, relax exhale and listen… you hear that…know what it is? It’s the sound of voters clicking on KEMP for AC and it’s not a dream so don’t pinch yourself! HA-HA 4 points guys 4 points.

  7. jackson says:

    I agree with you that Brian Kemp is the best candidate, but I urge those of you to stop personally bashing Black. The guy is not a scumbag. He is a special interest lobbyist that has helped Democrats in the past, no question. But he is a decent person, that if he wins, we need to support. I dont think he can beat Irvin though. I think that would be a stretch.

    Brian Kemp has my vote because I know he knows what it takes to win tough elections against liberal democrats. He has an outsider perspective that can really change how things work. He doesnt have a bunch of pre-existing relationships and loyalties that he will have to follow through on and protect, even if they are not in the best interests of the state. Most important, he wants to cut spending and waste. Gary wants to keep spending the same or increase spending. that is no accetable to me.

  8. bowersville says:

    I’m voting Kemp, and urging others to do the same, but it will be tough in November against the entrenched Democrat in TI, no matter the Republican nominee. Not withstanding the winner on 8/8, we need to unite for November, the election of an R will be “tuff!” The bashing needs to cease.


    No personal attacks here, the Black boys are just a little touchy that’s all. Black cannot beat TI. Played golf with an Ag dept. manager yesterday and he made the comment unsolicited that havng Black would be status quo. Kemp’s the guy!

  10. foray says:

    Jackson- TI has asked for the same 43 million dollars to run his agency since the early 80’s. In fact that 43 million dollars doesn’t even fund the mandates that the General Assembly has put down. I used to work in the department; there are inspectors (who by the way are the frontline of securing our food supply . . . BK) who have a starting salary of 19,000 a year- these are people with a college degree (sometimes multiple degrees); at the same time the starting salary for a secretary in the Capitol is 30,000. Thats just one example. The Department hasn’t been open for 37 years and BK’s call for a 10% reduction is premature.


    Now foray you know I would not reveal that but I give you my word it was said along with some other comments regarding TI and Black’s relationship. The dept. is stagnant and Kemp will bring a fresh and welcomed change.

  12. Demonbeck says:

    This is lazy Bull Moose. You can do better than throwing out lazy one liners for your candidate and against his opponent.

    Give us better reasons why Kemp is your guy.

  13. ConservativeFire says:

    Busdriver, you heard that too?? I thought I was the only one. Why vote for Kemp Demonbeck?

    1) He has a plan on how to reduce the impact of property taxes on our family farmers and a plan to keep them on their land. The only candidate in this race that has a plan dealing with property taxes.

    2.) He has a plan to promote research, such as alternative fuels and nanotechnology.

    3.) He has a plan to reduce wasteful spending by cutting the departments budget. He is the ONLY candidate that has a plan to do so. Gary Black calls this plan “irresponsible” and said that we may need to “raise the budget by 20%”

    4.) Brian is the only canidate that has has a plan for every part of the Ag Department and the only candidate that realizes that there is more to the Ag Department than just Agriculture. That it is about Consumers and Protecting our Families.

    5.) Brian Kemp is the only candidate that has legislative experience. The only candidate that has voted on tough issues that affect all Georgians.

    6) The only candidate to fight for tax cuts and end to wasteful spending in the legislature. And the only candidate that voted for and helped pass the toughest anti illegal immigration bill in the country.

    Why you shouldnt vote for Gary Black:

    1.) He is a special interest lobbyist for big agribusiness. he is bought and paid for. how can he fight for all Georgians when he is indebted to agribusiness?

    2.) He voted against President Bush in the 2004 Democrat presidential preference primary and admitted voting for John Edwards.

    3.) He opposed to cutting wasteful spending and wants to raise the departments budget.

    4.) He has a BS plan, and wants to maintain the status quo and the Department and will be the same as tommy irvin.

    5.) Gary Black is not a Leader, he is a follower and he will do whatever he is told by the governor and others.

    Vote for the COnservative Leader, Kemp , not the LIBERAL LOBBYIST Gary Black.

  14. John Silage Jr. says:

    EVERYONE that is big in agribusiness supports Gary. In order to win in November the GOP must recieve their report. Kemp simply doesn’t have the support of the ag community. The ag community wants change in the dept, but they want it from someone they know they can trust and that man is Gary Black. I am not saying they won’t vote for Kemp, but it is certain they will vote for Black.

