Early Voting

Today is the start of early voting. So, chime in below. Does Karen Handel have it in the bag or did Bill Stephens get momentum?

What about Gary Black? Will the farmers of Georgia put him across the finish line and, if so, can he beat Tommy Irvin? I’m still, btw, of the opinion that a younger guy like Brian Kemp would have a better shot at Irvin (yeah, even though I thought Brian should concede and not go through the runoff).

Does Hank Johnson have it or will the McKinney Machine turn him into road kill?


  1. JRM2016 says:

    Karen has the momentum, she has the endorsement of the other two candidates and an active grassroots organization that is getting out the vote for her across the state starting today. I am looking forward to joining two dozen of my Republican friends for lunch this afternoon and then heading together to our early voting site to cast our votes for Karen Handel.

    On another note, any word on a statewide turnout prediction? Muscogee County Board of Elections is predicting 5%.

    Handel ’06

  2. Jeff Emanuel says:

    I’ll be voting today, unless somebody out there can promise me some good, old-fashioned intimidation planned for next Tuesday that would be worth waiting for. 🙂

    Here are my Predictions (not necessarily who I support):

    Ag: Black wins handily in the runoff. Not sure about the general yet.

    SoS: Handel, by at least 10 points. She waltzes through the general. On the Dem side…Norton? I really don’t know.

    4th: I think Johnson edges McKinney, over manufactured controversy of voter fraud and black-on-black racism.

    LG: Martin beats the munchkin, and falls to Cagle in November.

    As always, I reserve the RIGHT to be WRONG… 😉

  3. techtrack says:

    turnout prediction – 120,000 – 140,000 statewide

    Everyone knows I’m for Handel. Johnson may be able to pull it off. Tonight’s debate may have an impact.

  4. techtrack says:

    amazing how the georgia grown ad’s mentioning tommy irvin as ag comm. have started again. at least cox stopped her state sponsered ad camapin before she announced.

  5. Chris says:

    On the Right:
    Sos: Handel beats Stephens by a margin that keeps me awake all this week
    Ag: Kemp, for no other reason than the power of positive thinking. 🙂

    On the Left:
    Johnson beats McKinney and Dekalb declares a day of national celebration
    In the Lt Gov race the older guy beats the small sleezy guy. Its really not worth learning their names.
    I have no opinion on the Dem’s SOS race.

  6. debbie0040 says:

    I think Handel and Black.

    Rugby, the same AG groups and people that have helped elect Irvin all these times are now behind Black. I will just say remember Tom Murphy 🙂

    Johnson wins. Cynthia slaps him..

  7. rugby_fan says:

    the differences with TI and TM is that TI raises money, there is no credible opponent, TI will have 10 times as much money as his competitor, this is a downticket race. THe main factor is the fact it is downticket where what wins is how much people recognize your name.

    Don’t forget TI has a big ole’ D next to his name. Ergo, he will get the Atlanta vote.

    TI in a landslide.

    TI said he will not run for AC after this. He didn’t say he would retire. So what next? State Party Chair? Senate? President? (jk about Prez, half serious about Senate).

  8. debbie0040 says:

    TI is a dinosaur that needs to be retired. The same Ag people that donated to Irvin all these years now are donating to Black.

  9. rugby_fan says:

    needs to be retired does not mean will be retired. This sounds a great deal like your logic as to why people should vote for RR. Look where that got hi,

  10. JasonW says:

    Black by about 7 points in the runoff
    Handel by 11 points in the runoff
    Johnson by 3 points in the runoff
    Martin over Hecht by 5 points
    Black in a close race over TI in the gen, 1 or 2 points, Irvin requests recount, Black still wins.

    Handel in a landslide
    McKinney by an even bigger landslide in the general
    Cagle over Martin by 4 points in the gen


    KEMP will win by 4points ….WRITE IT DOWN…SOUTHERN COMFORT has made the call…


    if Black were to win runoff TI wins big …. I believe Kemp wins by 4 in runoff and between 5 – 10 in GE

  13. waterboy says:

    Where do you get such “wisdom” Southcom….you should change your name to SouthernWishfulThinkin.

    Black and Handel win handily (no punn intended) and both go on to win the General. Gary Black is the only candidate with the experience and base support that can beat Tommy. Karen is a class act as well….wins SOS in a walk.

  14. rugby_fan says:

    do you honestly think in a down ticket race someone will defeat TI when he has name recognition and name recognition is what wins down ticket races?

    Do you honestly think a GOP candidate will defeat a Dem when TI will take the Atlanta voters (and thus the election)?

