Eye-opening graphic, part 2

ImageNot quite as dominant as Black in the primary, Karen Handel’s county victories are marked in red on the map to the right; the white represents counties won by Bailey, Martin, or Stephens.

Like Black, Handel’s 106 counties to Stephens’s 45 makes her victory seem a bit more dominant than it was; the percentages of the vote, of course, were 43.6% for Handel to 32.6% for Stephens.


  1. Tammi Metzler says:

    The Map means nothing. In most counties Martin and Bailey got a large amount of votes that when combined exceeded whoever won that county. In essence, most voters didn’t know who they were voting for, which is why Baliey and Martin got such a high amount. I mean, I’ve never even seen or heard Eric Martin, so how could 10% of the voters know enough about him to truly support him? They didn’t, the sad fact is that most people didn’t know anything about any of the candidates. Therefore, who won however many counties is meaningless.

  2. Jeff Emanuel says:

    “I’ve never even seen or heard Eric Martin, so how could 10% of the voters know enough about him to truly support him?”

    Two quotes immediately come to mind, Tammi:

    I don’t know how Richard Nixon could have won. I don’t know anybody who voted for him.” – The late film critic Pauline Kael’s reaction to Richard Nixon’s landslide victory over George McGovern

    I don’t know anyone who voted for Reagan. And I don’t know anybody who knows anybody who voted for Reagan!

  3. Bull Moose says:

    Karen Handel needs to turn her voters out again and add to those votes across the state.

    Given the choice between an experienced candidate with a conservative Republican track record like Karen Handel or a former Democrat that supported the Clinton – Gore liberal agenda and who has faced the largest ethics fine in the history of the state, voters are going to chose Karen Handel.

    Karen Handel 2006.

  4. GAPeach says:

    Bull Moose,
    It continues to amaze me how your postings about Handel directly contradict your postings about Black. You’re amazed by Handel’s numbers but degrade Black when he won by a much larger margin. Can you please explain your logic?

  5. Tammi Metzler says:

    Jeff, those were great quotes!


    Handel and Stephens both have to turn their supporters out and still convince a large contengent of people to vote for them. There is a lot of work ahead for them, and Kemp and Black in the Ag race.

    Stephens supported Clinton because Zell did, and he worked for Zell. Zell has stated his regret in doing so, and I have heard Stephens do the same, saying it was mistake. He was cleared of being intentional in his violations, that you can’t deny, because otherwise something more would have happened to him than fines.
    I think Georgians won’t choose Handel because she is just like Ralph Reed, she straight up lies when confronted with evidence contradicting what she claims. Stephens on the other hand has admitted his mistakes anytime I’ve heard him speak, while every time I have heard her speak she just denies it.
    There is documented proof that she supported domestic partner benefits, and she continues to deny this.The Fulton County Commission’s minutes show her voting in favor of granting money to planned parenthood. Yet, she blames it on everyone else, even though she casted a vote for it, along with the rest ofth e commission. Conservative voters won’t be in favor of those things.

    Karen Handel LIES in 2006

    Also, if you want to say anything about Stephens being a former Democrat, when are you and the rest of Handel supporters going to start blasting Sonny Perdue for being a former Democrat? Sonny was elected as a Democrat, while Stephens has only been elected as a Republican.

  6. techtrack says:

    another interesting thing about handel’s victory. if you compare handel head to head to stephens, you’ll see that she beat him 57-43. i’m sure tammi or brian if going to say that because of fulton county. if you take fulton county totally out of the count she beat him 54-46.

    stephens wasn’t working for zell in 1992. you should go read his senate bio.

  7. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Who really cares whether someone supported Clinton 15 years ago. This is the weakest argument for voting for or against someone. Really, who cares?

    I am supporting Karen simply because she is the most qualified person for the job. Her executive experience will embolden her to organize effectively and zero in on the changes she would like to make. Campaigns are full of rhetoric, unless someone has the knowledge and capability of accomplishing the goals they ran on, it’s useless rhetoric.

  8. Dawgsrock says:

    The only reason it’s even been brought up is Stephens entire campaign is based on his claim that he’s the only conservative in the race. The limping admiral has no platform, so has to find something to run on.

  9. JRM2016 says:

    Tammi and Brian,

    Just look at the record Karen has established a conservative record throughout her political career, both in the Bush-Quayle White House and the Perdue administration as an appointee and most recently in her capacity as Chair of the Fulton County Commission.

