Casey Cagle for Governor?

Cagle not ruling out run for Governor in ’10” screams the headline for an article that begins, “In his first in-depth interview since capturing the Republican nomination for Lt. Governor, state Senator Casey Cagle does not rule out running for Governor in 2010.”

“You never say ‘never’,” said Cagle. “You never rule things out, I’m going to be very, very content in this Lt. Governor’s position and we’ll see…”

It was commonly accepted that Ralph Reed was seeking the LG position as a stepping stone to the Governorship — and, many speculated, to the Presidency. With Cagle’s victory, he now has the advantage of being the frontrunner for that position, both by virtue of Georgia’s recent Republican bent, and due to the division elswhere on the ballot (with a Democrat runoff and a Libertarian candidate). Should he win that office, he will obviously have the advantage of incumbency in constitutional office headed into the 2010 election.

With the general election still three months away, it may be a little early for election 2010 speculation, but hey — it wasn’t us that started it! 😉


  1. Bull Moose says:

    Look at his answer — it was, “You never say never”… It’s newspaper spin. Casey is going to be a very successful Lt. Governor. He’s a great man and he’ll do a great job.

  2. foray says:

    Casey would be a fool to run for Governor- any contest would be between Glenn Richardson and Lynn Westmoreland

  3. ugadog says:

    Assuming that Cagle gets the nomination in 2010, it’ll be interesting to see how he addresses the fact that he gave money to Taylor and then is trying to unseat him.

  4. Maurice Atkinson says:

    ugadog, you erroneously assume Taylor will be Governor then? I don’t think so….

  5. BahamaBoy says:

    Uh . . . did I miss something here, ugadog? Since when “was” Mark Taylor going to be the governor in 2010. I thought sure that seat would still be held by Sonny Perdue.

  6. landman says:

    I understand its a slow time right now in the Political realm,but I promise you all Casey is concentrating on right now is becoming Georgia’s first Lt.Gov. and helping get Sonny elected in anyway he can.What would anyone say with such a leading question tossed their way,lets keep everything in perspective and not get carried away,and I will go on the record early and predict that Sonny will beat MTand Casey will take it to Martin.

  7. Bull Moose says:

    AMEN Landman…

    Next thing you know, we’re going to have people on here planning out who’s going to run in 2014, 2018, 2022 and so forth…

    Calm down my fellow junkies…

  8. ugadog says:

    I’m always up for a friendly wager and I’m willing to bet that Taylor will beat Perdue. Any takers?

  9. northside elephant says:


    You really believe that Sonny, an incumbent governor in Georgia will lose?

  10. ugadog says:

    Simply put. Yes. He will lose. Out of all of my Republican friends, I don’t know of one that is excited about his candidacy. They fall into three camps. Those who will vote for Mark. Those who won’t vote in the Governor’s race. Those who aren’t quite sure what they’ll do yet. There about evenly distributed. Perdue’s support is very very soft.

    Plus, there will be a huge contrast between the two candidates. Taylor has done a lot of things for Georgia while Perdue hasn’t done anything. I agree that we are in a realignment and it will only get worse for Georgia Democrats. However, no one has ever voted for Sonny before. He’s not a true incumbent. More importantly, no one knows what he stands for or what values he would be willing lose the Governor’s mansion over. He’s an oppurtunist through and through (i.e. Hope scholarship – against it then for it, Flag – doesn’t do anything about it, Party Switcher, Three Years of Cuts to Education then an election year boost). Plus, I don’t believe that Republicans know how to win a campaign against a Democrat who doesn’t support gay marriage and who isn’t a tax and spend liberal. None of those attacks will work against Taylor. And Taylor’s attacks against Perdue, namely that he hasn’t done anything will resonate with the average voter and will provide a sharp contrast with Taylor’s record of achievement. If Taylor can raise enough money to be competitive, he’ll be the one to beat.