    As for the liberal lobbyist thing–I think it is absurd. Gary had to work with those in the Legislature and for the past 20 years the legislature has been Democrat. So, if he wanted what was good for agriculture he had to work with them. I think it is impressive that he can work across party lines. Ag is our most important industry and shouldn’t be neglected simply because of partisan politics.

    P.S. Why don’t you folks attack Perdue and other in the GA GOP that used to be Democrat? You don’t because it is absurd to do so. The political landscape of Georgia has changed so much that it is like comparing apples and oranges.

    GWB 06!!

  15. Demonbeck says:

    For those of you still undecided, here’s Gary’s email response to Kemp’s recent attempts to out him as a liberal…

    Dear Friends,

    Thank you so much for your support as we moved into the Republican Primary Run-off. My supporters have called over 15,000 of their friends, family and neighbors in addition to the thousands of postcards we have sent to the address books of our supporters. We are moving towards victory thanks to your help and hard work.

    However, today marks a sad day in this race. My opponent sent a dishonest mail piece to many of you distorting my career, my values and my opinions. It is sad to see his campaign stoop to such desperate antics but it can only be expected after his disappointing performance in the Primary. Let me set the record straight to you.

    The truth is I have voted for every Republican presidential nominee since I could vote, casting my first vote for Gerald Ford. In 2004, I was an active member of the Bush/Cheney Farm and Ranch Team and actively participated in the Great American Farm Breakfast at the Republican National Convention.

    I am a proud conservative. I have worked over the years to elect some of our state’s greatest leaders including Governor Sonny Perdue and Senators Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson. I have earned the endorsements of Congressmen Nathan Deal, Charlie Norwood, John Linder and Lynn Westmoreland, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, State Senator Chip Pearson, Chair of the House Agriculture Committee Rep. Tom McCall, Governor’s Floor Leader Rep. Jay Roberts, and Gwinnett County Commission Chairman Charles Bannister as well as a host of state and local officials. They know my values and my record, and they support me because I am the only Republican who understands agriculture and its needs.

    I fully support cutting wasteful spending. No one has reviewed spending in this agency in 37 years. My opponent has said he will cut the Department’s budget by 10%. After reviewing spending, we may be able to cut it by 20%. However, at this point, without any investigation, throwing out an arbitrary number is only a campaign gimmick. You have my full pledge that I will completely eliminate wasteful spending and return excess revenues to the taxpayers of Georgia.

    I asked my opponent to join me in pledging to run a positive campaign based on the issues. Today, he made it clear that he would rather run on dishonest negative personal attacks. I will continue to run a campaign based on the issues and the need for change in Georgia agriculture.

    -Cut wasteful spending by expanding the role of technology.
    -Protect Georgia’s food supply from attack or contamination by providing the best trained, well-equipped front line defenders.
    -Conserve resources by promoting and growing the bio-fuel industry in Georgia, giving our farmers new markets.
    -Work with Georgia’s Congressmen to seal our border and work to have a real, enforceable immigration plan.

    I’ve appreciated your help and support throughout this process. I hope you’ll help me negate these negative attacks in your community. Most importantly, I hope you will vote for me on August 8 and cast a vote for a new vision in agriculture backed by experience and passion.


    Gary W. Black


    Well stated CFIRE, Black is just another rhino and will not make the cut. He was handpicked to be a yes man, Brian is going to shock some key people and it’s going to be funny to watch them eat crow.

  17. foray says:

    This is an example of Brian Kemp’s knowledge of the issues

    BK and his little ag. experience couldn’t even answer these questions, it became a conversation between TI and GB.

    SC I don’t know what these people you spoke with said but during my time at the Dept. GB never visted as TI kept the door closed and it was only in times when they served on committees together did they work together.

    I’d also like for someone to pull up voter vault and view the Candidates voting records: the page I obtained from a friend with the State Party: Gary has voted for every GOP President since 76′- while BK didnt even vote for Gov. Perdue in the General Election in 2002.

