Taylor won’t return the favor.

Mark Taylor doesn’t want people to know Cynthia McKinney endorsed him and he certainly isn’t going to endorse her, and McKinney’s campaign manager gets snarky:

When asked about the nonendorsement, John Evans, McKinney’s campaign manager, said, “That’s a decision he’s making for reasons only he knows.

“I’m not surprised when people don’t reciprocate. That’s the world we live in. But we’ve got a campaign to run, and we can’t worry about what someone else is doing. He has to live with his own conscience.”


  1. jacewalden says:

    SmilingWatcher (if you’re out there),

    You’re going to love this, because according to you, this type of Character assassination is “typical” of me.

    Cynthia McKinney is the most worthless congressperson on the face of the Earth. In her tenure, she has managed to do absolutely NOTHING for the state of Georgia. NOTHING. I was surprised that Taylor even accepted her endorsement. And endorsement from McKinney is an endorsement from the most good-for-NOTHING, lazy, self-serving, haughty, incompetent person in the state. An endorsment for her would imply that he supports her behavior and incompetence.

  2. HSC Republican says:

    Do Republicans really want Mckinney to lose? This may sound crazy, but she is great for rasing money for Georgia Republicans. I would think Barrow and Marshall both want her to loose so the question about if they support her never comes up on the campaign trail. Maybe this is selfish thinking because i do not live in her district…but it is just a thought.

  3. jacewalden says:


    I don’t live in the fourth district, but maybe I can find some “dead relatives” who do. 😉


    She is a good fundraiser for Republicans, but think about folks like Dignan who really get NO representation for their tax money. I mean, it sounds all well and good to keep her in as the shining example of “what will happen if the dems take over”, but we get enough shining examples with Pelosi and Dean. McKinney is an embarrasment and I feel sorry for my fellow Georgians who have to suffer under her representation.

  4. jacewalden says:


    If I lived in the 4th District and someone asked me who my Congressman was, I would lie. I would be too embarassed to say that Cynthia McKinney is my voice in Congress.

  5. Mike says:

    Sorry. After quite a bit of research, I discoved that my previous sentence needed a . instead of a ? Damn public education!

  6. RandyMiller says:

    This is vintage Mark Taylor during any election. He does what many dems do best. He used Cynthia Mckinney to GOTV then dumps her when she’s no longer
    needed. A friend who was at the Hyatt Regency 4 years ago said he was palling around with the head of Georgia Equality during the returns. Same thing then, he needed gay Atlanta’s votes then. Now, low and behold, same sex marriage and civil unions are the greatest threat to mankind! I don’t always agree with Perdue, but you do know where he stands. Not too bad in todays political field.

  7. BB says:


    Republicans should without reservation support a McKinney win. She is the most ineffective legislator in Congress. She not only makes a great fundraiser for the GOP, she has no chance of ever passing any legislation…the perfect elected dem.

  8. Mike says:

    I’m torn between her complete ineffectiveness as lawmaker for the Dems and the sheer embarassment of the whole country knowing that any part of Georgia could elect such an idiot to Congress.

  9. jacewalden says:


    So are you willing to offer up your fellow Republicans (who live in the 4th) as sacrificial lambs just so she can embarass the opposing party? I’m willing to bet you’d feel differently about keeping McKinney if she was your representative.

    I think I see what you’re getting at. It’s gonna be a democrat win no matter how you look at it, so why not let it be a democrat who embarasses her party? I follow your logic, I just think its misplaced. People get what they deserve. As GAWire stated, if you vote for McKinney, you deserve her. But what about the Republicans AND Democrats who vote against her? I don’t think they deserve at all, and I wouldn’t be willing to offer up my fellow conservatives as a sacrifice to liberal incompetence.

    Just my thoughts.

  10. BB says:


    Most states have an idiot, some like California, New York and Texas have many. Georgia likely gets more notoriety for its failure to ascend from the bottom in education results than the antics of McKinney.