  11. conservativecore says:

    Wow where to begin being so late to the string.
    1. don’t count Phil Gingrey out in the Governor’s race in 10
    2. Ain’t it great what over indulgence in pschotropic drugs will do to you while being a UGA dog?
    Ok first lets remember the mess Roy and Mark left behind, the fact was the two headed beast of the democratic party just about ran the state into bankruptcy. The responsible thing was to make cuts and frankly they weren’t cuts as much as they were not increases. And then again Taylor vs. Skandalakis I think was a vote against Mitch more thatn a vote for Taylor.

    I will agree that Sonny’s support is not excited at this time and I am not sure “Sonny Did” will do it but assuming that the kindercare kids over there get it together and find a tag and a message it ends up 57-43 Perdue for 4 more years

  12. GetReal says:

    Personally, I’m amazed (and thrilled) at the cockiness of the Perdue people and the Republican Party. Sort of reminds me of the Cox campaign and their 25 point lead in the Democratic primary.

  13. RandyMiller says:

    Perdue doesn’t have the questionable excess baggage that Taylor carries around with him. So when it comes down to character, morals and internal fortitude, Sonny Perdue is Teddy Roosevelt compared to someone like Mark Taylor. And now thanks to Cathy Cox everyone knows all the fluff about Hope is just that;

  14. buzzbrockway says:

    I would be shocked if Cagle didn’t run for Governor in 2010. How many Democrats went from Lt. Governor to Governor? Why can’t a Republican do the same thing?

  15. Bill Simon says:


    This statement from you (“1. don’t count Phil Gingrey out in the Governor’s race in 10”) tells us all we need to know about your “knowledge”.

    Hint: It’s less than a zero probability that Phil Gingrey will run for governor in 2010….or, 2014…or 2018…or 2022…

  16. LymanHall says:

    If Cagle ran for governor in 2010, he wouldn’t be so fortunate to have a sleaze like Ralph Reed to run against. Its going to be a free for all (Richardson, Westmoreland, Eric Johnson, Brian Kemp, Bill Stephens, who knows??), and Casey’s deer-caught-in-the-headlights act just isn’t going to cut it in a crowded primary.

  17. stephaniemills21 says:


    Don’t be so sure about Perdue and his baggage. Barnes did not really throw much at him for some stupid reason. I am sure that Perdue has some skeletons in his closet that you just do not know about yet. And we all know Taylor will not play it safe like Barnes did.

  18. gatormathis says:

    To quote John Wayne’s sidekick from McClintock….”PEOPLE….PEOPLE……….PEEEEE-POLEEEEEEE!!!!!”
    Before we get to far into the euphoric feeling of dynasty, remember this is still only the first term of Republican plurality leadership. ‘Nother words, quit counting the chickens that haven’t even been laid yet, much less hatched.
    One must be studious of politics past before you can even fathom politics present. Past, meaning way before last month, as in years and years ago also.
    Hands down, day in and day out, Sonny Perdue is more honest, more ethical, more true to his fellow man(or lady) in any way , on any day than the Taylor installment will be. The Taylor crowd has handled politicians for decades, and the result has been one of financial windfall. So now we are in for the next step of dominance. After helping place other people in the Govenor’s office, now is is time for Czar Taylor to finally install one of his own. Nice touch at the primary party, for him to be backgrounding MT with his white godfather style suit on.
    Cathy Cox was trying to touch on only a couple of ways Taylors made money off of sweet deals government related. She is from the locale, so she knew what she was up against.
    I love to hear MT proclaim, “We ain’t got much money, but we gonna be a running anyways…” Only a couple years ago, I think Georgia Trend ran an article on the Taylor’s where the ole man’s wealth was touted at around 750 million. That was then, maybe we can get an updated report from them on today’s worth. Cox questioned a sweetheart deal loan MT received to campaign. One he received a few years back was even more impressive. A one million dollar loan, no collateral mortaged or attached consisting of a simple, one page prommisary note. An ethics complaint was filed by a “certain” individual, one whom I still greatly respect today for having the “balls” to question such activity. The reply to the complaint was very detailed, and implied that if a certain trash company’s sale/merger with another was completed, MT would have ample monies to repay such loan.Yet nothing was mortaged or attached. Such company was the one referenced by CC in her ad against MT. Such trash company was also battled a few years ago by residents in Lincolnton, GA and decided finally to abandon attempts to establish another recycling facility in that area. Lincolnton decided to wait a few months until the mirror facility in Crisp County fared before committing to one like it. Wise move on their part. In New York City, the garbage union can move votes, public sentiment with strikes, and just add in all sorts of elements on a need to basis. Who knows where all this was headed down the road. Much political clout was needed to put these deals together, and was used. One thing for sure, the big guys really didn’t worry about how the little guys were affected in their endeavors.The only blessing was that they didn’t have absolute power, the kind of power they will be trying to access in November. Maybe this is a little long, but then again your next choice for Governor should take careful consideration. Remember this, you may still not be satisfied by the current flag, but it’s hard to be able to see any flag when your eyes are watering from a stinking, nasty trash dump located by your house. Every liberal voter should realize SP is more enviromentally sound in this cycle than a MT vote could ever be. The choice is yours……………………..

