1. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Ouch. Colbert summed that up better and quicker than I have seen all campaign season.

  2. Bull Moose says:

    Hilarious… That really sums up the entire Ralph Reed effort in a nutshell…

    Thank goodness the overwhelming majority turned out for Casey Cagle! We don’t have to deal with that anchor anymore…

  3. duluthmom says:

    Ouch for Reed; but oh so true; and very funny. Loved the line which said something like “that tells us something about voters” accompanied by the words “not complete idiots.”

    Gotta love Colbert! First Westmoreland and now this.

  4. HSC Republican says:

    When I saw this last night I nearly rolled out of my chair laughing! In the intro for the show Colbert lead with this quote “Ralph Reed may have just lost an election, but on the bright side he will be shaving soon!” Good times, good times! I might add he is a proud Hampden-Sydney College Alum! GO TIGERS!

  5. LINDA says:

    “For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. ” kJV Matthew 24:24

    Do not put your faiith in any person, Mojo. Put your faith in Jesus, for he is not a joke!

  6. bowersville says:

    Yes this is funny, but then again, it isn’t, it’s sad. Erick said it better than I ever could. But when conservatives, Christian or otherwise, set themselves up for public ridicule, the GOP looses. Unfortunately, this is what is happening to us, the GOP. Don’t take this parody to heart. Wake up, smell the coffee, this isn’t good for the Georgia or National GOP. Shall we become a laughing stock?

  7. Bull Moose says:

    Bowersville, tell that to the folks who supported Ralph like Lynn Westmoreland. Remember him? Or how about Zell Miller. Don’t forget America’s diner, Waffle House.

    These are just some of the people who got rid of common sense and thought it made sense to support someone who sold out our values like Ralph Reed.

    I’m glad he’s gone and thank goodness for Stephen Colbert!

  8. bowersville says:

    Yes, I remember Lynn Westmoreland and his mumbling on the 10 and his blind endorsement of Reed. He needs to stay in D.C., because it’s now Casey Cagle in Georgia in 2010.

  9. Dorabill says:

    Hey, this one works for prisoners: “It’s better to give then to recieve”.
    But seriously this is good for Republicans. U want us to embrace crooks in order to stop the “Evil Democrats”? (I’m not saying he’s been convicted of anything)
    Have ye no faith? (In Republicans)

  10. GOPeach says:

    Question to Linda and Brain-

    Have either of you prayed for Ralph Reed and
    his family?

    Never mind, I know the answer to that question.
    There is no way you can pray for someone and
    side with the media and mock them on a blog.

    It is impossible.

    Jesus did not assign you the job of accusing
    a fellow Christian. He leaves that job up to satan.
    Looks like Colbert has more infuence over you
    than the Holy Spirit.


  11. GOPeach,

    Please spare us of your self-righteous bullshit. You know what? Jesus didn’t assign you the job of judging people for making fun of Ralph Reed. So, are you taking on the divine perogative? If your last post is any indication of how you act outside the blogosphere, then I would have to say you are one of those annoying “holier-than-thou” assholes who look down on people for having a drink, saying a curse word, or missing church on Sunday–while at the same time, you’re having lots of sex with many anonymous partners without protection, while at the same time getting drunk off your ass…but hey, as long as you thump the bible the next day, I guess it’s okay, right?

    Brian and Linda and FlamingModerate are not perfect. Big deal. So we want to make fun of someone, or accuse someone of being a damn criminal–deal with it! But don’t try to lay a guilt trip on us by saying stupid ass shit like “Jesus wouldn’t like that” or “Jesus leaves that job up to Satan”. Quit being a self-righteous douche bag and go make love to your husband, who, I’m sure is mad because you’ll only give it to him missionary style.


    GOPEACH here you go again, when will you patsies get it OL RALPHIE is living off you guys. He has played off reigion for self gain and I will restate my belief that there is a special HELL for the likes of RALPHIE, SWAGGERT and the rest. You all are weak as water….

  13. HSC Republican says:

    Time to put down the kool aid! Colbert is not satan, he is a funny guy. (Like Demonbeck but Colbert gets paid!). If you can not poke fun of yourself or the people you support there is a problem! Need I remind you all Colbert is the one who pointed out to America that Kingston is an African American Congressman!

  14. rugby_fan says:


    as a christian, I would like to see christian views in the US. But when we talk and act like you do, we make sure that christians will always be on the fringe. ALWAYS.

  15. Dorabill says:

    Lets seeee. John the Babtist, Jesus, then those Apostles. Yep. It’s OK to speak truth to power. Not sure about criticizing fellow Republicans. Can’t find anything in the Bible on the subject.

  16. Art Vandelay says:

    That was pretty funny. Especially the “love thy neighbor…who happens to be Jack Abramoff” and “He did what any good Samaritan would do…took $4M…”

    Flamingmoderate: So, you and GOPeach get along well, huh? I understand your frustration. Her post, in my opinion, came across as judgmental and holier-than-thou. And that’s the problem with say, the Christian Coalition…they’ve turned into the sin police and completely forgotten that Jesus says to love your neighbor a million times more than he ever says anything about sin. Then they look like idiots when they give all these “Religious-Right-Radical-Ralph Reed types” an “A+” right before they get indicted for something.

