McKinney agrees to debates

McKinney, Johnson agree to debates:

Both McKinney and former DeKalb County Commissioner Hank Johnson, who is seeking her 4th Congressional District seat, have confirmed they will appear in a live debate Monday at the Georgia Public Broadcasting studios at 7:30 p.m., according to their campaigns. The debate is sponsored by the Atlanta Press Club.

C-SPAN will air the debate simultaneously across the nation, according to Susan Semeleer, a producer for the cable network’s “Road to the White House” show. The two candidates also have verbally agreed to appear for a WSB-TV debate set to air Aug. 5 at 12:30 p.m.

Think she’ll actually show up?


  1. bowersville says:

    Yes, she’ll show up. I understand security will be tight. It will give McKinney another opportunity to punch a cop. I didn’t know C-SPAN carried Saturday Night Live. No reflection on Hank! But that new do on McKinney?

  2. UGAMatthew says:

    I heard they will plant Cindy Sheehan in the audience who, when McKinney begins to lose ground in the debate, will begin the tambourine dance they performed together on the 18th and then proceed to bigotize and denounce Hank Johnson.

    p.s. I don’t know if “bigotize” is a word and I could just look it up or something, but that would require extra effort in a matter which you clearly understand what I’m trying to say and I don’t deem worth my time

    p.s.s I just realized that by the time I got finished typing that small rant about a word, I could have actually had the word looked up, so I am going to:
    Drumroll…….bigotize: NOT A REAL WORD šŸ™
    I apologize for my lexicographical innacuracies šŸ˜‰

  3. Chris says:


    If the President can make up new words so can the rest of us. Thats what living in a Democracy is all about.

    ps. Living in a Democracy has nothing to do with making up new words, but it sounds good.

  4. techtrack says:

    be hard for her to back out now. she’ll never pass up the national spot light – even if it is just c-span

  5. jacewalden says:

    Of course McKinney will be there. She NEVER missed debates.

    But on a serious note, I really do think she’ll make this one. National TV, hotly contested run-off…gives her the perfect setting to lay out all of her accomplishments in Congress…

    should be a short debate. šŸ˜‰

  6. smilingwatcher says:

    Have any of you anything constructive to add? It seems to be just a bash McKinney club that makes snide remarks and does not discuss issues.
    WSB has been extremely hostile to McKinney, why should she have appeared on their station?

    Will Hank have anything constructive to say? I know McKinney will.

  7. Jeff Emanuel says:

    “Will Hank have anything constructive to say? I know McKinney will.”

    What, might I ask? Besides the usual “Bush knew about 9/11 beforehand,” “Tupac’s records must be released,” and, my personal favorite, her “special outreach to the Hip Hop community and support [for] their efforts to run for office and become policymakers for today and tomorrow,” that is. By calling her “progressive,” you’re well on your way to making that word as radioactive as the word “liberal.” What moniker will the Left have to switch to next, when BOTH of those are unpalatable to the vast majority of Americans?

  8. jacewalden says:


    I think the question is “do YOU have anything constructive to add?”

    McKinney hasn’t had to face the voters in a debate yet. If we go on her record, she’ll probably skip this one too. So why should I “discuss issues” when Cynthia refuses to do the same in front of her constituents?

    Put down the Kool-aid and come back to reality. We’d be happy to welcome you back.

  9. Mike Hassinger says:

    Five bucks says she’ll show up, AND she’ll bring a large (50-75) groups of supporters with her, wearing campaign t-shirts and carrying signs. When the debate organizers tell her supporters that’s against the rules, she’ll get them to stage a protest: “Let us in! Let us Speak! Let our Voices blah, blah, blah…” If they’re turned away, she’ll have the perfect opportunity to pull the “I came ready to debate but they turned me away,” baloney. IF they’re NOT turned away, get ready for a whole bunch of booing and hissing every time Hank Johnson tries to speak, and a whole bunch of cheering every time Cynthia says “conspiracy.”

    You read it here first…

  10. I think it will be VERY interesting to watch. It will make or break her political carreer.
    If Johnson comes across as intelligent and well-spoken, she is done for. However, if it ends up looking like the Carlotta Harrel/ Denise Majette debate…

  11. smilingwatcher says:

    I find it intersting that you all seem to know exactly how McKinney is going to act.
    Yes I do have something constructive to add.
    McKinneys initiative with the hip hop community are targeted at young voters who have not yet become politically active, but who are becoming more informed as time goes on.
    I have yet to see another politician that has engaged yougn voters as Mckinney has. More and more young voters feel frustrated with the political situation, god forbid somebody would try to reach out to them via a social medium.

    People scoff at the idea of hip hop listeners and artists being just as articulate as other voters. Perhaps you should take the time to read or listen to some of the more interesting lyrics written by hip hop artists.
    Using hip hop as a medium is most insightful and is an encouraging sign for future voter participation.With regard to Tupac Shakur you must again plead ignorance and you demonstrate how out of touch you are with ordinary voters on the street.