  19. Bull Moose says:

    Okay, I’m going to play in your sandbox for a few minutes…

    Handicapping the 2010 field…

    First, I’m going to assume that Perdue wins reelection. It’s going to be a tough as a tick race and right now, I think both he and Taylor have even odds in winning this race, but given the bent of Georgia as of late, I give it to Perdue.

    So here goes my handicapping the 2010 field (in absolutely no particular order):
    1. Lynn Westmoreland. He has hurt himself with his ardent defense of Tom DeLay. He made himself look like a hypocrite with his failure to know the 10 commandments. And he alienated every black voter in the state with his vote against the Voting Rights Amendment. I think he’s damaged. Plus, I’ve seen and heard anecdotal evidence that he’s developed a little bit of an attitude.
    2. Glenn Richardson. He could employ the Cagle strategy and tap his network of State Representatives and build a grassroots army almost overnight. I don’t know many Georgians that know who he is. I’ve never met him. I don’t know if he’s humble, arrogant, or what… Jury is still out here…
    3. Bill Stephens. If he loses the run-off, he’s done. Enough said.
    4. Brian Kemp. Unlike Stephens, if Kemp loses the run-off, he does shine another day… Where, I’m not sure. He’d make a great Congressman if and when Charlie Norwood moves on.
    5. Jack Kingston. If Republicans go into the minority this election cycle, Kingston will either step up to be Minority Leader or will begin an effort to run for Governor in 2010.
    6. Eric Johnson. Okay, I say he doesn’t even have a desire to run. Given some of the other personalities in the race and the nature of Republican primaries, I don’t think his trial balloon would get off the ground.
    7. Casey Cagle. He’d be the odds on favorite as the front runner. It would depend on how he continues to build his organization as Lt. Governor and tightens his network across the state. Given the field, I’d say that Cagle is the frontrunner.
    8. Karen Handel. She could be a dark horse. It depends though.

    That’s all I got…

    If Taylor wins, all that changes…

    okay and finally, a note to the Perdue people… you aren’t doing yourselves any favors with the arrogance and such… Be friendly, be open, be warm. Be courteous, be respectful, and for heavens sake, work like you’re 10 points back…

  20. Maurice Atkinson says:

    What propelled Casey from nowhere to the LG nominee is a no-brainer, Ralph Reed’s scandal.

    Beyond that, Cagle seized the opportunity with a team that is pro-active, receptive and responsive to the base (that actually communicate instead of dictating). The latter instilled solid loyalty. No one likes to spend their day talking to a bunch of politicos, who act as if they know more than team, but that is how you get valuable intel. They weren’t afraid to make calls or take calls. These people also expressed their appreciation when you called to offer advice, praise or criticism in a civil and respectful manner.

