2006 PeachPundit Blogger Award Nominations

As promised, here are the Award Categories that seemed the best. 

Best Republican Blogger

Best Democrat Blogger

Best Libertarian Blogger

Most Convincing Blogger

Biggest Incumbent Hater

“White Out Award


  1. Demonbeck says:

    Off the top of my head. I reserve the right to revise and extend my remarks though.

    Best Republican Blogger – Bill Simon
    Best Democrat Blogger – We have Democrats in here? Didn’t someone spray?
    Best Libertarian Blogger – JaseLP
    Most Convincing Blogger – buzzbrockway
    Biggest Incumbent Hater – Tie between Bill Simon and Bull Moose
    “White Out Award

  2. jacewalden says:

    Best Republican Blogger – Jeff Emanuel
    Best Democrat Blogger – Andre from Atlanta
    Best Libertarian Blogger – JaseLP
    Most Convincing Blogger – buzzbrockway
    Biggest Incumbent Hater – Bill Simon
    “White Out Award

  3. Chris says:

    Best Republican Blogger – Erick
    Best Democrat Blogger – chrisishardcore
    Best Libertarian Blogger – JaseLP
    “Wooden Kool Aid Spoon Stirrer

  4. Best Republican Blogger- Chris Farris
    Most Independent Bloogger- Taylor/Cagle 2006
    Most Democrat Blogger- Andre from Atlanta
    Ralph Reed’s Wooden Kool Aid Spoon Stirrer Award- definitely Debbie 0040
    Those are my nominations

  5. Best Republican Blogger – chrisishardcore
    Best Democrat Blogger – Debbie0040
    Best Libertarian Blogger – Erick Erickson
    Most Convincing Blogger – Bill B.
    Biggest Incumbent Hater – Philly
    “White Out Award

  6. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Hmmm….so many categories!

    Best Republican Blogger – Buzz Brockway
    Best Democrat Blogger – Dignan and Decaturguy
    Best Libertarian Blogger – JaseLP (do we have any other option? 😉 )
    Most Convincing Blogger – (Least convincing = Karla Stuckey)
    Biggest Incumbent Hater – Bill Simon
    “White Out Award

  7. jacewalden says:

    Well, I guess it’s time to start putting up signs and making phone calls. Demonbeck, just an idea, after all the nominations are in, you should do an online poll. Then you can do run-offs if someone fails to get 50% in his/her catergory. Just a thought.

  8. Demonbeck says:

    I think the poll thing may be a good idea, unless we have a runaway winner. However, I think we ought to keep it to a plurality of votes. Unless we have a Secretary of Site on this blog who wants to tally and verify the legitimacy of the votes cast.

  9. jacewalden says:


    We don’t choose our elected officials on a “plurality” of votes. If we attempted to do the same thing here, I would be the FIRST to file an ethics complaint with the PP ethics committee. I think I speak for all peach punditians when I say that we want our awardees to recieve a MAJORITY.

  10. JaseLP says:

    Best Republican Blogger – Jeff Emanuel

    Best Democrat Blogger – Andre Walker

    Best Libertarian Blogger – Uhhhhh…I’m not going to vote for myself.

    Most Convincing Blogger – Buzz

    Biggest Incumbent Hater – Bill Simon (hands down)

    “White Out Award

  11. Jeff Emanuel says:

    From a real dictionary:


    n : one who agitates; a political troublemaker [syn: fomenter], or:

    1. One who agitates, especially one who engages in political agitation.
    2. An apparatus that shakes or stirs, as in a washing machine.

    Nice, Linda — you’re a washing machine! 😉

  12. LINDA says:

    Well at least I’m not a kool-aid drinking fool. And thank you for comparing me to a washing machine. If there were more people like me, we could clean up politics!

  13. Demonbeck says:

    I took the Online Campaign Mouthpiece to be the Most Effective Online Mouthpiece which is why I selected Maurice for the award.

  14. buzzbrockway says:

    Best Republican Blogger: Jeff Emanuel
    Best Democrat Blogger: Decaturguy
    Best Libertarian Blogger: JaseLP
    Most Convincing Blogger: Dignan
    Biggest Incumbent Hater: Bill Simon
    “White Out Award

  15. Linda,

    I’ve seen you debate.