    There can be no doubt that the plurality of Georgia voters agreed, giving Karen an even larger share of the vote in her four way race than they did Gary Black.

    The runoff campaign has already begun and in the first battle of that campaign Karen clearly emerged as the victor of the debate on 920 AM Saturday.

    Bill Stephens has steadfastly refused to release a plan of action for what he would do as Secretary of State, content to state he will release a plan once elected.

    He has engaged in a terrible smear campaign which Georgia voters have rejected as well as the newspapers of record throughout the state.

    Bill Stephens has said he would work for the passage of a constitutional amendment version of the Voter ID bill, which did nothing for absentee voter fraud (which I can tell you as an attorney who has tried election contest cases is at the heart of fraudulent voting in this state) and which could be ruled unconstitutional by a FEDERAL court anyway.

    Bill Stephens received the largest fine in State Ethics Commission history.

    Karen has a detailed plan for comprehensive reform of the office of Secretary of State. You can see it at http://www.karenhandel.com.

    Karen is a demonstrated leader who knows how to serve as an executive and take a bold plan like the one she has put forward in this campaign and make it a reality.

    Karen will win the runoff and then we all need to get behind her and the rest of our Republican ticket to face the real opposition in November.

    Handel ’06

  10. MountainThinker says:

    Ok, so Karen Handel worked in the GHW Bush/Quayle White House, and you’re using that as a Conservative milestone? Which part exactly of George H.W. Bush was a principled conservative? His pro-abortion stance? His globalistic/internationalism views? His appointment of of David Souter to the Supreme Court? What about his PROMISE not to raise taxes, that he completely and blatantly disregarded, in a bold-faced betrayal of his supporters? You want to use THIS example to describe Karen Handel’s proven record and experience?

    Actually, now that I think of it, you have an excellent point! I guess that explains her complete inability to take responsibility for her actions or recall her own actions and face the music. She must still be starry-eyed from the 1,000 points of light…

  11. techtrack says:

    some examples of stephens good conservative values


    “By RYAN LEE
    Friday, January 30, 2004

    State Sen. Bill Stephens, sponsor of a proposed amendment to Georgia’s constitution that would ban gay marriage, is in no position to defend the “sanctity of marriage,

  12. MountainThinker says:

    So Creative Loafing got an ex-spouse to say bad things about a former husband. WOW! further more she doesn’t say he was a proven adulterer, merely that she’d heard rumors. That is absolutely ironclad; I can’t believe that a jilted ex-wife of someone in politics would cast rumor-based accusations against her former spouse, especially if they weren’t 100% truthful, could you?

    Show me proof, or stop making unprovable and vicious attacks about a man’s personal life.

    Karen Handel has proven herself to have lied to every citizen of Georgia, with her absolutely intentional and direct lies about her support of Planned Parenthood and Gay Marriage/Civil Unions. That is a matter of record, public record, as part of her public office, serving the people of Fulton Co. and it is of a solely political nature that cuts to the core of how she will serve in any other office.

    I have not attacked Ms. Handel’s personal life, as I believe that doing so would demean myself, let alone my friend and fellow Mountaineer, Bill Stephens. He can and has stood on his proud and principled record of leadership, building the first-ever Republican majority in our State Senate. Mrs. Handel only runs from and lies about her record as an elected official, where she acted in complete opposition to social conservative values.

    If she took a libertarian or principled-based stand for her actions based her personal belief, she would heave my respect, albeit not my vote. As it stands, she is a flip-flop artist that I can only assume believes in nothing but political expediency, without an ounce of principle given that she will lie straight-faced about her votes and actions as Fulton Co. Commissioner.

    That’s why I’m supporting Bill Stephens for Secretary of State!

  13. techtrack says:

    show me one vote in fulton coounty where she straight faced lied.

    the voters are very good about seeing through politicians that say one thing and do an other. if your accusations are in fact true, why did handel in a head to head comparison with stephens take 83% of the vote in fulton. johns creek and milton weren’t the answer.

    if you don’t want to look at fulton, let’s compare stephens counties, cherokee, forsyth and hall. to be fair i will not even compare the three of them to fulton. i’ll use cobb instead. the three stephens counties had a total of about 40,000 votes, cobb had about 35,000. if you compare cobb to the combination of the other three, handel beat stephens.

    looks to me like the voters are seeing through the bs from bs.