    Hint hint

  21. Bull Moose says:

    Amen Maurice, the Cagle team LISTENED! And you’re right, it did help instil a sense of incredible loyalty because we all felt so involved in the campaign and felt so much like a part of the entire effort. It wuld be so refreshing if every campaign would take a hint from these folks and follow the lead…

    and yes, hint hint…

  22. landman says:

    Elaine,you have just asked the million dollar question,and whoever is seriously considering a run for Gov in ’10 should have at the top of their to do list a sit down with the Senator.If Johnny were to enter this race all the air in the room would be gone and he would be our Governor for two terms,without question.

  23. jacewalden says:


    Just curious, what makes you so certain about Isakson? His approval rating is currently under 50% (still better than Chambliss though), and I don’t really see anything he personally has accomplished in the Senate. I could be wrong, and I have been several times before, but I just don’t see “Governor Isakson”.

    Explain yourself. 🙂

  24. debbie0040 says:

    Cagle has not been elected Lt. Governor yet. You guys are putting the cart before the horse. Do you guys just assume it is written in stone?

    This may not be a great year for Republicans from all the forecasts.

    I will always support the nominee of the party but I will never support Cagle in any primary.

  25. debbie0040 says:

    From Robert Novak:

    The conventional wisdom about the 2006 elections among both Republicans and Democrats now is that the Democrats will take control of the House and could also win the Senate. One House Republican committee chairman, who publicly exudes optimism, privately predicts — and has predicted for six months — a loss of 30 House seats.

  26. landman says:

    Jace,Im not sure who has a high approval rating in Washington right now,but regardless of his rating, Johnny would be hard to beat in a race for Gov,assuming of course he had a desire for the office.Johnny has earned the respect of his fellow Senators and has taken an aggressive stand on the Immigration issue and it has played very well for him.But to sum it up in four bullet points 1 High name ID
    2 Ability to raise MONEY very quickly both in state and out
    3 State wide support apparatus in place
    4 Tireless and very seasoned and effective campaigner

    He has proven he can win in a crowded statewide race without a runoff and I believe should he want to come home and run for this office and announce early you wouldnt see much competition sign up to run against him.

  27. debbie0040 says:

    Why would Isakson want to give up being U.S. Senator for Governor? I do agree I think he would win if he ran. I would think there would be increcible pressure for him to run for re-election and maintain that seat for the GOP.


    I think you are dead on Landman, and Debbie just because your guy lost does not mean the party will crumble, you are becoming a nonissue more and more every post, get a life…

  29. Bill Simon says:


    You probably said the same thing about Isakson in 2004 that you are saying now about Cagle. You and your crowd were for Mac Collins back then, and when Isakson swept it, you were privately wishing for him to lose against Majette.

  30. Demonbeck says:

    Giving up Senator for Governor is like giving up the wheel on the Titanic for the helm of the Hindenberg.

    Isakson and Chambliss would be fools to run for Governor.

  31. jacewalden says:


    I disagree. Take, for instance, the Lt. Governor race:

    (1) High Name ID: Ralph Reed
    (2) Ability to Raise money quickly both In-state and Out: Ralph Reed
    (3) Statewide support apparatus in place: Tie
    (4) Tireless, seasoned, and effective Campaigner: Ralph Reed

    Granted, Reed had the Abramoff issue, but still with 3/4 of your critera met, he should have won, right? I’m sorry, I just don’t see Isakson as being able to pull this one off. His performance in the Senate has been less than stellar, to say the least. I’d be suprised if he didn’t draw some tough primary competition in his next Senatorial campaign. Like I said, I’ve been wrong before though…


  32. debbie0040 says:

    I never was for Collins. I supported Isakson early on. As usual Bill, you are wrong again. I liked both Herman and Collins but Isakson was from Cobb and he had the name recognition to win in November.

    SouthernComfort, if you bother to read, I did not say those things. Robert Novak did. You can keep your head buried in the sand if you want to…

    We have a struggle ahead of us and we can emerge victorious but will have to work. Nothing can be taken for granted.

  33. Broty says:

    The only reason someone would leave the Senate to run for Governor of their home state is because they have their eyes on the White House. John Corzine in NJ is a good example.

