1. Tammi Metzler says:

    whoop-de-doo! I’m sure all of those Eric Martin supporters have been waiting anxiously.

  2. CobbGOPer says:

    Like I said in another post, I don’t expect this will change the current situation, nor will it hurt Karen. I believe those folks voted for Martin or Baily because they knew none of the candidates at all. Or it was a protest to the attack mail Stephens and Handel were lobbing the last few weeks. I think, however, that those folks were more interested in voting in the Lt. Gov race or for some local primary race, and they will not turn out for a runoff in an SOS race they didn’t really care about to begin with.

    There is not much Bill can do at this point. I would go as far as to say that the Handel campaign could sit on its hands the next couple of weeks and still win this thing without a hitch.

  3. Bill Stephens needs to win that run-off. I didn’t care if Karen Handel got a endorsement by Shirley Franklin like Jim Martin did. that was a joke, I still want Bill Stephens to win the run-off. if Handel wins then i might consider endorsing her.

  4. techtrack says:

    the first time that charlie bailey ran for sos was in 1996, because he has run so many times, he does have name recognition throughout the state.

  5. Jimbo says:

    This is one Reed supporter that is saying no to the “Senate Mafia” and voting for Karen and Gary Black.

    I urge all Reed supporters to follow suit.

  6. Bill Simon says:

    From what I gather, Tammi, Stephens went ballistic over Eric Martin’s endorsement of Karen Handel and chewed him out.

    Bill Stephens…The Ralph Reed, Jr. Poster Boy of Ethics and Morality.

  7. Bull Moose says:

    Most people that appreciate ethics in government are supporting Karen Handel.

    Bill Stephens has run a campaign of personal destruction and needs to be shown the exit door of Georgia politics.

  8. Dawgsrock says:

    Bill S,
    Seems like Stephens must be pretty worried if he’s going ballistic over Martin endorsing Handel. It’s great that she got both endorsements, but I think Bailey’s will carry more clout.

  9. atlantaman says:


    I agree 100%, other then being able to say she got the endorsements of both candidates, Martin’s is basically meaningless. It’s my belief the folks who voted for Martin where just throwing a dart at the ballot. I think Bailey’s is a more important endorsement. He’s no Shirley Franklin, but there are folks out there that know who Charlie is.

  10. bowersville says:

    Irregardless of whether the endorsements of Martin and Bailey mean anything towards voter turnout, these endorsements keep the momentum with Handel. Charlie Bailey has name recognition and he ran second here behind Handel, Stephens third.

  11. techtrack says:

    if bailey had run second behind handel he would be in the run-off not stephens.

  12. bowersville says:

    Bailey ran second here in Hart County, and in few other counties around Georgia. In promoting Handel in Franklin, Hart, Habersham, ect., I ran into Bailey supporters, as well as those for Stephens.

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