  14. Dawgsrock says:

    If you want to talk about personal attacks, how about your boy Bill with the:
    It’s Adam & Eve not Adam & Steve
    He’s limping so bad that he has to attack Karen’s husband. That say’s a lot about his moral character and ethics.

  15. CobbGOPer says:

    Like Stephens hasn’t been out telling anyone who’ll listen that Karen’s a lesbian? Or having old college roomies of his CM file bogus ethics complaints? I’d say Bill deserves every bit of scorn heaped on him, both for his politics and his personal decisions.

  16. PeggyP says:

    Dawgsrock- Maybe you have “rock” in your screen name b/c you just crawled out from under one. “It’s Adam & Eve not Adam & Steve” is a commonly-used phrase, not an attack on Handel’s husband. The name “Steve” happens to be one of the only – if not THE only – male names that rhymes with “Eve.” Dumbass.

  17. AmandaSeals says:

    Bill Simon:

    Shame on you. The only time I have ever seen anything about that rumor is from your posts. You have no proof of this smut you are spreading and should be ashamed for spreading such venom.

    Yes, I am a Stephens supporter. Yes, I know Katie Grove well. I also know that Shannon (Bill’s wife) has an excellent relationship with Katie and works with her on the campaign. I only lurk on this board and only post when needed. Your post demanded a response.


  18. Tammi Metzler says:

    Bill Simon is starting a whisper campaign!!! Show some proof Simon! Are you a peeping tom or something?! Don’t make such claims without proof.

    Dawgsrock- I don’t think it is Stephens fault that her husband happens to have a name that is in that phrase, which has been said for years! Don’t act as if Stephens’ campaign came up with it.

    Cobb-The only one saying rumors are abound that Karen is a lesbian is KAREN HANDEL!! I’ve heard her talk more about that rumor than anyone else!

    techtrack- Handel epitomizes the poltician who says one thing and does another, and who lies consistently to advance her own cause. Voters saw through it in Reed, and they’ll see through it in her!

    Karen Handel LIES in 2006

  19. techtrack says:

    it was lawpeachtree303 (or something close to that) that stated “elect a leader not a lesbian”

  20. CobbGOPer says:

    I’ve heard confirmation from individuals in other parts of the state, though I admit I’ve never heard it from the lips of a Stephens campaign staffer. Though I don’t spend much time with them…

    Besides the fact that it doesn’t matter what Bill does these next couple of weeks. Second place finishers very rarely survive runoffs, especially when you’re down more than 10%. We had extremely low turnout for the primary; that number will drop immensely for the runoff. That doesn’t bode well for Bill. There’s little time to raise money, and with all his (now apparently useless) radio buys that last week, he can’t have much left on hand.

    Unless he’s got a network working for him at ground level in the counties, he’s done.

    Karen, on the other hand, has county commissioners in every county working for her, helping turn out voters.

    Martin and Baily have now backed Karen, though I don’t think that will affect things in a major way. I expect those who voted for Baily or Martin were probably only voting to cast a choice in the Lt. Gov race, or in some contested local race, and I don’t anticipate them returning to the polls again in big numbers, not to vote in an SOS race they didn’t care much about in the first place.

    Which means if Karen turns out her base again, you can stick a fork in Bill.

  21. Demonbeck says:


    Using the same logic, I would assume you would ask for the same treatment of Karen “What Georgia Equality Questionnaire?” Handel?

    Come on, let’s be fair.

  22. CobbGOPer says:


    Is there a site where I can find this questionnare? I keep hearing about it, but Bill’s mail only shows some snippet that doesn’t prove anything, and I can’t find said questionnare on Bill’s website.

    Point me in the right direction. Otherwise, I’m not inclined to believe a campaign that’s already filed fake ethics complaints among other underhanded tactics.

  23. CobbGOPer says:

    Besides, Bill says that the questionnare is proof that Karen makes decisions based not on principles, but political expediency.

    But see, there’s a problem with that argument. If he wants to talk about making decisions based on political expediency, how about his decision to switch parties? Seems to me that logical thought dictates a party switch is a decision based on political expediency… Especially when that switch came at about the same time one Mr. Gingrich was taking over as Speaker of the House in DC.