  11. bird says:

    Well Mike, you have to ask yourself, would you rather have the best people possible in Congress acting in our nation’s best interest, or would you rather have incompetent people in Congress to futher your partisan agenda.

    I would prefer to have intellectual statesmen and women on both sides of the aisle. Granted, McKinney certainly doesn’t fit this bill. But by pushing for her you are making our country weaker.

  12. BB says:


    If Catherine Davis has half a chance, great. But the district is designed to be held by a dem, might as well be one who embodies the left of left liberal mentality to remind all just how bad things could be. Just my opinion.

  13. Demonbeck says:

    “Mark Taylor doesn’t want people to know Cynthia McKinney endorsed him”

    Reason #1 to vote for the Big Guy.

    “he certainly isn’t going to endorse her”

    Reason #456792 not to vote for the Big Guy.

  14. jacewalden says:

    “Most states have an idiot, some like California, New York and Texas have many…”


    I agree with bird. We need the best and the brightest to serve in congress. Not people who are batshit crazy, virulent rascists, kooky conspiracy-theorists, who accomplish nothing for the State. We’ll have to just disagree on this issue.

  15. RandyMiller says:

    On ajc.com they’ve just reported (check under metro) Mckinney’s called a news conference today at a restaurant in her district. Check WSB 12 at noon for details I guess. No word as to the time yet. Maybe this shunning by the “big guy” has something to do with it? Will she still endorse the “big guy”? If she does, I hope she has Cindy “I hate America” Sheehan at her side again.

  16. BB says:


    In theory, I would agree with you completely. But I just don’t see the best and brightest stepping up to seek election and when they do, it is hard to knock off lifelong politicians (Herman Cain comes to mind).

    Anyway, how can anyone not support a congressional candidate who lists “Hip Hop” under her issues section with the following statement:

    “Cynthia McKinney is a strong advocate, mentor and supporter of the Hip-Hop community. Her unique popularity among the members of the Hip-Hop generation and young people across the United States of America has made her a trusted voice on behalf of producers, retailers and consumers of Hip-Hop entertainment. She believes that the Hip-Hop community has the potential to evolve into one of the strongest movements on behalf of social justice and community development. Congresswoman McKinney is responsible for special outreach to the Hip Hop community and supports their efforts to run for office and become policymakers for today and tomorrow.”

    Maybe Sonny should list ‘Hick Hop’ in his issue section.

  17. SpaceyG says:

    Peach Punditites could all just die happy if Cyndi McKinney ever went on the Colbert Report. If you YouTube rats haven’t seen it already, here’s the Big C taking the total mickey outta that drooling dope, Lynn Westmoreland. And others too! God Bless The Colbert Report.

  18. funkymonkey says:

    seems like a smart political strategy to me. Get as many people to endorse you in primaries as possible especially those that you know will not vote for your opponent IE cathy cox, and then deny those endorsements after you get nomination in order to brign voters from across the aisle. as unethical or sneaky as it might seem, this is politics as usual and both parties do their fair share of it. Just like Cagle accepted blue money from out of state in order to win th LG primary.

  19. Of course he wouldn’t endorse McKinney. You gotta be crazy! According to Rick Dent, Taylor has not endorsed any candidate in the primaries. That could burn too many bridges. Did Perdue support Reed or Cagel?

  20. pachedhouse says:

    “No, Perdue did not support Reed or Cagle, but neither Reed nor Cagle is an incumbent. That’s the difference.”

  21. Riley says:

    Not endorsing McKinney is about the best thing Mark Taylor has ever done. Good job Mark…now you can go eat a cheeseburger… if your dad says its ok

  22. Incumbent or not, it is still splitting the party which as the democratic nominee is not a good idea. If he favored McKinney and Johnson won, that may put him in an awkward position later on.

  23. pachedhouse says:

    Well then maybe the Democratic Party should have better candidates so they don’t have to worry about endorsing them when they’re an incumbent.

    I didn’t notice the Republicans having a problem endorsing their incumbents.

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