    I have no idea what Isakson’s aspirations are, but I imagine being a US Senator is a pretty good place to be.


    First of all I believe Landman said IF Johnny wanted to run and I agree with his synopsis. Jace his formula would not work with Ralph because of all his “SITUATIONS” and Broty you make a good point. As far as you Debbie I do not have my head in the sand but I think you have yours up your ***, did you not learn anything from the primaries. You are are the darkside of our party and need to get in the light, and we welcome you but get over it RR lost fair and square it’s time to do as you said work hard and win in November.

  35. debbie0040 says:

    SC, I am working hard toward November. We need to work harder than we ever have before . There are key races I am concentrating on. Activists have different priorities on which offices are important.

    According to your logic, Cagle has this election sewed up. According to you there was no negative campaign so all of Reed’s supporters will just fall in line to support Cagle. There was no crossover voting according to you so Cagle should win easily.

  36. jacewalden says:


    “IF” is all I’m saying too. I just disagree with that analysis, though. Like I said, I’ve been wrong before. Personally, I think Jack Kingston would SLAUGHTER Isakson in the primary IF he were to run. But all of this speculation, as you pointed out, is based on a lot of “IF”.

    Secondly, Debbie’s right. This could prove to be a very tough year for Republicans (although I have my doubts about losing a house of congress). I think Debbie hates Cagle, to her handicap, but she’s dead on in her analysis of having to “work harder than we ever have before.” And I think she’ll support Cagle in the General.


    I nor anyone else has said anyone has “it sewed up”, and alot of have been working harder than we ever have already.Debbie you can call yourself an activist if you like but you come across as a wack job.Jace it is a tough year for our party and has been for our country as well but we will sustain power due to our hardwork and principles.I am proud to call both Johnny and Jack good friends but I think you are miscalculating on that race (that by the way would never happen).

  38. Demonbeck says:

    If the Republicans go to the minority in the House. Kingston will be front runner for Governor amongst our federal representatives if he wants it. He stands to lose the most in that scenario and they would reward him for his loyalty and service throughout the years. It would come down to whether he wants it or not as well. Regardless of who wants it, Georgia’s Congressman meet regularly and would hash it out behind closed doors before anyone announces.

    Now who the pick would face in a primary from the General Assembly would be interesting, but Kingston’s name is still widely respected throughout the State Capitol as are most of Georgia’s Congressman.


    Correct Demonbeck, that deal would be made long before there was even a hint of an announcment. I will go on record today saying however we will not lose control in either chamber.( you can check my record …12 points ring a bell???)

  40. Demonbeck says:

    I don’t think so either, SC.

    I can’t believe no one commented on my Titanic comment. I thought that was a good reference. Guess I should have explained it more thoroughly.

  41. debbie0040 says:

    I have already said I support Cagle in the GE.

    I hope you are right SC. Things could turn atound if they pass immigration reform without amnesty.

    Some of you guys just take it for granted that our candidates just have to show up and win . That is not true. The mood in this country is NOT in the favor of the GOP now. That could all change like the wind. We need to work our tails off and not just assume we will win. We do not need to be lulled into a false sense of security.

    Check out Rasmussen Reports. This was the only poll that showed Bush winning in 2004.

  42. Demonbeck says:

    The mood of the country is decidedly different than the mood in Georgia, debbie.

    While we do have to work. The anti-Iraq momentum is not affecting Georgia anywhere but Atlanta.


    Again I ask who are you referring to when you say “some of you guys”, noone I know is assuming anything.Politics is full contact and every cycle is tough, however we will prevail I think due to hardwork and our core beliefs that resonate with the majority of americans more so than the Dems beliefs.

  44. Bull Moose says:

    Okay, the days of backroom deals are over in this, the modern Republican Party. Leaders don’t make backroom deals, they lead with their guts and convictions like Johnny Isakson.

    It is widely known in some circles that the remaining Congressmen wanted to have a pow-wow to discuss who would run for the Senate back in 2004.