    If there were more people like you in politics, then there’d be weekly news reports about fights breaking out on the floor of the U.S. House and Senate.

  16. LINDA says:

    btw, I just had a thirty minute phone call with a radio host in Scottsdale, AZ that wants me to call into his show. This guy is from Rhodesia, now a United States citizen that is trying to shake the trees of kool-aid drinking, blind followeres of these two teams that are destroying America. This guy is brilliant, a lot like me, and he wants me on his radio program. I cannot wait to agitate the snots in Snottsville! LOL

  17. LINDA says:

    Well Bulldawggirl,

    Do you really think that politics is a clean sport? My you are brain-washed, my dear. I suppose you attend or attended UGA.

  18. LINDA says:

    Hey Andre,

    Would you like to debate me? Give me a time and a place. No notes for either side, and someone knowledgeable to ask the questions. And btw, maybe it would be good to have some fights on the House Floor and the Senate Floor. Nothing violent, mind you, but real honest debate like our early founders participated in.

  19. Demonbeck says:


    Take it elsewhere, your last three of four posts have nothing to do with the subject at hand in this thread.

  20. LINDA says:

    Well Demonbeck,

    You post whatever you wish in a thread. My last four posts are followups to what people said to me. What do you not like someone that defends themselves?

  21. Bill Simon says:

    Best Republican Blogger: GAWire
    Best Democrat Blogger: Kirk Spencer
    Best Libertarian Blogger: Jace
    Most Convincing Blogger: Stephanie Mills
    Biggest Incumbent Hater: Bill Simon (aka “Least Blind Republican Mouse”)
    “White Out Award

  22. Bill Simon says:

    (Late Entry) Most Evolved Blogger: LINDA (who first got on this blog and mine set-out to convert everyone to Christianity and who is evolving to the point of making some good points on occasion…)

  23. jacewalden says:

    I know this is kind of late, and I know the categories have already been selected. So for next year, let’s add this category:

    Most likely to write their posts in the form of a Poem:


  24. LINDA says:

    I nominate Jace Walden for the Poindextor Award, because to me Poindexter would be the most courteous and polite of bloggers.

  25. jacewalden says:


    I appreciate the nomination. As ALL of the people who I have argued with on here can attest to, I try to run a positive conversation that is focused on the issues. 😉

  26. Bill Simon says:

    Yeah, yeah, that’s the one, Jace! Y’all look so much alike… I stand corrected.

    Linda: You gotta break from those conspiracy-nut Websites.


    I appreciate the nomination…but, here’s a question: Who did Bull Moose hate as an “incumbent?” Hating Ralph is not the same thing as hating an “incumbent.”

  27. jacewalden says:

    I’m going to release my list of endorsements. These are candidates that I will be going door to door for over the next few days.

    Best Libertarian Blogger– Jason Pye (JaseLP)
    -Although FlamingModerate nominated Erick Erickson, and Bill Simon nominated me, this race clearly belongs to Jason Pye. He’s the only true Libertarian in the race. He was a libertarian in 1992 while Erick Erickson was seen attending rallies for Republican George H.W. Bush. Jace Walden is proud to endorse Jason Pye.

    I support many candidates in other races, but these are the ones I’m putting together a grass-roots army for. Make the right choice this election.

    Wooden Kool-Aid Spoon Stirring Award– Debbie0040
    -This race comes down to Maurice Atkinson and Debbie0040. The clear choice for all Kool-Aid Spoon Stirrers is Debbie0040. No one in spoon-stirring history has so gracefully cut-and-pasted clips from a particular candidates website so well. Moreoever, by providing the constant “900%” reminder, the constant “Well see on July 18th” threats, she proved to be unshakeable and unbreakable. Jace Walden proudly endorses Debbie0040.

    Biggest Incumbent Hater– Bill Simon
    -Frankly, I don’t even see how Philly picked up the nomination. Bill Simon has a proud history of hating incumbents. Why vote for someone like Bull Moose, who recently switched to incumbent hating. Bull Moose is a closet incumbent lover who is just working against Stephens to establish some credentials. Bill is a life-long incumbent hater, who hated vigorously against congressman Tom Price in this year’s election. Jace Walden proudly supports Bill Simon for Biggest Incumbent Hater.