    What kills me is how Stephens supporters will turn on any Republican to back him. I saw a post earlier ripping George HW, in whose administration Karen worked, and for whom she worked in 1992 to get re-elected, when Bill was actively trying to get Bill Clinton elected. Seriously, if Sonny came out and backed Karen (hypothetically, as he would not choose sides in a primary) tomorrow, Stephens supporters would be calling him everything but a child of God.

    And don’t blame it on Zell; as has been pointed out numerous times, Bill was not working for Zell in 1992, so no one was forcing him to do anything for Mr. Clinton. He chose to do it.

    Oh, and for those of you who complain that we don’t hold Sonny or numerous other Republicans to the same standard (they being former Democrats themselves), well, sorry but they ain’t running in this race. It’s campaign politics, and primary politics at that. Anything goes.

    Stop being so sensitive.

  24. MountainThinker says:

    It’s not about “sensitivity”, it’s about intellectual integrity. You cannot expect me to respect your comments if you attack one individual for a behavior/action, while ignoring/defending the exact same action/behavior in other members of the same party/ticket during the SAME CYCLE. Either can it with the switcher bit or be prepared for people to include Congressman Nathan Deal and Gov. Sonny Perdue as a logical, sincere, and appropriate defense from such a stupid, stupid attack…

    By the way, Reagan was a registered Democrat too…for those of you suffering from political amnesia…

  25. techtrack says:

    here’s the challenge that i have. stephens has made his campaign about being the most conservative in the race. he and his staff have shown that they don’t have a problem making stuff up (katie & tina). when they find that they are down 10 points in the polls a mysterious questionnaire shows up.

    handel ran an issued based campaign and responded to stephnes attacks calling her th liberal from fulton county. handel points out and documents with photos that stephens actively raised money for and supported clinton, one of the most liberal presidents in modern times. stephens at one point said he was still working for zell in 1992, yet his own bio shows he left in 1991.

    handel didn’t attack sonny, and congressman. stephens attacks the former president.

    i’m trying trying to understand intellectual integrity.

  26. Bill Simon says:


    I’m sorry…I don’t quite get your “analogy” of the possibility of Karen filling-out a questionnaire and Bill Stephens committing adultery…?

    Maybe that dog hunts in South Georgia and up in Deliverance-country where MountainThinker resides, but I do not have the ability to draw those parallels of “logic” as you wish to insist I do.

  27. Bull Moose says:

    I do not think it was right for Bill Stephens and his supporters to have started a whisper campaign against Karen and her husband.

    I also do not think it’s right for Bill or anyone else to do the same to Bill Stephens.

    My reasons for not supporting Bill are that he is ethically unfit to hold the position of Secretary of State. With the largest ethics fine in the history of the State Senate, he’s just not fit to be in a position over elections in our state.

  28. Demonbeck says:


    My point was that you are taking the word of Stephens’ ex-wife and rumors to be truth and calling him a liar for refuting them. We have all seen with our own two eyes the pdf copy of the Georgia Equality Questionnaire filled out by Handel, yet somehow she is not lying when she denies having filled it out.

    I have no dog in this fight, but if you are going to accept one situation as the truth, you need to be willing to accept the other as well.

  29. CobbGOPer says:

    Hang on, you have a PDF copy of said questionnare? How can I get a copy!? I asked you earlier where I could find it and got no response, so I ask again: where can I procure a copy of this mysterious questionnare?

    “We have all seen with our own two eyes…” NO! I haven’t! So when can I get my hands on this damning piece of evidence?

  30. CobbGOPer says:

    Thank you, was that so hard?

    Now, first of all this appears to be a pdf scan of a fax. Who was the fax from? What or who is “CNT?”

    Where are pages 1 and 2? What information did those pages contain?

    Where is the signature page?

    This doesn’t convince me of a thing. I’ve worked in politics a long time, and I have seen stranger things than faked documents. I’ve also filled out a number of candidate questionnares for the candidates I worked for, and there are ALWAYS signature pages you’re supposed to sign before sending in your responses, whether on your own letterhead or on the forms the inquiring group has sent out to the campaign. NOTHING is official without a candidate signature, for the exact reason that someone could just fill out a pre-form questionnare or steal some letterhead and write whatever they want.