    I won’t even start on the money issue.


    yatta yatta yatta…check my record waterboy I have a special pulse can’t explain it just got it… you will see (ask debbie) , TI would kill Black (too much baggage, big file on him I bet) if they were to face off! Not to worry however Kemp will keep us alive. Rugby, once Kemp wins he will garner farmers votes that were not on the table due to Dem Guv primary (ie CC supporters), and thus we will have our first republican AC isn’t this a fun game…

  16. funkymonkey says:

    Black, Handel, Johnson.

    This will not be a down the ticket race, after black wins runoff the AG race will be the second most important race in concern of the party.
    1. It holds one of the last remnants of a democratic party based GA, and It will be symbolic for the GOP to win to show that they are targeting every elected official in the state who is a democrat.
    2. Irvin will not have more money in the general because the GOP will pour money down Black’s throat to win this race.
    3. Ex-Irvin supporters are ready for a change and from what I have seen they are backing Black.
    4. It is the longest held post of a Congressional officer in the nation, and to unseat him will be a big victory for the party.

    Southern Comfort, how can you say that Kemp will beat TI if he cannot even garner more than 28% of his own party’s vote? To me it shows a lack of good campaign tactics and effort on Kemp’s part, which both of these must be superb to win in november.

  17. rugby_fan says:

    why would Cathy Cox supporters (democrats) vote for a republican?

    You still don’t factor in the city of Atlanta which is overwhelmingly Democrat. Do you honestly think that Atlantans will vote for a republican? TI gets most of his support there and wins.

  18. waterboy says:

    Baggage???? Who you talkin about? Gary Black is the guy parents want their childeren to become. Family man, well respected, professional and well versed in his career field. Better check your pulse…thingy.

    Rugby – yes, down ticket or not, Gary Black is the one who can win this race. You keep thinking of Irvin vs. Strickland or Irvin Vs. Greer…..no comparison. We have a popular Gov with Gary Black as a close friend. Like two peas in a pod…voters will like what they see in Gary – they already do! I agree, money will be tough, but money doesn’t win elections – ask Boy Roy.


    maybe you do waterboy not this parent, TI would have a field day with Black from his lobbying days.. but will not get the chance KEMP will win by 4 pts book it. Funkey 4 person race 28% is not bad, add in he has endorsments from other two and the fact I’m sure REED supporters were told to vote against KEMP in primary due to BM ‘s involvment with CAGLE and now may or may not show up and it spells V-I-C-T-O-R-Y for my man BRIAN…. handicapping is a very complex endeavor pay attention ye shall learn ….

  20. stephaniemills21 says:

    Handicapping may be a complex endeavor, but apparently, for you, so is grammar and punctuation.

    I swear i have to read your posts at least two times to completely understand your meaning.

  21. Romegaguy says:

    I heard that Mel Gibson is doing a robo-call for Cynthia McKinney. The call will also feature her father. Mel and Billy will be telling voters to stick it to the J-E-W-S…

  22. foray says:

    Debbie is right . . . the same people that have elected TI for years are behing Black- I think it was last December Tommy held a fundraiser and had to beg people to show up.

    To say Tommy has the Atlanta vote- the two groups that hate him are blacks and homosexuals (The Atlanta Vote).

    My belief is Black wins on the 8th- Tommy announces his plans to retire after labor day. The pressure is on, a month ago the Governor promised him the moon to quit-

  23. foray says:

    If you look at 1998 and 2002 with Ag- GOP Candidates won in the metro area and that was it. If you look at the primary- Gary beat TI over all in all the metro counties and in the majority of South Georgia. TI told people he wouldn’t run again in 2002 and when he lied people got pissed.

    His age is also catching up to him. I have followed TI for 20 years . . . as I am involved in the industry and for the first time in 20 years did I see him in Diabetic shoes rather than his trademark black boots.

    A sign of the times.

  24. BulldawgGirl says:


    I disagree with your statement about not voting early. I have voted early both in the primary last month and yesterday in the runoff. I think that providing citizens with extra days to vote helps encourage voter turnout. It gives people a chance to vote who might have not otherwise. And, there are no lines to wait in (which is always a plus)!!

    And I am calling Black to win on the 8th.


    Stephinie sorry for the grammer my asst. usually edits my corrrspondance, I am aiways in a rush, is that all you bring to the table though??? READ IT PEOPLE KEMP BY 4 IN RUNOFF!!!

  26. rugby_fan says:

    Hey BulldawgGirl,

    No I agree early voting needs to be in place but, don’t use it if you don’t have to. Annecdotal evidence from this cycle a couple of Dems I spoke to wished they hadn’t voted for GH after his mailer came out. The one with JM saying “women should have known better” about being raped.