    Johnny Isakson, knowing that he was the best candidate, moved forward and launched his campaign for the Senate. That’s what leaders do, they lead.

    Again, IF Johnny Isakson wanted to be Governor in 2010, it would be his for the taking. So far, he’s lead the effort in the Senate to tackle border security FIRST before we do anything else on immigration reform. By most standards, his position is the one that makes sense.

    Also, I think this type of conversation is too theoretical for most…

  45. conservativecore says:

    Hey Buffalo Bill Simon,
    Wow you mean to say you have some political knowledge about what Congressman Gingrey is going to do? Let me tell you I know first hand the conversations have begun and he is exploring the idea and is interested in being home in Georgia with his Grandchildren.

    Bill go bact to stroking precious and asking your “parnters” permission for release. Your political knowledge is shallow at best and your political judgement just plain sucks, see Price vs. Konop.

    You are not privy to the political conversations in Cobb or anywhere else, your reputation is shot, your blog is a joke and your opinion is as bad as your breath.

  46. rugby_fan says:

    “our core beliefs that resonate with the majority of americans more so than the Dems beliefs.”

    The core beliefs of both parties resonate with all Americans, except those who proclaim allegiance to a party, a definite minority. BTW, even in 04, more people identified themselves as Dems than Repubs.

    Each party is assigned the task of convincing people to vote for their candidate. And more often than not it comes to the candidate, not his or her beliefs.


    beg to differ with you on this one Rugby, but that is what our country is all about the right to agree to disagree…

  48. landman says:

    Jace,the one significant difference between the items I listed for Johnny and the parrallel with Ralph,outside the obvious “scandals” factor is that Ralph had never been elected to anything,and thats a major issue when you run statewide in Georgia.Johnny has served at all levels and brings that experience to the table,in addition to the four items I listed.

    Should someone decide to run against Johnny in the Primary they would be wasting time and money.He will be our Senator until he chooses not to be and we are better off for it.

  49. jacewalden says:

    Landman and SoCo,

    I forgot to take into account Reed’s lack of elected experience, you’re right. Like I said, I’ve been wrong before. And yes, it is a Kingston v. Isakson is a HUGE, HUGE hypothetical. I’m just not sold on Johnny Isakson as being a “good Senator”. I think he’s been run of the mill, at best. I think there are better Candidates out there.

    Anyway, thanks for the discussion. I’m out.

  50. JasonW says:

    Some Quick Thoughts on the 2010 Governor’s Race: GOP Version
    1. Jack Kingston? For Governor? I don’t think thats where his ambition lies.
    2. Interesting thought on Karen Handel possibly entering the race.
    3. Bill Stephens is forever damaged by his current race and could never win a Gubernatorial race
    4. Ditto for Ralph Reed
    5. 2 words…Herman Cain
    6. I dont think that Johnny Isakson would ever run, either. He’s got a safe senate seat, that i’m not sure he’s willing to give up…even for Governorship. I’m not sure he could win in the General Election, when faced with a strong Democratic nominee.
    7. Casey Cagle? A possibility, but then his Lt. Governor’s race primary victory was won much more on dislike of Ralph Reed, than like of Casey Cagle.

  51. Demonbeck says:

    “Giving up Senator for Governor is like giving up the wheel on the Titanic for the helm of the Hindenberg. ”

    As I said earlier, being Governor is more prestigious than being Senator, but the Senate as a whole is much more important. Johnny would be a fool to run for Governor from where he is currently sitting.

    If he left the Senate, his spot would likely be filled by one of his former colleagues in the House for a long, long time.

  52. GOPeach says:

    Just rode down Bankhead Hwy and saw
    a Flagger- owned car lot named Dixie Cars.

    There were Confederate flags everywhere &
    a HUGE SIGN that said ‘Sonny Lied” with
    Cagle signs everywhere.

    It looks like Casey will get the Flagger vote
    but not The Governor.

    What exactly will Casey do for the Flaggers????

    What did he tell them????
    Looks like Casey is setting himeslf against Gov. Perdue.

    He has a lot of explaining to do.

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