    Seriously, that’s why signatures exist in our society, to provide a measure of the authenticity of a document being signed. We have no such measure here aside from a grainy scan of a fax that includes Karen’s old campaign letterhead logo. It’s been two years, and that campaign two years ago sent out alot of letters. This logo could have been easily attainable.

    At best, legally this document amounts to hearsay. Inadmissible

    Besides, Dan Rather wanted to believe in the authenticity of some particular documents a couple of years back about one President GW Bush, and we see where that got him: Fired.

  31. Bill Simon says:

    I believe Karen in her statement of she has never seen this. MOST of the time, I would expect a signature to something like this in order to authenticate it. Yet, no signature page appears. If you were running for office, wouldn’t you sign such a statement?

    As far as the statements from Stephens’ ex-wife, all that is is gravy on something that was already out in the wilderness long before her published statements.

    BY THE WAY, a “whisper campaign” is one in which nothing is printed or can be tracked…it is all by “word-of-mouth.” (DuhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHhhhh…)

  32. Demonbeck says:

    Now wait a second, the both of you are willing to accept hearsay as fact, but unwilling to accept a document as fact?

    Your bias is showing.

  33. CobbGOPer says:

    What hearsay have I accepted as fact?

    Here’s what I believe and accept:

    Fact: Bill Stephens had levelled against him the largest ethics fine in state history.

    Fact: Bill Stephens has defaulted on loans to the tune of $97,000

    Fact: The individual who filed an ethics complaint against Karen Handel has proven to be the old college roommate of Bill’s current campaign manager (I won’t go so far as to call it bogus seeing as we’re on hearsay watch here, but it’s awful damn curious)

    Fact: Bill Stephens used to be a Democrat, and has raised money for and campaigned for the likes of Bill Clinton.

    Now, for Bill Stephens to say that Karen Handel-who has never switched parties and worked to elect George HW Bush in ’88 and ’92, who has maintained a staunch pro-life stance, who has publicly throughout this campaign spoken in opposition to gay marriage and the related issues of that problem – to say that Karen Handel is a liberal stealth-candidate based on the PDF document you have shown me here, with no signature and a grainy image of her old campaign logo that could have been pasted together in Adobe Illustrator for all we know…

    I don’t accept hearsay as fact. The facts are laid bare for me regarding Mr. Stephens. He won’t get my vote, and my educated guess is that he will fall short in this runoff.

  34. CobbGOPer says:

    And I’ll concede that I do not know with legal certainty that the BS campaign was spreading homosexual rumors about Karen. But I do lurk on blogs, and as Techtrak has mentioned earlier, I have seen posts before (ON OTHER BLOGS, NOT THIS ILLUSTRIOUS FORUM) to this effect. Who posted them, and what their motives are, I cannot tell you.

  35. Broty says:

    Rumors and innuendo aside, Karen Handel is a better choice in this race because:

    1. She’s a proven conservative Republican. She has the record and endoresements to back it up.

    2. She’s crafted and articulated a clear agenda that’s she’d work to enact as SOS. Voters know her goals and can read her plan on her Web site.

    3. She’s both competent and professional – she brings no ethical baggage into the general election.

    Can Stephens make the same claims?

  36. techtrack says:


    as far as the whisper campiagn about handel it was alos on this site, here’s a fews posts about it.

    law303peachtreeroad said,
    April 14, 2006 @ 12:56 am

    Elect a leader not a lesbian.

    Jackets over Dogs said,
    April 14, 2006 @ 1:54 pm

    As most of you know, I tend to agree with Law on this site. This time he has taken it too far. I would not blame “law

  37. Demonbeck says:

    My comments were directed towards Bill Simon’s acceptance of homosexual rumors and infidelity about Bill Stephens as fact.

  38. bowersville says:

    Rumors and innuendos aside, Handel has shown leadership and a “know how” on how to get the job done as chairman of the Fulton BOC. Especially, when considering the Dem’s held the majority on the Board. Karen led the way towards resolving the situation in the Fulton BOE. Karen has a written plan and a vision for the SoS. Her opponents’ ethics fines will not go away. We need the most credible person for SoS. Considering credibilty with ethics, Karen Handel is my choice.

  39. bruce benidict says:

    Bill –

    I cannot agree with Amanda more. Your attempted smear of the Stephens is pitiful. Your tabloid type rumors are telling of the actual political insight that you have. They are both good candidates and to have a sensational blogger make up a relationship based on a pst marriage is completely uncalled for.