    Christians are just as likely to screw up as non-believers… But the difference is that Christians preach too much, judge too much and don’t forgive enough. We have such a bad rep cause we go around preaching sanctimonious crap while touting this smug idealism that is just right right right right right…..no room for wrong…no room for error and no room for grace.

    And, GOPeach, the reality, at least as far as I see it is this: I think it’s possible for me to sincerely pray for Ralph and his family tonight and watch that video tomorrow and laugh. It may not be right, but it’s possible… Just like it’s possible for you to pray for the Reed’s every night and then have the audacity and impudence to ask Linda and Brain if they said their prayers.

    I think another Blog Award Category should be “Peach Pundit Pharisee

  17. LINDA says:

    Dear GAPeach,

    What you fail to see with my posting of scripture, as it is not meant to be a personal attack against Ralph Reed. I am not attacking his faith, and never have and never will. I thought I made that quite clear before. Once a person mixes the gain of wordly treasures by trying to stand on the foundation of Christ, he or she has already violated the scriptures. Ralph was beat not because people judged him for his faith, but because he was involved with political corruption. Just because I say I am a Christian or you say you are a Christian does not mean that we are perfect nor does it give us a free pass to never be judged for our wrongdoings.

  18. LINDA says:

    Who is Ralph to feel that he has been dealt a raw deal or me or you or anyone else. It was politicians that nailed Christ to the cross. As Christians, we cannot elevate our importance in life to that which so many do in politics. Ralph got beat, and it is time to move on. Pray for those that still nail Christ to the cross today, and let God take care of Ralph and his family.

  19. GOPeach says:


    It is astouding how many people respond to a post
    (at length) that was not even addressed to them.

    I was addreesing Brian ( member of WFB) and Linda
    member of some other Baptist church in the country.

    I suppose I hit a nerve.

    Well — So be it!

    I have just as much right to call those on this
    blog who say they are “christians” to stop sucking
    the blood out of Ralph Reed’s neck as all you others
    have a right to keep sucking him dry.

    Enough already.

    And I think COLBERT is a media whore.
    ( he gets paid for screwing people)

    He would be no different than his oppinion
    of Ralph Reed for that matter.

    Not one little post will change that in my mind.
    So save your typing energy for another cause.
    I am not intersted in your rhetoric!

    This Colbert man is evil. I don’t laugh at slander. Sorry.
    No deal. He looks like a weenie. I could probably kick
    his ass myself in a sundress and sandals.

    I take great offense to the ridicule of Christians
    or any other coalitian that would band together
    to mobilize conservative politics.

    To call them the Christian Minority is a BIG MISTAKE!
    Sober up. Get a grip.

    All you who are Christians on this blog better
    sure as hell better hope that Christians do not become
    the minority in this country!!!!

    You will be subject to more persecution than Ralph
    Reed could experience in 100 lifetimes! ! !

    Remember the ROMAN REPUBLIC who threw Christains
    to LIONS like COLBERT to be devoured while everyone

    If you are Christian- you should stand by all Christians
    no matter what they do! God will judge. You do not have
    to vote for people you hold in question- JUST DO NOT

    Christianity is a 100% based on GRACE!
    It is by GRACE we are SAVED not by our GOOD DEEDS.

    All those on this blog who fail to “get that” – I am not
    responsible to call you to accountibility. But those who
    do say they are a Christian and who would not deny
    Christ at bullet point … Shame on you!

  20. GOPeach says:

    Miss Linda-

    ( Excuse me everyone while Linda and I have a
    little chitty chat)

    Linda wrote:

    “It was politicians that nailed Christ to the cross. As Christians, we cannot elevate our importance in life to that which so many do in politics. Ralph got beat, and it is time to move on. Pray for those that still nail Christ to the cross today, and let God take care of Ralph and his family.”

    No Linda –

    Politicians did not nail Christ to the Cross. You did! I did!
    Christ IS GOD and He submitted to death. He allowed Himself to be
    nailed by our sin. It was Hid Love that nailed Him to the Cross.

    Politics did not crucify Jesus!!!

    Short Version;

    God Created Man to have eternal life.
    Man Sinned and became subject to eternal death.
    God Sent a Redeemer to pardon Sin to restore him to eternal life.
    He Himself became a Man and gave Himself to be ” the Pardon”.

    Now those of us who recieve this pardon through faith-
    are redeemed and are NOT GUILTY!

    To condem someone who has repented is to condem yourself!

    If Ralph Reed can not be forgiven-
    What makes you think you can be????

    This is not about RALPH –

    Ralph Reed is the object lesson here.
    It could be any one …. Mel Gibson, Billy Graham, etc…

    Pray for those who fall into weakness-
    Less you also do the same.

    ————- End of Semon————

    Somebody pass the collection plate and give the
    closing prayer. We have other people to get elected now.


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