  28. BulldawgGirl says:

    I attend UGA. I am not brainwashed. Attending the university has given me the opportunity to hear other peoples views and decide for myself what my opinion is about them. I am able to think for myself…thats why I think that your conspiracy-theories about 9-11 and the war with Iraq are ludicrous!

  29. JaseLP says:

    He was a libertarian in 1992 while Erick Erickson was seen attending rallies for Republican George H.W. Bush.
    I was 11 years old in 1992.

  30. LINDA says:

    Dear Bulldawggirl,

    Did you read the link that I posted for you? Or did it have too many words for you? Read it, and then we’ll debate.

  31. LINDA says:

    Well, this link I gave you was a John Hopkins University policy paper written by names that you should recognize. It is in the McBerry post that has over 100 comments on it. It is not a conspiracy, it is a paper drafted in 1996. Read it, and learn for yourself something other than what the high fivers have to say about a topic where they get their informaiton from talking points and mainstream media. Sorry if I am rude, but I caught some rudeness from you earlier. You know “an eye for an eye…” Best wishes in your learning experience called life. No one will give you the truth in life, as you have to learn it and decide for yourself. There are always, always, always two or more sides to every story. The careful observer views the world with much skepticism. The casual observer mostly tries to fit in.

  32. rugby_fan says:

    Best Republican Blogger: rugby_fan

    Best Democrat Blogger: rugby_fan

    Best Libertarian Blogger: rugby_fan

    Most Convincing Blogger: rugby_fan

    Biggest Incumbent Hater: rugby_fan

    I think you get the picture.

  33. Bill Simon says:


    I don’t quite understand how Bull Moose can be any part of the “Most Hated Incumbent” award either…Bill Stephens IS NOT the current Secretary of State.

    Ergo, Bull being against Stephens does not make him against the “incumbent.”

    Do you and Demon even know what an “incumbent” is???

  34. Demonbeck says:

    Bill just likes to piss people off. He finds a point and needles it to death. That’s his milieu and that’s why we love him.

    Bill, my nomination of Bull Moose comes from personal conversations I have had with him. If he wants to out which incumbents he likes and dislikes, I will let him do so himself.

  35. Bill Simon says:


    That’s because I equate “Biggest Incumbent Hater” with being a conservative Republican fed-up with politicians who’ve yet to meet a budget they didn’t want to vote against.

  36. LINDA says:


    A person that can sit on the fence post and listen to all sides is to be respected. A leader that sits on a fence post deserves to be defeated or never voted into office, at all. (this is my personal writing, and I will look for plagarist, LOL). Anyone know where I can get some good shorthand messages, I am tired of using “lots of laughs.”

  37. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Hmmm…I always heard that was “laugh out loud.”

    As far as plagiarism goes, Linda, I’ll be on the lookout with you — I definitely want to see the person who would steal your words 🙂

  38. Bull Moose says:

    Best Republican Blogger – Jeff Emanuel

    Best Democrat Blogger – Bobby Kahn or Chris Hardcore

    Best Libertarian Blogger – Jase LP

    Most Convincing Blogger – ?

    Biggest Incumbent Hater – Bill Simon

    “White Out Award

  39. Dawgsrock says:

    Best Republican Blogger – GAWire

    Best Democrat Blogger – Chris Hardcore

    Best Libertarian Blogger – Jase LP

    Most Convincing Blogger – Buzz

    Biggest Incumbent Hater – Bill Simon

    “White Out Award


    Just a note, I do hope you guys understand I was posting in CAPS on purpose. Thanks for the nominations! TOO BAD THERE’S NOT ONE FOR ACCURACY IN PREDICTIONS.. oops there I go again, please forgive me.

  41. UGAMatthew says:

    Best Republican Blogger
    -Jeff Emanuel
    Best Democrat Blogger
    Best Libertarian Blogger
    -Jase LP
    Biggest Incumbent Hater
    -Bill Simon
    “White Out Award

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