Kenerly fights back.

For some time now, I been telling you about the anonymous campaign being waged against Gwinnett District 4 Commissioner Kevin Kenerly. The identity of some of the people allegedly behind this anonymous campaign has been reported here and here. Peach Pundit, and Governor Perdue were threatened (see here), yet we remained steadfastly behind what had been posted. I’ve learned much new information that I cannot yet share and hopefully, very soon, I will be able to tell you everything I’ve learned.

Today, in my mailbox I received this mailing from the Kenerly campaign. It lays out a series of information and asks:

Is Jodie Rosser’s Campaign funding the anonymous $50,000 smear campaign against Kevin Kenerly?

Rosser and Kenerly are in a runoff for Gwinnett’s Commission District 4.

I see this anonymous campaign as a grave danger to our political process. If a person, or group of people, can spend tens of thousands of dollars to attempt to influence the outcome of an election and not be subject to any public scrutiny, and not be bothered with complying with the same campaign laws everyone complies with, then our campaign laws are meaningless. I am also convinced that if this anonymous campaign does not result in any sanction or punishment, it will be used again against other candidates.

That’s my opinion, I welcome yours.