  18. foray says:

    Why would these people endorse a liberal democrat lobbysist

    Congressmen Nathan Deal, Charlie Norwood, John Linder and Lynn Westmoreland, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, State Senator Chip Pearson, Chair of the House Agriculture Committee Rep. Tom McCall, Governor’s Floor Leader Rep. Jay Roberts, and Gwinnett County Commission Chairman Charles Bannister

  19. ConservativeFire says:

    When Gary was kicked out of farm bureau, and went to work making gift baskets, what did he put in them? What great experience.

    Yes, we need a candidate like Gary to run against Tommy Irvin, that will talk about his ag-ag-agri-agriculture te-ee-en-agers. That will win the election! I would like to see gary try and dare to “out-experience” tommy irvin. it is impossible. Day one, Irvin and Bobby Kahn are going to send a mail piece showing Jack Abramoff and Gary Black behind prison bars together, saying gary ios bad for georgia.

    I dont know if Gary reminds me more of elmer fudd or howard dean?

    It was interesting, somebody told me the other day, that Gary didnt look much younger than tommy irvin, i said well, he is also a member of the same party as tommy irvin.

  20. ConservativeFire says:

    Foray, simply because those US Congressmen are bought and paid for by special interest lobbyist. And as useless as they are, I wouldnt even want them on my side if I were running.

    There is no way to tell who someone voted for in the general elections. All you can tell is if they voted. Kemp was running in 2002, I am sure he went and voted. Gary is the liberal democrat.


    Kemp will be a good executive he will surround himself with forward thinking individuals and will think outside the box.The email is a little to weak for my taste , Gary needs to toughen up and realize we are not going to lie down and give it to him. No rules of engagment have been broken. What in the world do you think TI has in mind IF Black were to be our nominee?

  22. Demonbeck says:


    Let me answer your points one by one…

    1.) He is a special interest lobbyist for big agribusiness. he is bought and paid for. how can he fight for all Georgians when he is indebted to agribusiness?
    Gary Black lobbies for one group – the Georgia Agribusiness Council. That is where he works. It’s like saying that you are bought and paid for by McDonald’s because you work there.

    2.) He voted against President Bush in the 2004 Democrat presidential preference primary and admitted voting for John Edwards.
    First of all, George W. Bush didn’t run in the 2004 Democratic Presidential Primary. He was unopposed in the 2004 REPUBLICAN Primary. As the incumbent, he had no serious competition.
    Second of all, Gary was an active member of the Bush/Cheney Farm and Ranch Team and actively participated in the Great American Farm Breakfast at the Republican National Convention.

    3.) He opposed to cutting wasteful spending and wants to raise the departments budget.
    Gary fully supports cutting wasteful spending. He says: “No one has reviewed spending in this agency in 37 years. My opponent has said he will cut the Department’s budget by 10%. After reviewing spending, we may be able to cut it by 20%. However, at this point, without any investigation, throwing out an arbitrary number is only a campaign gimmick. You have my full pledge that I will completely eliminate wasteful spending and return excess revenues to the taxpayers of Georgia.”

    4.) He has a BS plan, and wants to maintain the status quo and the Department and will be the same as tommy irvin.
    This is horse manure. It has no basis on fact and I would hope that everyone on this site can see right through it.

    5.) Gary Black is not a Leader, he is a follower and he will do whatever he is told by the governor and others.
    I would hope the the Agriculture Commissioner would do whatever the Governor (with a capital G – mind you) asks of him.

  23. Mike says:

    Has anyone explained what Kemp has done differently in the last two weeks to somehow pick up 15 points? You Kempers are a freakin’ riot.

  24. Demonbeck says:

    ConservativeFire said,
    “Foray, simply because those US Congressmen are bought and paid for by special interest lobbyist. And as useless as they are, I wouldnt even want them on my side if I were running…Gary is the liberal democrat.”

    Tell me CFire, just how hard is it to stick your head so far up your ass? Did you have to have your ribs surgically removed to get it so far up there?

  25. techtrack says:

    i find it interesting that you support black because he is the most qualified candidate, yet you don’t support handel who is the most qualified candidate. to be clear, i’m not attacking you, just making an observation.

  26. ConservativeFire says:

    Yep, follow the leader right? That is weak. We need a leader with the back bone to change things not some weak kneed, panty-waist, follower that will do whatever he is told, that sure as hell not what I look for in an elected offical.

    If you dig yourself a hole like Gary has, you might as well bury yourself in it. I have a shovel for you gary.