    If you took the time to research the life of Tupac Shakur and his mother you would see that they were both subject to surveillance by the FBI. How is this relevant? It is relevant because this kind of surveillance is being increasingly used by the current administration, without sanction. The same goes for the Martin Luther King records act which McKinney is working on. Are you aware of the fact that a conspiracy has been proven in civil court and that the King family supported this. Are you aware that the FBI surveilled Dr.King for years, J Edgar Hoover regarding him as a communist and placed him on a watch list of leaders to be intered in the case of a national emergency.

    As far as I can see jacewalden is capable of only passing snide remarks defaming McKinneys character and not discussing issues.

    As I have stated on numerous other forums, why would McKinney attend a debate organised by WSB? WSB Tv, WSB radio and the AJC are all owned by Cox Broadcasting. These three entities have attacked McKinney on all fronts. WSB radios Neal Boortz has in the past called McKinney a ‘ghetto slut’. Now tell me why McKinney would so much as step foot in their studio when she has been subjected to such treatment in the past.

    As to Mr.Emanuels comments on the terms ‘liberal’ and ‘progressive’, I don’t think I need to say more than in America today hardcore conservatives are doing their best to make sure that these terms are as synonomous as the word ‘communist’ in the McCarthy era. So many people such as Anne Coulter, Sean hannity and Neal Boortz attack people calling them liberal, saying that they are idiots, yet they do not discuss policy. To them it is a case of ‘your wrong I’m right and thats the end of it’.

    Research is adly needed on this blog, both by the writers and the commentators. Bring something constructive about Hank Johnson (the golden child of conservatives in Georgias 4th at the moment) forward and maybe some actual policy debate and then we can talk, otherwise I will continue to mop the floor around here.

  12. UGAMatthew says:


    I’ll take my turn with you now;

    First off, change your name. It sounds creepy; nothing to do with McKinney, just thought I’d throw that out there. Plus it doesn’t make too much sense if you’re supposed to be just sittin’ there smiling/watching and at the same time, actively participating with less than a jovial demeanor. See the contradiction? Maybe you were trying to be clever and ironic, I don’t know. But it doesn’t work.

    It’s one thing to submit a position paper at the Heritage Foundation and its another to engage in political banter online. Of course no one knows “exactly” how McKinney will act in the future, but considering what she might do is not only an interesting discussion, it’s well within everyone’s purview, regardless of whether or not “research” is done, to contribute to such a discussion. Now you can choose not to take seriously what some say because you deem it “unresearched,” but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t post it, as you assert.

    Now about the hip-hop thing. I agree that is commendable to attempt to reach out to younger generations through varied media and hip-hop may be a viable one. My contention with McKinney is not that she sees a connection with hip-hop and young voters, but that she uses that platform to promote ridiculous ideas and assertions. And it’s not to bring awareness to the issues as much as it is to bring awareness to her campaign. Music has always been used to marry public sentiment and political action; seldom is it on the verge of treason, unlike McKinney’s tune. She’s not engaging young voters, she propagandizing.

    This whole business about Tupac and King and conspiracy theories…is this what she is spending her constiuents time on. I won’t exhaust the list of major problems we are facing in this nation. Yet, the Honorable McKinney is demanding Tupac’s case be reopened? To flesh out a conspiracy theory? Really???

    McKinney should have attended any televised debate where she was given the opportuntiy to discuss and debate her positions. And your implication that she would have been treated poorly during the debate is off target. All of the debates during this primary were conducted in a civil manner; a rather nice job by the Atlanta Press Club. It’s not stacked with Cox Broad. employees. That’s just a poor excuse for an irresponsible action, or two in her case. And besides, if that really was the case and she feared “such treatment,” she’s not in the right business. No one escapes a public service career without some sort of ridicule, criticism or defamation.

    It seems that you didn’t grasp Mr. Emaneul’s sentiment, rather you espoused a pre-programmed response citing Coulter, Hannity, etc. Jeff was making the argument that you’re labeling McKinney as “progressive” is actually making the word worse off, or in your story “as synomomous as the word ‘communist’.” This is not an analysis of the word ‘liberal’ or ‘progressive’, rather an analysis of McKinney and what her persona projects on that word. You then submit that your laundry list of pundits don’t argue issues, but rather engage in name-calling. You’re really not saying anything here, besides issuing an attack on conservatives; which is no form of valid argument.

    And lastly,
    You seem to crave something constructive about Hank Johnson. Well, first off, I don’t live in 4th. Second, I’m Republican. So, I’m just enjoying the commentary. However, I will say this: I think McKinney is not only a poor representaive for her district, but for our state. And that does hit home. In reality, I don’t want Hank Johnson to be the District 4 Rep. I want Catherine Harris in that seat. But if it’s not her, I certainly don’t want to sacrifice the 4th for another two years. And I don’t see Hank using his seat as a sounding board for his personal agenda.

    Although, McKinney does so much good for the GOP, she’s ran her course.

  13. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Perhaps you should take the time to read or listen to some of the more interesting lyrics written by hip hop artists

    SW, DO NOT make me start writing hip hop lyrics here. It would not be pretty.

    If only more people would listen to Bill Cosby these days….

  14. HSC Republican says:

    If I am not mistaken is there not several rap songs about killing cops, murder in general, pimps and whoes, and other wonderful things that we hope our children can do one day. Rap has crossed a line……..cops should be thankd not shot at!

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