Jim Martin To Get Mayor Franklin’s Endorsement

I think Franklin’s endorsement pretty much assures that Jim Martin will get the Steen Miles vote and win the runoff against Hecht with 60-65% of the vote. 


  1. Demonbeck says:

    I think Jim Martin was already going to win, but this guarantees him the African American Blond Female vote. Flaggers estimate that demographic alone to be 18% of the entire voting population.

  2. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Where’s Philly on this? Didn’t she already claim to have given money to Hecht? And her support didn’t push him over the edge!? Wow, not doing so well at picking the winning candidates here…

  3. Cobb County says:

    Does anyone see Franklin as a possible threat to any Republican candidates in the future? (Gov. U.S. Senate)

  4. Demonbeck says:

    “Does anyone see Franklin as a possible threat to any Republican candidates in the future? (Gov. U.S. Senate) ”

    Yeah, sure, if they decide to run for Mayor of Atlanta.

  5. rugby_fan says:

    I talked to SF and she said she had “no intentions” and was “not going to even think about it until I am no longer Mayor”. She could do well as senator. Imagine if SF and CC were both of our senators…

  6. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Interesting turn this conversation’s taken — especially since both of our Senators are still in their first term. Get ’em before they get too entrenched, eh?

  7. I have pondered what would Casey Cagle do as a US Senator, or even Bill Stephens or Mark Taylor what would they do as US Senators. It would be interesting if they were US senators if they would make presidential bids. Wouldn’t be interesting if Mark Taylor was the democratic minority leader of the US Senate and Casey Cagle or Bill Stephens was the Republican Majority Leader of the US Senate at the same time.

  8. debbie0040 says:

    There are a good number of Republicans that crossed over to vote for Hank and they will more than likely be voting for Hecht.

    Taylor/cagle what have you been drinking? 🙂 It has caused some wild dreams 🙂 🙂

  9. Debbie 0040,
    Congradulations on your nomination for Ralph Reed’s wooden cool aid spoon stirrer award. I guess your still mad about Reed losing the primary to Casey Cagle. I won the nomination for most Independent blogger. I don’t drink nor do i win nominations for being a Ralph Reed cool aid drinker.

  10. jacewalden says:


    While I commend you for your bipartisanship and “stick it to the man” attitude toward partisan politics in general, I must say your choice of candidates is quite odd. At least you got the Cagle one right though. Your Screenname links to a site called “The Conservative Democrat”. Can you give me an example of Taylor’s “conservatism”?

    And, being a student of history, I should point out that the Republican and Democratic Parties of Lincoln’s day were NOTHING like the Republican and Democratic Parties now. It’s like comparing apples and oranges.

  11. Decaturguy says:

    Poor little Debbie,

    There were not enough Republicans voting for Hank Johnson that it will make a difference in the Lt. Governor runoff. And what makes you think they’ll vote for Hecht?

    The reason McKinney is in a runoff is because she’s losing her grip on heavily Democratic South Dekalb. In precincts that she used to get 80-90% of the vote, she’s now getting 60-70% of the vote. In precincts that she used to get 50-60% of the vote, she’s now getting 40% of the vote.

    Again, Debbie, the heavily Republican districts in North Dekalb are no longer in McKinney’s district. They are in Tom Price’s district.

    I know you’d like to think that Republicans are the one’s responsible for defeating McKinney, but you’re wrong. It’s Democrats who want her out.

  12. MorganCoGOP says:

    Apparently Sen. Steen Miles has endorsed Greg Hecht. This race is newsworthy if nothing else.

  13. Mark Taylor is not Zell Miller, but his conservative attributes are he has a prove record on crime passing 2 strikes your out the toughest law in the nation for violent criminals which 2 strikes your out is opposed by Liberal Democrats nationwide. He is the only candidate for governor that is endorsed by Law enforcement.
    Mark Taylor sponsored the legislation that removed the sales tax on groceries. The largest tax cut in Georgia’s history, this landmark legislation now saves Georgia families more than $700 million per year, and helps Georgia’s neediest families the most.
    Mark Taylor led the charge for income tax and property tax cuts for all Georgians, worth over than one billion dollars.
    Mark Taylor also sponsored legislation to protect consumers by making sure that car insurance companies can’t raise your rates without state approval.
    That’s Why i support him go to http://www.marktaylor.com

  14. BlueDevil2007 says:

    Martin didnt need it but this seals the deal.

    Franklin as a state-wide contender? Doubtful, recall Majette 2004?

  15. bird says:

    Franklin would be much more formidable than Majette. There are already two African-American statewide office holders, and two females. Why not a black female?

    She would certainly have my vote and financial support. She is one of the most talented elected officials in the history of Atlanta or Georgia.

  16. Jeff Emanuel says:

    “She is one of the most talented elected officials in the history of Atlanta or Georgia.”

    Just curious — what’s your reasoning behind that statement?

  17. rugby_fan says:

    Debbie, what will it take for you to SHUT UP ABOUT CROSSOVER VOTES. Using numbers and simple proof, I proved that crossover votes couldn’t have defeated RR and here again, there is no proof to CM being forced into a runoff due to crossover votes. Please, give it a rest. Even RR knows he lost because of himself.

  18. Ok I will endorse Handel for the Primary and the General Election if she beats Bill Stephens. I am having Karen Handel bumperstickers, etc being mailed to my place of residence, and if any bloggers are interested in Karen Handel’s campaign for sewcretary of state or want bumperstickers go to http://www.karenhandel.com. I like them both and would endorse who ever wins.

  19. bird says:


    Sorry for the late reply. I’m a homeowner in Atlanta, and I just marvel at the job Ms. Franklin has done.

    Let’s take the sewer system for starters. Alright, not glamorous, and undoubtedly one of the last things an elected official would want to take on, but she did it. Not only was there a federal mandate that the sewer system had to be repaired/upgraded, but homeowners from Buckhead to anywhere south of 285 on the Chattahoochee had sewage spilling into their yards during heavy rains. She successfully got the business community, the taxpayers, the State and the Federal Gov’t onboard with her solution, and the cost is still under the original budget estimate. She packaged the tax increases mostly in the water bill, so though I am paying for the sewers, so are all the businesses that have workers from the surrounding areas coming into town. And, my city property taxes are still lower than those in Decatur or Chattanooga (sorry for the oddball comparison, but those are the only two I know of that I can compare).

    What else? She’s reduced crime, attracted many new residents to Atlanta (the population is going up for the first time in a long time), she is the first Atlanta mayor to be elected as head of the Georgia Municipal Association since Hartsfield, she has reduced panhandling, she is accessible to citizens, she is instrumental in the Beltline and the upcoming P’tree trolley system, and she improved ethics against the City Council’s wishes. I could go on, but I’ve already used up over half of my lunch break.

    Anyway, I’m not a fanatic, I know she has her shortcomings, but her leadership has meant a lot to Atlanta.

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