  27. John Silage Jr. says:

    All you Kemp people can say is that Gary is a liberal. That’s all you have. You fail to understand that the Rural areas like Gary. Sounds like y’all need to get out of Athens for a day actually talk to people that are actually involved in agriculture.

  28. debbie0040 says:

    You Kemp guys should check out Brian’s voting record before you go blasting Gary’s. This was posted on the Political Insider Blog yesterday. Check it out for yourselves.

    Brian Kemp’s Voting Record:

    1998 Primary – Democrat 2000 Primary – Democrat

    I like Kemp but feel like Gary can win in November. Gary has the support of the AG groups. These same group helped re-elect Irvin. They will help elect Gary.

    Gary is vastly more knowledgeable about Agriculture issues and they are not just talking points to him.

    Gary will win

  29. ConservativeFire says:

    Have you ever thought the the “Irvin supporters” who are backing him are just trying to get him through the primary for tommy because tommy knows gary will be easy to beat?

    Debbie, you are a loser. I hate to resort to personal attacks, but with you, I cannot resist. You have been wrong on about everything you have said on here. Don’t you have a GOP event to organize?

    Gary Black is a liberal democrat, admit or deny it I dont care, but I know the truth and I am glad someone has finally gotten it out to the people of Georgia.


    Kemp has 1)the endorsments of the other canidates 2) motivated and energized base,3) low turnout will be in our favor 4) some of Black’s votes were simply due to BM’s involvment with the CAGLE campaign and were probably told by RR to vote Black and now will not even bother to engage. Simply stated we win by 4 points…..

  31. Demonbeck says:


    I know that Cagle-Stephens-Black is a somewhat odd assortment to support. It seems to me that most Handel Supporters also support Black and most Stephens supporters support Kemp.

    I have known Gary Black for years and have only recently known Brian Kemp. Both are absolutely the nicest guys on Earth and I believe that both would do an excellent job for our state. I personally refuse to say a negative thing about either. Both would be a marked improvement over the status quo. In looking at the records, though, I have not seen anything from his stellar record that would make Kemp stand out whereas Gary Black’s entire career has been promoting the needs of Georgia’s Agriculture. That is what tilted me in Black’s favor.

    Regarding the Handel-Stephens race, I have taken the opportunity to hear them and listen to them speak. I have gotten to know their bios and their history. Just like the Ag race, both are good candidates and great people. Both have good experience, but Stephens’ legislative experience is what tilts me in his favor. To me, outside of that experience, both are equal candidates.

  32. techtrack says:

    ok. needless to say we disagree, but unlike some folks on here at least you present a logical argument.

    for me the legislative experience doesn’t matter in the sos job, any more than it matters in the ag comm job. they both are administrative/leadership roles.

  33. debbie0040 says:

    I say Handel-Black. I was wrong about the Lt. Governor, but think I am right about these two.

  34. Demonbeck says:

    Yes, you are right rechtrack, but you have to be able to work with the Legislature to get your job and your agenda done.

    To me, Kemp’s legislative experience is trumped by Black’s lobbying experience. He knows how the state system works just as well as Kemp would, but also has Federal lobbying experience on top of that. This is secured by the endorsements Gary reieved from several Congressman.

    Again, whoever wins will recieve my full support.

  35. techtrack says:

    i’ll support whoever wins also. one last point on handel (at least on this thread) handel has demonstrated an incredible abilty to work with people to get her agenda through, remember she is in the minority on the fulton county commission. i would suggest that that “organization” is much more difficult to deal with than the state legislature, especially when republicans will maintain control in the legislature.

  36. GAPeach says:

    Hats off to demonbeck and techtrack who just had a civil, issue-based conversation about why they supported opposing candidates.
    Take notes, kids.

  37. RuralDem says:

    Seems like many people around here either know nothing about farmers in rural areas or are simply blinded by partisan shades.

    Up until a few years ago in a rural area you had to actually go out and look for someone to run as a Republican. Maybe many of you do not realize that not all Democrats are liberals. If that is the case then Representative Nathan Deal, Governor Sonny Perdue, and half of the Republicans in the General Assembly are or were liberals because these men were all Democrats at one point. Georgia is not like most states in the fact that many Georgia Democrats are not liberal. I do not see any of you fussing about Richard Royal or any of the other Conservative Rural Democrats who recently switched to the Republican Party.

