1. GeorgiaBoy says:

    Did you see that McKinney’s attorney called the Political Insider today libel? McKinney’s attorney posted the letter as a comment on their site.

  2. techtrack says:

    next thing you know a bus will be pulling up in front of the ajc, d she’ll jump out with a bull horn, and demand that they open the doors so she can change a story about her….

  3. John Galt says:

    I am sorry I ever hoped Cynthia would win so we would have another punching bag come November. After reading this nonsense supposedly written by Cynthia’s son Coy I realize that she and her old-school brainwashing ways have to go. Hank may not vote much different, but hopefully he won’t help dumb his constituents down like Cynthia.


  4. Loren says:

    I am unable to get AJC’s comment feature to work, but I have a rebuttal of sorts for Mr. Raffauf.

    I’m curious what list he is referencing, because not a single one of the numbers he provided at AJC.com or on McKinney’s campaign site matches the rankings presented in Congress.org’s rankings of ‘Members by Legislation Score’.

    Mr. Raffauf states that Congresswoman McKinney ranked #277, but the list has her at #285. He says that Barrow is at #337, but the list puts him at #332. He states Marshall placed #347, but the list says #385. Scott is at #419, rather than Raffauf’s claim of #367. Bishop is at #437 rather than #434, and John Lewis has the biggest discrepency, placing at #350 on the list rather than Raffauf’s clam of #433.

    So if not the ‘Members by Legislation Score’ list on Congress.org’s website, what ‘Members by Legislation Score’ from Congress.org is Mr. Raffauf citing?

    Congresswoman McKinney’s legislation score is 0.50, tying with 22 other representatives. (0.50 being, incidentally, the third-lowest score, ahead of only 0.25 and 0.00.) Georgia’s other five Democratic representatives all had a 0.00 score, yet are randomly ranked among the 126 representatives who shared that score. Barrow’s 0.00 score puts him at #332, while Bishop’s puts him dead-last at #437. It is unclear to me, at least, how Congress.org’s methodology ranked individuals with tie scores in this manner.

  5. Decaturguy says:

    “it is clear that Mr. Johnson’s campaign is being run mostly by Republican money”

    Well, then it is clear that Ms. McKinney’s campaign is being run mostly by Muslim money with ties to terrorists. Take a look at who donated to McKinney on 9/11/2001. Over $14,000 was contributed to her campaign that day. All Muslim names. On 9/11 !!!

  6. smilingwatcher says:

    Sorry to spoil the party y’all, but congress.org does in fact list McKinney as no.285 on legislative issues.
    Sorry to put a dampener on your ‘fact checking’.
    Interesting how you overlooked this.
    McKinney and her lawyer both said that she was ranked no.285 on legislative issues, all you had to do was check the power rankings by legislation.
    Uh oh!

    Don’t believe me? check it out for yourselves http://www.congress.org/congressorg/power_rankings/power_cats.tt?cat=L&submit=GO
    Is that her name beside the number 285? By gum I think it is. And i thought that you were all reliable fact checkers.
    Me thinks that she has outsmarted you on this one my friends.

    Oh well, back to the insults eh?

  7. smilingwatcher says:

    Let me see, so if McKinney is indeed no.285 on legislation in congress, then…am I right in saying that when people say that her legislative record is innefective they are completely wrong. Surely not?

  8. jacewalden says:


    Yes! Back to the insults. You are a dumbass. A typical McKinney apologist. First of all, I seriously doubt you actually clicked on her name for the full story. In typical McKinney fashion, you were glad to find the slightest sign that your candidate might not be a total failure. Since you aren’t exactly up on looking into things, here’s the link from the site you provided:


    Rank in Chamber (How powerful she is among ALL members of Congress): 408

    Rank in Party (How powerful she is among Democrats): 177

    Rank in State (How powerful among GA Congressional Delegation): 12

    Overall Score (Out of 100): 5.25

    Let me see, so if McKinney is indeed no.285 on legislation in congress, then…am I right in saying that when people say that her legislative record is innefective they are completely wrong. Surely not?

    Actually, you are completely wrong. Are you telling me that being ranked 285 out of 435 members of Congress in regards to legislation is considered “effective”?

    I think we have a different definition of what is considered effective. That being said, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. If you can provide links to THREE, that’s right, just THREE pieces of legislation authored by McKinney that actually had a positive effect on the direction of this state, then I will leave you alone. Ready, set, GO!

  9. Loren says:

    McKinney and her lawyer both said that she was ranked no.285 on legislative issues,

    Actually, Ms. McKinney’s lawyer, Michael Raffauf, stated that she was ranked #277, not #285. In fact, as I detailed above, none of the rankings he cited match the list on Congress.org.

    And strangely, the news item on McKinney’s campaign site that had Raffauf’s letter to the AJC (which included all of the same inaccurate numbers) has now been removed.

  10. Decaturguy says:

    Jace, thanks, I’m in the clear. The truth is an absolute defense to libel.

    Despite McKinney being the sponsor of one bill (which she didn’t even show up to vote for) that passed, her overall score is dismal. Despite her reinterpretation of her comment at the debate, it only draws more attention to the fact that she is one of the least effective members of Congress and the 2nd least effective in Georiga (poor John Barrow).

  11. jacewalden says:

    Renaming a Post Office–
    Declaring some kind of Heritage Day–
    Demanding Investigations into the Death of Tupac–

    Does McKinney think that these are truly the issues her voters are concerned about?

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