  27. GOPeach says:

    I am a personal friend of Bill Stephens.
    He really is a nice guy. He remind me
    of Johnny Carson with his cute sense
    of humor and one liners.

    However, I must say that Karen Handel is
    the better choice for SOS. She has the focus
    and the businss skills to replace Cathy Cox.

    She has a vision and a team that seems to
    be working well togeher.

    I sort of like the idea of female Secretaries.

    Condi Rice, Karen Handel.

    Karen can Handel it!

    SOS takes a lot of focus-
    Frankly I do not see how one can have
    kids and hold that job. It takes so much
    focus unlike other things like House Rep.
    or State Senate.

  28. BulldawgGirl says:


    who’s GH and JM?? I voted for the first time on July 18th…I haven’t been old enough!! sad!

  29. rugby_fan says:

    Greg Hecht and Jim Martin. Democratic Lieutenant Governor candidates.

    Happy that the youth of America want to continue the democratic process.

    As they say, vote early, vote often.

  30. GOPeach says:

    Sen. Cecil Staton is endoersing Bill Stephens-


    Haven’t we seen this before?
    Senators endosing senators?????

    Don’t get me wrong. I really respect Cecil Staton. He was
    one of the few senaors who stood with Ralph Reed
    opposing the gang activity among his fellows in the Senate.

    Now he steps forward to endorse BILL STEPHENS…..
    Are we about to have a petition sent out now with all the
    other Senators signing a ” We Want Bill Not Karen” letter?????

    Seems ” Senate Endorsements” really work!!!!! Right????

    Fellow Republicans

    In recent years, beginning with the election of Governor Sonny Perdue in 2002, Republicans have built a solid majority in our state. On the heels of Governor Perdue’s election, we took control of the state Senate, and the House of Representatives followed suit in 2004.

    Now we have an opportunity to finish the job and sweep out what is left of the old Democratic machine and the Roy Barnes regime. On July 18th, we nominated some outstanding candidates for Lieutenant Governor, Labor Commissioner, and Attorney General. There is still work to be done. On August 8th, Republicans across the state will have the opportunity to return to the polls and nominate a candidate for the office of Secretary of State. I’d like to ask you to vote for my friend Bill Stephens.

    I have had the great pleasure of serving with Senator Stephens during the last two years. I have grown to know Bill both professionally and personally, and I know that he is a man of the highest integrity and strongest convictions. I know that as a leader, Bill is guided by his principles and his deep desire to lead Georgia into a new era of governance as its first Republican Secretary of State.

    Bill has already laid the groundwork for a more effective office of Secretary of State. In 2006, he authored SB 500, which I co-signed, testing a paper trail for Georgia’s electronic voting machines. In April of this year, Governor Perdue signed it into law, and a pilot program will take effect during the November general election.

    As Senate Majority Leader in 2005, Bill was at the forefront as I offered the first bill requiring strict photo identification to be presented at the polls. After two legislative sessions, the General Assembly finally sent a bill to the Governor which was signed in January only to become tangled in the courts. As Secretary of State, Bill will bring a new attitude to the office and fight for Georgia instead of apologizing for it. He is also the only candidate in this race that has vowed to keep our ballots in English only.

    Bill’s true conservative principles and deft leadership have earned him the endorsement of former Georgia Governor and U.S Senator Zell Miller, current U.S. Representatives Lynn Westmoreland, Charlie Norwood, and Nathan Deal, and more than 100 of his fellow legislators. The Georgia Right to Life has offered Bill their endorsement as well, making him the only candidate they are supporting in the race for Secretary of State.

    Again, I encourage you all to return to the polls on August 8th in support of Senator Bill Stephens. Bill was instrumental in building our current majority and bringing common sense, true conservative leadership to the Georgia State Senate. Now the opportunity is upon us as voters to help bring those same values into the Secretary of State¹s office. So vote Tuesday, August 8 and make Senator Stephens our Republican nominee for Secretary of State.


    Senator Cecil Staton

  31. RonaldJFehr says:

    Somebody needs to remind Senator Staton that Karen Handel won the counties that comprise his district by 2,000 votes. She won each of the five counties in his district. Bill has no traction, this was a mistake by Senator Staton. He is 0 for 2.

  32. whitemalevoters says:

    Senator Staton’s endorsement is just more evidence that Stephens is the ONLY white male voter left in this race. Karen Handel can’t lie her way out of this one. We white male voters (including Senator Staton) overwhelmingly support Bill Stephens.

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