    The point is, who cares if Gary voted for a Democrat? I doubt many rural Georgians have never supported at least one Democrat. I think it is a good thing IF he did support a Democrat. It shows he can look past the party and focus on what is best for the citizens of Georgia.

    If he voted for John Edwards in the 2004 Democratic Primary, what is the big deal? President Bush had no opposition. In many areas of Georgia, local politics is settled in the Democratic Primary.


    The issue is Black and his supporters thought he would be a shoe in and then along comes Brian out of nowhere and it has upset the apple cart. The lesson learned with the LT race plays here as well, you will have to earn the vote from the party not inherirt it from Atlanta. I have not personally attacked Gary and have stated the reasons why I think Kemp will win in a logical manner, I might add. Some of us on here are more engaged in this race than simply commenting and at times ruffle each other feathers, just the nature of the game no harm no foul and at the end of the day we all will support the nominee that wins.

  39. Ben says:

    I have a real problem with party leadership (ex:Debbie, who is Vice Chair of Cobb GOP) getting involved in these primaries. The party is “suppose”.to stay out of these primaries, but our party leadership is nothing but a bunch asses anyhow, it does not suprise me.

  40. Billings says:

    Amen Ben. We need to get rid of some of the party leadership. Their threats and intimidation are bad for Georgia and bad for the Republican Party.

  41. Jimbo says:

    Southern comfort, call in someone soft or a rhino is an attack.

    Ben/Brian Laurens, go back to stealing signs. Did you criticize the state party for not allowing info about Konop or that flag guy that ran against Sonny on their site?

    I see you could not handle the criticism you get posting under Brian Laurens so you changed your name. Same style . Same immaturity.

    Debbie has not mentioned her party status and is doing so in a personal capacity so deal with it. Nothing you can do. I know many party officers in different counties supporting Black personally. Want to go after all of them? Go buy some cheese to go with your “whine”.

    Tell me “Ben” are you supporting Stephens as well?

  42. Billings says:

    You are always right on target SouthernComfort. I am glad someone has some sense on this thing because it sure isnt Debbie.

  43. Jimbo says:

    Billings, are you one of Brian Laurens alter egos or just one of his few friends? Do you steal signs along with Brian?

    There have been many others on this site supporting Black not just Debbie so get your head out of the sand or out of your ass whichever it is.

  44. Ben says:


    I am not Brian Laurens, in fact I find it highly offensive that you think I am. Anyways Brain Laurens is probabaly still in jail for stealing signs.

    I do not care about the SOS race.

    And everyone knows who Debbie is.

    Get over it Jumbo

  45. Billings says:

    Yeah, Jimbo, I think you have fantasies about Brian Laurens, U are obsessed with him. I have nothing to do with that guy and have no desire to, ever.

    I think U are Debbie male alter ego which would create a whole new pandoras box of why debbie is off her rocker.

    But enough of this.

  46. Billings says:

    I am not going to say who it is from, but the Party leadership intimidates and threatens everyone in every race, from county commissioner to Governor. If you arent on some of their side, they will threaten you and intimidate and their day of reckoning will come. Nough said.

  47. Bud says:

    Billings is right, the state party, or some in it, are as bad as Roy Barnes and the democrats with their threats.

    For instance the past secretary of the party, Linda Parker, has threatened people to vote for Gary.

    Others have said things like, ‘Gary will do what we say and won’t get in our way, but Brian is his own man and won’t blindly do as we say, so we have to vote for Gary’

    It is BS and that is exactly why I support Kemp and won’t lift a finger for these crazy people until something changes.

  48. Ben says:


    That is exactly what I am talking about, party leaders have been trying to intimidate people to vote for Black.

    I know for a fact that Sue Everhart who is involved with the state party has told people that they need to vote for Gary because they can control him and he will do what they say. In fact she has threatened some Kemp supporters who are involved in the party.

    This sickens me!

    It is a sad day when the party gets involved like this.

    We have got to get our party under control, basically at the next convention we need to clean house starting at the top.


    Demonbeck my spelling at times is suspect believe me I know what rino stands for and recognize one when I see one. Don’t let the front page status go to your head too much, stay the demonbeck we all have come to like. Before I forget, for the record KEMP BY 4 POINTS…Can you say it? hahaha

  50. debbie0040 says:

    Ben, No one that knows Sue Everhart will ever believe she threatened anyone other than Democrats. If she supports a candidate, she never says anything negative about the other candidate so I have serious doubts that she or Linda Parker threatened anyone.

