Ken Mehlman on the Georgia Races

I had a chance to conduct a podcast earlier today with RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman. We talked about the congressional races in the 8th and 12th Congressional Districts here in Georgia. You can listen to the podcast here or download via iTunes.


  1. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Word is the rally was pretty good — although Macon isn’t exactly abandoning Marshall in droves, from what I hear. I do have, from a source I believe to be reliable, that neither Allen Peake nor Stebin Horne were in attendance.

    Word is that Peake had a funeral to attend, and Horne was a no-show without reason, after verbally committing to be there. With media there in part to cover these two candidates (and Peake’s reason for absence being known), the word I got was that the failure to show was NOT appreciated.

    Back to the thread at hand — nice interview, Erick!

  2. Mojo says:

    Recent polls that I have seen show that Marshall should cruise to re-election. Collins isn’t the best campaigner, have we forgotten his disastrous run for the Senate in ’04? Marshall is safe, though Barrow is a different story. If Barrow wins it will be REAL close. I predict that Marshall and Burns win.

  3. Dawgsrock says:

    Keeping with my off topic posts today. I saw Handel there and she was really working the crowd.

  4. mercergirl says:

    I was there- Stebin came to this particular event, it was one earlier the day before that he wasn’t able to come to, same with Allen Peake. I left early so I’m not sure if he came.

    Ken gave an awesome speech, it was really inspiring and I think that if enough people were to hear it then it might make a difference. The only problem is that Marshall gets a LOT of Republican votes from Macon.

  5. mercergirl says:

    oh yeah. Stebin came to me and said he wasn’t able to come because of a neighborhood watch thing? I could be wrong, I know it was a neighborhood something or another. 🙂 bad memory. Something involving some crime concerns

  6. blazer says:

    RD, Bishop gains alot of support from both sides as well… Gop voters see him as a Dem that votes GOP a lot of the time…

  7. RuralDem says:

    Blazer, yah I know, I like Congressman Bishop as well. I was just commenting on Congressman Marshall because he’s got somewhat decent competition compared to Congressman Bishop!

    Maybe one of you guys can explain this to me: why hasn’t Congressman Marshall joined the House Blue Dog Coalition? I know Congressman Bishop and Congressman Barrow are members.

  8. I don’t count Burns out, but I think it is funny that people somehow think he has a good shot of winning this year.

    Let’s compare 2004 to 2006.
    District: Practically the same, no more Athens but African American percentage is higher than 2004.
    National Atmosphere: Republicans and Democrats tied in Congressional horse races on a nationwide basis in 2004, now Democrats lead by 10+ or more.
    Georgia Atmosphere: Popular George W. Bush running against joke candidate (for the South at least) John Kerry. 2006: Two popular rural candidates running against each other.
    Incumbent: 2004: Burns has advantages of incumbency, 2006: now Barrow has them.

    I mean, OK if that’s what you guys think. I’d give your money to Perdue instead, he’ll have a more competitive race than Burns down the stretch.

  9. IndyInjun says:

    Burns is an imposter as a conservative, having voted for the largest social spending program in 40 years, the Medicare Prescription Drug Bill, which represents between $8 and $12 TRILLION (!!!!!!!!!) in unfunded liabilities.

    We fiscal conservatives find such a betrayal unforgiveable and we certainly won’t forget it either.

    The Contract with America has been totally trashed by most GOP incumbents in Congress.

    At this point, it is impossible to tell what exactly the GOP stands for, other than to maintain its power.

    The GOPers can wail and scream that we fiscal conservatives will give the elections over to the Democrats. This was ONCE a rallying cry.

    It no longer works. We have identified the enemy and he is amongst us.

    Burns will lose because he is a GOP hack who lied to the people and he is not a real conservative.

  10. MorganCoGOP says:

    I have to disagree with the people who think Mac doesn’t have a shot at winning this seat. I will admit that Marshall does have strong support in the Macon area, and that Mac is not the best campaigner.

    What you have to remember is that this district is not Jim Marshall’s district, it is made up of Mac’s old Congressional district in which he is VERY POPULAR in. In 2002 he won re-election with 78% of the vote, which includes most of the counties in this district.

    I like Mac’s chances in this race. I think the Max Burns race is up in the air at this point.

