Bill Cowsert

Someone just tipped us off to a Bill Cowsert poll — at least that is how it is presented to us — that tests Cowsert’s own negatives, including a failure to pay property taxes.

Again, it is from the tipline. Caveat Emptor.


  1. Jeff Emanuel says:

    While I have no knowledge of this specific poll, it wouldn’t be surprising to me. Last election, when Bill Cowsert and Jane Kidd were both running for the House 115 seat, she hit him the weekend before the election with a mailpiece that showed a portion of a tax lien document and accused him of not paying taxes. If the report is true, he’s probably just covering his bases before he gets hit with something in the next couple months.

  2. If this is true, and if it’s in his own poll I can only imagine it is, it’s no wonder that Eric personally broke a pledge not to engage in partisan redistricting to make this district 7 points more Republican. It’s funny, I asked Eric at the time if the Republican plan was the only way to make Ralph Hudgens’ Madison County whole, and he said it was.

    Then we showed that in fact there were 3 other ways to do it just by swapping counties and portions of counties that made up the two districts without splitting Clarke. In fact, one way to make Madison whole was to just swap the portion of Madison in District 46 with the portion of Elbert in District 47 and just call it a day. Only about 5,000 voters in each district would have suffered the confusion of being in a new district yet again since only 2000.

    But they insisted on doing it their way. If and when Jane Kidd wins, I wonder if Ralph Hudgens will sign off on a plan with her that will reunify Clarke County?

  3. donkeydonkey says:

    No shit. Since I don’t think Cowsert is going to be calling me to release the results, what’s your best guess?

  4. Bill Simon says:

    If this is the old “Fi Fa” trick, I doubt it will do very little. You can be late paying taxes and if the controlling municipality doesn’t catch-up to its paperwork and fine you on time for paying late, you can get a Fi Fa slapped against you and never know about it.

  5. JulieSMI says:

    I swore off posting on here but this is too much.

    I volunteered on Cowsert’s last campaign and here are the facts on the tax issue.

    Bill was contesting a tax assessment and he had a lien filed on him while he was doing so. Ultimately, he decided that fighting our bureaucratic disaster of a state government wasn’t worth the hassle over a few hundred dollars so he paid the disputed figure and moved on.

    When he decided to run for office, he double checked all of his past tax issues and found that our wonderfully efficient Department of Revenue never cleared up his record even though he had paid the amount and they had cashed the check! We need some guys like Bill to go in and clean up that mess down there.

    But during the last campaign, Jane Kidd comes with her lies and outrageous distortions of Bill’s record. The woman is a disgusting, negative campaigner. Bill took the high road, stayed focused on issues. Meanwhile Jane did nothing but viciously attack Bill and his family. Bill lost.

    Well, I have it on good authority that Bill learned his lesson about Jane Kidd and he’s coming with both barrels loaded this race. Jane Kidd is a flaming liberal and a nutcase. And boy does she have some explaining to do about her voting record. Voters won’t care much about some disputed property taxes when they learn the truth about Jane Kidd.

    Bill Cowsert is a good guy who has learned that there’s only one way to deal with lying liberals like Jane Kidd. I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of this butt whoopin!

  6. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Julie, that’s pretty much what I said above. I’m a Cowsert supporter, and am a voter in his district. However, while prepping for below-the-belt attacks, the campaign has been neglecting some pretty important housekeeping issues — like getting their website up and running (it’s been “coming soon” since early March).

  7. Jack S says:

    The little bit I’ve heard about this kidd lady is that she’s a complete liberal fruit loop.

    Her negative attacks don’t surprise me. That’s the thing about liberals. They’ll say or do anything for power. The only thing to do is fight fire with fire. I hope cowsert takes her record, turns it into a sharp knife and cuts the head off of her political career.

    Don’t wimp out cowsert! Give those libs what they deserve.

  8. jackson says:

    Jeff –

    How many actual voters do you think are checking Cowserts website in the summer? I mean c’mon. All websites are good for are the otherside getting info on you and getting people to contribute. Have you ever known and undecided voter this early going to a website to find out what was up…with a state house candidate?

  9. LymanHall says:

    Bill doesn’t have a “record.” He lost. All he has is a stack of tax liens against him, some DUI clients, and a gerrymandered district. I like what the Athens Banner Herald said this weekend about how “priceless” his campaign has been to this point. I hope he takes their advice and sticks to the issues.

    What explaining does Kidd have to do about her voting record? I’d love to hear this.

  10. Overincorporated Fulton says:

    Wow…Jack and Julie are right. Jane Kidd IS a nutcase!

    She supports a constitutional amendment to limit class sizes!

    And opposes Republican efforts to force local government to raise property taxes!

    Whoa! What a nutty liberal!

    Before her stint of lunacy in the House, she also led the ACC SPLOST committee, leading to stronger infrastructure for public safety and quality of life in Athens.

    To someone like Bill Cowsert, I suppose that WOULD be a record to be ashamed of. However, as mentioned previously by LymanHall, Bill wouldn’t have much to compare it to.

  11. Well Bill is Brian Kemp’s brother-in-law. The only problem is he should squeeze as much juice out of that lemon as he can by next Tuesday when it will have lost all currency.

  12. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Kidd’s voting record is all over the place. While filing lawsuits at the state and federal level to undo this year’s redistricting, she waffled on whether to run for house or senate, and cast her votes in the house accordingly. She stood against immigration reform, and voted against the budget — costing a whole lot of money to the 35,000-student University which is a central feature to her district.

    Her SPLOST history is likewise not a bright spot on her record, O.I.Fulton. Kidd improved quality of life in Athens? Then that must be why ACC is 5th in the NATION in persistent poverty — and has been trending downward in quality of life, not upward.

    Kidd is the daughter of former Governor Vandiver, and is one of the “legacy” politicians we have far too many of who believe that they have an entitlement not only to political office, but to political advancement.

    It’ll be interesting to see the strategy on Cowsert’s part as we get closer to the election, as he also has Joel McElhannon on his side.

  13. LymanHall says:


    Give me a break about “legacy” politicans. Gov. Vandiver was 40 years ago. How about Cowsert having his brother-in-law draw him a seat this session–not 40 years ago–because he knew he couldn’t beat Kidd, just like the first time? Talk about a sense of entitlement. One Argo daughter has had enough of politics, the other wants back in.

    I don’t think she waffled on the race. She announced she was running for the Senate, they re-drew the lines, and she still ran for the Senate. Also, your facts on the lawsuit aren’t exactly right either. Yes, Rep. Kidd sued in federal court to overturn the maps. After that, a group of Athens voters–not Rep. Kidd–sued in superior court. The Ga. Supreme Court will hear that case this fall. I think the ABH may have mis-reported some of this earlier, but it has been corrected.

    The vote against the budget was in her first session, not this session. If they dumped a bloated budget in front of me an hour before I was supposed to vote on it, I’d probably vote against it too. Somebody needs to take a stand against the way business is done in Atlanta. That vote did not cost anyone, anything. The budget passed. You know better than that.

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