    I have serious doubts that Sue said anything about controlling Gary either.

    No one will be able to control Gary and it is just absurd to say so.

    I think Ben and Billings write just like Brian Laurens. They have Brian’s same maturity level.

  51. Billings says:

    Comfort, I pray everyday you are right. Gary Black is bad for Georgia. Go Kemp Go!!! Kick some ass.

  52. Billings says:

    Oh Debbie, I think they are right. People with ambition in Party that wants to keep it to themselves want someone they can control and they know they can control gary because he is a lightweight and a follower and will blow with the wind in whatever direction they (it) wants him to go. Just like a Democrat always does. He is true to form.

    Defend your cohorts Debbie.


    Billings, not to worry I have the pulse can’t explain it just have it, that said we must work hard to get everyone to the polls early or on Tuesday. 4 points that’s the number….

  54. RuralDem says:

    The way I see it,

    Gary Black wins the primary and the Republicans have a great shot in November.

    Brian Kemp wins the primary and he’ll get stomped. I thought he might be a great candidate until he started releasing those cheesy campaign ads….


    RD, I understand why you want or like Black on the ticket you know TI will get him, but Kemp there’s another story. Good angle to take, I like it.

  56. RuralDem says:


    Reality is your friend, quit running from it.

    Nice attempt at twisting what I said. You do not even know who I am supporting in this race. I actually support both Democrats and Republicans. The person is more important than the party label.


    No running here my friend, with a call name like RuralDem I’d bet you are a TI guy. but hey I could be wrong. Just an observation, but I obviously hit a nerve huh?

  58. Mike says:

    I too, was talking to a high level DOA employee just the other day. He said that Tommy and Gary were actually involved in a conspiracy to have Gary win the primary, then step down so that Tommy would not have to face the political juggernaut that is Brian Kemp. Yeah…….that’s the ticket.

  59. Demonbeck says:

    Oh yeah, I heard that Brian Kemp doesn’t call his momma on a weekly basis and once tore the tag off of a pillow AND a mattress.

    Is that what we want in an elected official?


    What would life be without comedy? I acccept your comment as a compliment. Mike, one problem with your theory, Black loses Tuesday, by you guessed it 4 POINTS…

  61. HJ Bailey says:

    Debbie, it easy say that you aren’t a democrat but you cant get rid of the facts. Gary Black is a 2-faced snake. His true face is that of a liberal democrat special interest lobbyist who has been working with people like roy barnes, tom murphy, tommy irvin, and tyrone brooks for years and the other face is a mask. THat is the mask of being a “Republican

  62. RuralDem says:

    HJ Bailey,

    Explain what makes Black a liberal. Instead of listing names of those that he has worked with how about explaining what makes him a liberal? Sonny Perdue worked with Democrats while he was one, so did Nathan Deal, so did Richard Royal and the other members of the General Assembly that switched over. I do not see you bashing them anywhere.

  63. debbie0040 says:

    HJ, Brian Kemp also voted in the Democratic Primary. Do you think it is ok for Brian to but not Black?

    Gary represented Agri Business. He has to work with elected officials whether they be Democrats or Republicans.

    Do you honestly believe that the GOP Congressmen here in Georgia would support a Democrat? Are you trying to say good conservative Congressmen like Lynn Westmoreland would support a Democrat?

    There are a lot of conservative voters in the Agriculture Community that still vote Democrat in local or state races. They like Gary and his new ideas for the Dept. of Agriculture. We have a chance to bring in a whole new segment of voters into the GOP fold and Gary can help do that.

  64. John Silage Jr. says:

    Well said Debbie. Gary will win on Tuesday and it will be great for the the GOP. Best of luck to Kemp in the future!!


    Let’s see now… was it not Debbie, Lynn, et al that predicted a certian person would be our first LT GUV? Hum…. nt so fast Kemp wins by you guessed it 4 points!!!

  66. debbie0040 says:

    SC, my prediction came back to haunt me and yours may, too 🙂 Be careful ..I like you anyway no matter what anyone else says 🙂

  67. foray says:

    I want to find out who all this DOA officials are- anyone who belives TI is involved in any conspiracy is just nuts. But you’d only understand that if you knew him personally. Anyone talking from the Department would have a pink slip immediatley.