  11. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Sadly, Indy, while your rhetoric is a bit beyond what I would say, I agree with the heart of your message. The Contract with America, and the new hope of conservatism the GOP takeover in 1994 brought with it, have by and large fallen by the wayside, and we have been straddled with less-than-conservative representation in Washington. The Medicare prescription drug bill is just one of the several inexcusably expensive spending bills they have passed; there have been more, and there will be more in the future. Many folks I’ve talked to at different conservative/libertarian organizations have privately expressed to me a wish that the GOP would lose House but retain the Senate, just for this cycle, so as to give a good, hard shock to those Republicans who campaigned as conservatives, but who governed like little better than moderate Democrats at times.

    As a conservative AND Republican, I want to win each and every election, but I do wish that more of our representatives would take a cue from their constituents and govern more like the conservatives they claimed — and were sent to DC — to be.

  12. schleyguy says:

    MonroeCoGOP, you’re dead wrong on the composition of the district. Too be sure, it has the number from Mac’s old district, the 8th, but this is really Marshall’s district. Westmoreland, over in the new 3rd, has the area where Mac is well known. In this new 8th district, no one knows who Mac Collins is. For the majority of his congressional career (1996-2002), he represented exactly ZERO people in this district, and from 2002-2004 Mac only represented a little more than 10% of the new 8th district.

    Marshall, on the other hand, carries over almost 60% of his constituents over from the 3rd District. I remember Ben Jones running in a different district in 1994 and getting his rear kicked by a certain Georgia Republican.

    Jim’s also dominating Mac in the polling numbers released by the DCCC. Mac’s folks are belittling the polling numbers, but what are their polling numbers saying? They aren’t saying, of course. I remember Calder Clay’s campaign mocking Marshall’s polling early on in the race… and, like Mac, not releasing their own polling numbers. Look how well that worked out for them.

    It ain’t rocket science… if the polling is good, a campaign releases the numbers. If it’s bad? Well, amazingly enough, then it’s for “internal use only” or for “strategic planning.”

    Marshall’s going to run away with this one. Again.

  13. mercergirl says:

    Clay’s first campaign came pretty durn close, the second one didn’t do as well due to the new campaign advisor who I know first hand wasn’t even liked by the original staff. It’s pretty bad when you Office Manager,. who volunteered with the first campaign, quits in the middle of the second one because of problems with the campaign manager.

  14. IndyInjun says:

    Jeff, you wrote “As a conservative AND Republican, I want to win each and every election.”

    As an AMERICAN FIRST who no longer is constrained by the GOP leash, let me say that I THANK GOD that we independents determine each and every race, not partisans who put their atrocious parties first.

    The GOP told us in 2004 that we had no choice but to vote for them. In their arrogance they drove many of us to the point that we no longer care.

    Trying to scare us with how bad the Dems are won’t work either.

    If you were to suddenly break through my window and step into my living room only to be confronted by old Indy and his 12 guage side-by-side, what would happen? If you were like the GOP lately you might say “Hey old man, I see you only have two shots. You don’t want to shoot me, all I am gonna do is rape your wife and daughters, but those guys outside will do the same, kill you all, and burn your house down!”

    Well you (and the GOP) are just out of luck, because what Indy will do is to blow your carcass into the yard with both barrells, figuring the ‘worse guys’ will see your missing head and take heed.

    It sad that we have come to this, but here we are.

    Remember that Jesus had to chase the moneychangers out of the temple and we have an even worse infestation in ours.

  15. bowersville says:

    IndyI, I fail to understand your analogy of the two shooter, the GOP, the rape of your … guys outside to burn your house down? Others taking heed? WTF are you talking about?

  16. mercergirl says:


    Calm down… obviously you were coming down from some kind of very bad high as you made NO coherent sense.

  17. IndyInjun says:

    Let’s see if this helps. The GOP controls all three branches of the federal government, plus the Federal Reserve. What they have proven to be is the party of open borders, insane spending, and the worst corruption that I have ever seen. Yet they continue to tell conservatives “You CAN’T vote for the Democrats, they are SOCIALISTS!” Usually this is followed by a progression of ‘evils’ that the Democrats will usher forth.

    The GOP is the party ‘in the house,’ telling me that the other guys are worse.

    For this conservative its about time to kick the GOP out under the principle that the Democrats will take note and shape up. There is precedent for this happening, as the 20 million votes that Perot got in 1992 brought both Dems and GOP to their senses.

    A “D” on a ballot meant “Damned” to me for about 30 years. No more.

    The GOP at the national level is destroying America and I won’t be cheering them on.

    In the 12th, the GOP candidate is an imposter as a conservative. Painting his moderate opponent as a monster won’t work.

    Is this clear enough?

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