Commission for a New Georgia.

Governor Perdue’s Commission for a New Georgia is one of the best kept secrets of his first term. Simply put, the aim of the Commission is to bring a business mind set to the operations of State Government. The Commission has had numerous successes thus far as Jim Wooten points out:

The state’s construction manual, which informs engineers, builders, architects and others how to proceed, hasn’t been updated since 1954. During that time, various contracting agencies wrote their own rules. “Literally, every state agency was running their construction projects a little bit differently,


  1. rightofcenter says:

    You are exactly right. The Fat Guy and Sonny’s detractors will poo-poo this as non-important, but I think it is exceedingly important. If Sonny did nothing over 8 years but squeeze out some of the vast inefficiencies in state government and make it more responsive to the customers (i.e., taxpayers and citizens), he would have accomplished something big that his predecessors either didn’t try or failed to do.

  2. GAWire says:

    Buzz, good points. I am a huge supporter of the CFNG and the efforts to implement more efficient processes, procedures, and infrastructure into gov’t operations, taking pointers from the private sector. However, the unfortunate thing – and this is when my pessimism comes though – is that gov’t will never be able to acheive the efficiency of the private sector. There are too many gov’t workers with career gov’t worker mentality working in the gov’t for there to be any real efficiency.

    These career gov’t employees do not understand anything except their life as a gov’t employee. They don’t know about the significant progress that the private sector has acheived over time. This is foreign to many of them.

    In order for this strategy of turning the gov’t into a more efficient operation by modeling it after the business world to be successful, there must be two things that occur: 1) existing gov’t employees MUST go into the private sector to receive training. This will require the gov’t to work with various private entitities, such as corporations, consultants, etc to train, teach, and guide gov’t employees in management skills, leadership training, etc, as well as using the private sector more to develop and implement more efficient and effective operations; and, 2) there needs to be growing focus on initiatives like CFNG, in that the gov’t must look to recruit leaders from the private sector to come and lead in the gov’t. This will be ongoing and sometimes costly, but the ROI for the taxpayers will be there … I can guarrantee it.

    Sonny’s CFNG is a great strategy and outstanding program, but it will take ongoing focus to make it successful in the long run. And, we are right to assume that if someone like Mark Taylor gets into office, the success will never be seen!

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