  68. HJ Bailey says:

    Well, I am voting for the Conservative Republican State Senator Brian Kemp on Tuesday. And I urge everyone else to do the same.


    That you did Demonbeck, so after the Ag race you’ll be .500 not bad….Kemp by 4 points!

  70. debbie0040 says:

    HJ, Demonbeck , SoCo, who are you supporting for SOS?

    My runoff pikcs are Handel and Black. What is everyone elses?

  71. Demonbeck says:


    Stephens is my SoS choice.

    Is it just me or does it seem like a lot of DoA employees are playing golf with a lot of folks? Maybe Gary Black is right that we could possibly cut the Ag budget by 20%.


    Stephens is my SoS choice.
    Guys do not read alot into my golfmatch, we were just small talking.Kemp is going to have to be the man, if we are to have a chance of beating the old guy.

  73. HJ Bailey says:

    Got another piece from Kemp today. I am glad the truth is finally out there abotu the difference between these 2 candidates.

  74. HJ Bailey says:

    For one he admitted in one case that he chose to vote for liberal trial attorney John Edwards and told other people he voted for liberal elitist John Kerry. Instead of showing Bush;s strength in GA, he voted for a liberal democrat.

    THis is fact. He has admitted it. Deal with it you Black Attack Heifers.

  75. RuralDem says:

    So word of mouth is your basis? You can do better than that. Also, like I asked before, instead of telling me he voted for a liberal, show me an instance in which Black has done something or helped push a liberal cause while lobbying.

  76. Demonbeck says:

    Another Fact HJ Bailey is that Black was on the Bush/Cheney Farm and Ranch Team and actively participated in the Great American Farm Breakfast at the Republican National Convention.

  77. Mike says:

    I have it on very good authority that Brian Kemp is Jan Kemp’s younger brother and that it was he who talked her in to attacking our scholars(who happend to play a little ball) at UGA. He’s just plain EVIL!!!!!! DEAR GOD PEOPLE…..think of the children.

  78. HJ Bailey says:

    No rural, look at the voting records. Now see Mike, that would be bullshi*. And that would be negative campaigning. It would be like me saying that Gary is a cow molester. Everything I have said about gary being a democrat and a lobbyist and aganst cutting wasteful spending is factual. Like it or not.

  79. HJ Bailey says:

    Or if I were to say that Gary Black’s feminine hand shake proves he is no farmer. Haha. But I am not saying that.


    RD, I have never said he was/is a liberal. I have simply stated he was set up to take the nomination by the leadership, thinking there was not going to be opposition. Brian had other plans and I think will make a statment come Tuesday.I have not made any personal attacks on Gary but he is not the man for the job.

  81. HJ Bailey says:

    Well, Comfort, you know the Black Attack Heifers are going to come back say, Kemp supporters cannot tallk about the issues. Bring it on. All I say is look at Gary’s E whatever plan that my 10 year old son could have written and look at Kemp’s 3 plans and you will see you has the best plan to be agriculture and who gets the real issues.

  82. Mike says:

    OK….I’m better now, but seriously you guys. Bailey, SoCo(If that is your REAL name) Your boy took a beatin’ that would make any red-headed step child cringe. Gary was seven points away from taking it all in a 4 way race. As has been pointed out before, his vote tally was closer to BG than GB. Can’t you at least admit that there is a slight possibility that Kemp won’t make it? Hell, I’ll even admit that Gary has a very slight chance to lose. As the saying goes, he might get caught in bed with a live boy or a dead girl.

    Come on. Just admit to the remote possiblility that Kemp will lose. Show that you’re not completely delusional.


    Mike, you must not be totally sure of your boy or why would you bother to reply to what you assume is dribble.I have spoke to my reasoning Brian will win by 4 points.I guess I was delusional when I called a12 pt victory for my man Casey over RR, and it hit. I have a pulse and feel comfortable with my call. The dynamics in the runoff favor Brian as much or more as they did for Gary in the primary.4 points book it!!!

  84. RuralDem says:


    Oops, sorry about that. I guess we’ll agree to disagree 🙂


    Voting record? Elaborate. Black and Kemp supposedly both voted in the Democratic Primary at one point, and if you read one of my earlier postings I discussed voting in a Democratic Primary. If you mean legislative voting record, Kemp is the only one to serve in the General Assembly and he might have a conservative voting record but that does not mean Black is not a conservative as well.