    Oh, by the way I bet Richard Jewell was the olympic park bomber too!!!!

    You are out of bounds on this!!! Get it together, you nusery rhymes quit working on the blog…no relationship has occured and stephens is very much a contender….quit your antiquited stories and bury your lies….

  40. bowersville says:

    The bottom line is Karen Handel has the tenacity and ability to root out corruption: ie the former Fulton County Sheriff and all the missing funds. Karen will root out voter fraud, expose it, and work with the House, Senate, Lt. Governor, Governor and work within the appropriate framework in assisting to help pass the appropriate legislation to protect our votes.

    By the way, Stephens is a contender, Handel is a winner.

  41. Bill Simon says:

    To Demonbeck AND Bruce,

    The fact is that IF his ex-wife was lying in those publications, Bill Stephens had the right, and a duty to himself, to answer such allegations with his own letters to the editor of the SOVO and Creative Loafing publications. He didn’t. He didn’t raise one finger to type one response defending himself…and this is a guy whose livelihood was supposedly communications and PR. Puh-leeze. (Actually, with Stephens, it should be Puh-sleaze.)

  42. bowersville says:

    Citing Peach Pundit; dateline July 20, 2006 entitled “Revenge is Sweet.” “Cagle got himself elected chairman of the Senate Republican Caucus in 1998 over Sen. Balfour of Snellville. Two years later, Balfour was a participant in a coup which ousted Cagle from the job and put Senator Bill Stephens in his place.”

    In light of this, how can any Senator support and campaign for Stephens? It’s time for you rouge Senators to abandon Stephens and endorse Handel, publically.

  43. bowersville says:

    History has a odd ability of repeating itself. It is upon history that we gage the future. If Stephens’ past is tepid, why should I believe him now, on anything?

  44. Bill Simon says:


    One other item…putting aside his infidelities, whether true or not, whether accurate or not…putting aside his ethics fine….the fact is that I know from personal observations and experience that Bill Stephens is a dumbshit. And I do mean a real dumbshit.. And this is coming from someone (me) who started off liking him and supporting him.

    I was one of those who supported him when he ran for Majority Leader against Casey Cagle several years ago. You might remember that way back when…I was against Shafer at the time and chose sides based on being fed bad information from the Stephens side.

    I supported him against Bubba McDonald, and was hired by his campaign for some research activities. That is a decision I regret having to make at the time, because Bubba McDonald was (and is) a FAR SUPERIOR candidate for that state senator position.

    But, I’m not supporting that stupid-ass again, not for any reason. He’s truly a dunce, and a lot of these folks who support him now know that about him and are covering for him. We have enough dunces in this world…we don’t need any to be placed in such a position of responsibility as this state’s Secetary of State.

    Stephens is reaching for something that is beyond his intellectual grasp. And, I hope he falls flat on his face on August 8.

  45. bowersville says:

    Well Demon, do you wish to vouch for Stephens’ intellectual ability, or do you wish to remain mum or undecided? Do you wish to support Stephens knowing he participated in a coup with Balfour to oust Cagle from the senate majority leadership position? Hmmm? Well, what say you?

  46. Demonbeck says:


    At 12:35 last night I was in bed asleep, not up worrying about Bill Stephens or Karen Handel. Perhaps next time someone posts in the middle of the night in response to a statement I made 6 or 7 hours earlier, you could be so kind as to give me more than 20 minutes to respond? I appreciate that.

    I have met Bill Stephens and will be the first to admit that I don’t know him well. What I do know, though, is that he is a good man and he has done a good job for his district and for the State of Georgia. He has served honorably alongside many of Georgia’s finest elected officials and pushed through a lot of legislation that has done a lot of good for this state. He has the experience that the position needs and he has the knowledge and influence to get the job done.

    I am sure that Bill Stephens is not the smartest man in the world and I am sure he would tell you that himself. This is not to say he is stupid by any stretch of the imagination. Frankly, I don’t need to know which candidate is smarter to decide my vote. (Personally, I would rather have a person with experience who knows how to get things done than some poindexter who waxes uneloquently yet is ineffective. But that is off point.) I want an effective leader who can get the job done right and I believe that Bill Stephens has proven to me and this state that he is that man.

