Hank Johnson for Congress: Time Is Up for Cynthia McKinney

Many of you know of my flirtation with running against Cynthia McKinney. From the very beginning I stated that my interest was less about me and all about getting real representation for the 4th District of Georgia.

Well friends, the time is upon us to finally get rid of the least effective representative in the US House of Representatives. In last week’s primary election, Democrat Hank Johnson garnered enough support to force a runoff election against Cynthia McKinney on August 8th. While I have my differences politically with Hank, he is a good man who will not embarrass the constituents of the 4th District and will work hard for us.

Many of you leapt at the opportunity to help me unseat Cynthia McKinney. I am now asking all of you to help finish her off. Conventional wisdom would say that McKinney has the edge as the incumbent. But we are going to defeat conventional wisdom and McKinney.

For those of you who live in the Atlanta area, I invite you to join me in meeting Hank Johnson this coming Wednesday evening, July 26th, at 6:30PM at the 57th Fighter Group in Atlanta to show your support and find out how you can help defeat McKinney. All are invited. Please email me to let me know if you will attend. I would like our blog community to show tremendous support to Hank and show that we can tip the balance in an election.

For those who don’t live in Atlanta, please visit Hank’s website and contribute to his campaign. I know that many of you had committed to contribute to me and I would hope that you would now give to Hank.


  1. Rick Day says:

    Ahh yes, just what the 4th needs, another Bush/war supporter.

    Attack tactics like this really motivate me.

    To send another $100 to the McKinney campaign.

    Thanks for the motivation! Anytime a conservative attacks a liberal, it means they are doing the best job they can (the liberal, that is).

  2. Jeff Emanuel says:

    I’d agree with that, Rick Day — and vice versa. As a card-carrying conservative (actually, I don’t have the card — sorta feeling left out there 😉 ), I am ideologically opposed to everything you say is “the best job they can (the liberal, that is)” do; however, I hope that they keep doing it, because if McKinney represents that “best job” then the Democrat party will be short-lived indeed.

  3. jacewalden says:

    Rick Day,

    Cynthia McKinney is an embarrasment to the State of Georgia. Not just voters in the 4th District. She’s also an embarassment to the Democratic Party. It’s one thing to be anti-war, hell, it’s one thing to be liberal. But Cynthia McKinney is batshit crazy, a virulent racsist, an elitist, and an avowed socialist. Oh, and can you please name some of the legislation that McKinney has passed in her succesful career?

    If that’s the “best job” a “liberal” can do, then I think you can see why the Democratic Party is a failing institution.

  4. smilingwatcher says:

    So are we to assume that Hank Johnson is now cohorting with conservatives in his attempt to unseat Cynthia McKinney?
    Will this meeting be an ‘elect Hank’ affair or a ‘Get Cynthia’ affair.
    It seems to me as if Hank Johnson is clutching at any straw he can find in order to find donors, whether they have the best interest of the democratic party in mind or not.

    I can assure you sir, had you runn against Cynthia McKiiney, you would have lost…badly.

    I can see that jacewalden has a problem with being civilized and having a discussion without resorting to personal insults, sadly a trait shared by many on conservative blogs such as this.

    Back to Hank, He runs a purely negative campaign with no real message. Every single news item on his website is a negative piece about Cynthia Mckinney and does not contain one positive piece about himself. What does this tell you?

    The majority of articles come from the Atlanta Journal Constitution, owned by Cox Broadcasting, which as it happens also owns WSB Radio, which features among tis hosts Neal Boortz, who referred to McKinney as a ‘ghetto slut’, and Sean Hannity, who will have Hank Johnson on his Fox show ‘hannity and Colmes’.
    The bulk of McKinneys bad press comes from these two entities, Cox Broadcasting and the Fox Network.

    What is their political persuasion? Aren’t they extremely conservative? Does anybody see a trend emerging?
    Conservative press hound McKinney on all fronts and then support her democratic challenger, both journalistically and now monetarily (see the party Peachpundit are throwing for him).

    I think Hanks courting of the Conservative Press and donors speaks volumes about his character. He is an opportunist who ridden on the back of McKinneys bad press and does not have a positive message.

    I await you civilized repies.

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