  85. Mike says:

    SoCo(If that is your REAL name)– I reply for the entertainment value(Especially Bailey-that kid’s gonna end up in a bell tower before it’s all over). I have admitted that Kemp has a slight chance. I think that it’s a very slight chance because, other than going negative which I doubt will help him, Kemp has done nothing to change the dynamic of this race. 15 points is just too much. Of course you and that pulse thing you got going on may have it nailed. Nice call on Cagle by the way. I was pulling for him but didn’t think he’d win it.

    So come on SoCo(If that is your REAL name). Just admit there’s an itsy, bitsy chance.

  86. HJ Bailey says:

    A Run off is a different ball game man. Not the same as the primary. It is a whole new race. Never know what will happen. I am with Kemp and his chances appear to be good.

    Kemp’s chances are good. I would never underestimate Brian Kemp.

  87. Romegaguy says:

    You kids should have been trying to raise money or put together (from scratch) a GOTV effort instead of wasting all your time in here.

    Come Wednesday, the horse fancier’s only job will be helping his brother in law with that state senate seat and you guys will be moving out of Athens.

  88. funkymonkey says:

    SOCO, will you please shut your overzealous, one-perspectived, incapable of reasoning, young-buck, paid staffer mouth the hell up.
    When you grow some chest hair then you can make predictions OK?
    These people you talk about who kemp will bring to the department that are “forward thinking” would include yourself being a staffer and all, so if your going to be one of those people, GOD help the DOA.

    and after reading these posts, I have made up my mind about who I will vote for. It will be gary. If people like soco are staffing for Kemp’s campaign, and after he has gone negative, i will not vote for him. Honestly soco, you are one of the most ignorant people who can’t open his ears for one minute and shut their own mouth. I hope i never have to meet you in real life.

    -take your 4 POINTS and shuv it.

  89. debbie0040 says:

    I think Brian Kemp has been an outstanding state senator but he is not qualified to serve as Agriculture Commissioner. He will not have the support of the AG community and that is important.

    Think about this logically. Those of us that post on this board are more or less political junkies so we will vote on every single race on the ballot in November. The average voter is not like that. They usually vote for the top tier races then skip down and vote on their local races. The AG Community will not do that. They will make sure they vote on AG Commissioner. That is why it is important the nominee have their support.

    Gary can give the GOP the opportunity to make inroads with the conservative voters in the AG Community that normally vote Democrat for local races. This can help the GOP maintain dominance in the state.

    Southern Comfort is as committed to Kemp as I was to Reed. I do admire that loyalty and dedication so let’s not go attacking other Republicans because we don’t see eye to eye. It serves no purpose. Yes, believe or not, I am asking you to lay off attacking Southern Comfort. Will wonders never cease? 🙂


    FM, relax and take a deep breath… I’m no staffer and probably old enough to be your father so take my advice. Mike, thanks for the good luck gesture and I extend the same. Debbie, have I won you over girl? Welcome to the light, but don’t worry about ol SC I’ve got the PULSE!! KEMP by 4 points BOOK IT BABY!!!

  91. whitemalevoters says:


    You certainly do have the pulse. White male voters everywhere agree that the race will be decided by 4 points….

    In favor of BRIAN KEMP!

  92. waterboy says:

    Sounds like Bill Simon has his hand on your “pulse”….good luck with that (gag). Y’all make a great couple.

  93. whitemalevoters says:


    Go get white male voters a cup of gatorade you little bitch. Your boy Black is done. Done. So go back to beating off to his mailouts, cause that’s the last you’ll see of Gary for a long time.

  94. John Konop says:


    Gary Black said we need farm subsidies due to poorly negotiated trade deals. You think the trade deals are going great. So why do you support Gary Black? You do understand trade policy is key to the job? In the business world we call that revenue. Trade =Revanue

    If it is a bad trade deal we take hard earned tax dollars to subsidies the farmers. That is not free trade , but robbing Peter to pay Paul.The formula has us 720 billion in the red. That is called trade debt.

    Gary as well as the other candidate said congress has negotiated trade deals without understanding them. Is Gary right or are you right ?

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