  47. techtrack says:

    ever met handel? i’ve met them both and seen them both at an event. handel clearly demonstrated that she has a much better grasp on the issues and challenges facing the next sos, and has a plan to address them. i would suggest that there is a big difference between writing legislation, and actually having to implement the legislation that’s passed down. sos is an administrative job, not legislative.

    i think stephens should have run for lt. gov. would have made that race even more interesting than it was.

    as bull moose stated in another thread, ethics matter. this position is responsible for the integrity of the voting process. i want some one in that position that doesn’t carry any ethical baggage.

    back to the orginal point of this thread, based on the primary results it doesn’t appear that stephens convinced the voters of the state that he is the man. in a head to head comparision of handel to stephens she won 57/43.

  48. Demonbeck says:

    I have met Handel and if she wins on August 8th, I will back her and think she’ll do the job just fine. Stephens, on the other hand, will do the job well.

    One thing that grabs me about Handel is that she has never finished a term. For some reason that makes me question her commitment to the job she is seeking. Clearly, she does not value the commitment she made to the people of Fulton County who worked so hard to get her elected. What has she done that will assure me she won’t dump this SoS position for something else two years down the road?

  49. CobbGOPer says:

    Because two years down the road, nothing will be open except maybe Charlie Norwood’s congressional seat (though that guy is tougher than John Wayne, I think he’s got like half a lung now and keeps on ticking). So she’ll finish out her term.

    Besides, why are you ripping her for wanting to move on from the Fulton County Commission? Mike Kenn got out, and Karen is getting out because the direction of the county will soon leave very little for the commissioners to do. What are they supposed to govern when the whole county has subdivided into municipalities? She’s not interested in serving as a commissioner and drawing a paycheck on the public dime with absolutely nothing to do (like most of the rest of the Fulton County commission…).

    The people of Fulton County who “worked so hard to get her elected” did so because she would fight for their right to incorporate. She did her job and they got what they wanted, freedom from tyrannical commissioners and their confiscatory tax and budget policies. And if you look at the numbers from the primary, she received nearly 24,000 votes out of Fulton County to Stephens’ less than 5,000. So it seems to me that those people appreciated her work, and now would like to send her to the SoS office.

  50. techtrack says:

    just to set the record straight she is serving her entire term as chairman of fulton county. she has served the residents of fulton well and accomplished amazing things in her tenure. as cobbgoper pointed out the citizens of fulton county recognized her effort on election day. while stephens did win cherokee it was no where close to the overwhelming support that handel received in fulton.

  51. Bill Simon says:

    Well, THAT certainly puts a skewer in Demon’s assumptions of her “never finishing a term.”

    But, in a related issue, over $300,000 was put into play defending Bill Stephens’ senate seat against Bubba McDonald, and what happens after Bill wins the seat? He decides to desert his seat after less than a year and run for a position in which he is totally unqualified for, Secretary of State.

  52. techtrack says:

    bill simon,
    i heard rumors that when he was campaigning for that seat he claimed that if elected he would be majority leader for a long time and be able to do a lot to help cherokee and forsyth. you stated that you were associated with stephens 2004 campaign. is that true?

  53. Bill Simon says:

    I wasn’t that tied-in with the campaign on a day-to-day basis. Perhaps anyone who ever went to a forum with him speaking would be a better source.

  54. bowersville says:

    Demonbeck, July 25, 2006 (above) “….I have no dog in this fight…”
    Demonbeck, July 26, 2006 (above) “…I believe that Bill Stephens has proven to me and this state that he is the man.” Thanks for the clarification.

  55. Demonbeck says:


    By saying I have no dog in this fight, I am saying that I am in no way connected to either campaign nor does one candidate benefit me personally more than another. I do however support Bill Stephens.

  56. bowersville says:

    Pardon the late night response, I do not expect you to respond, if at all. I don’t have time most days or early evenings to be on the computer for political matters.
    I do not have any personal gain in who wins the SoS race. I am not affiliated with any campaign. I have nothing to gain but voter integrity.

    What I do know is this. A friend of mine from Roswell contacted me after the 1st of the year and ask me could I arrange a “meet and greet” for Handel. I postponed him so I could research the matter. I already knew Stephens was in the race and I knew his track record as a senator. I had instant name recognition with Handel because, I follow local events in the AJC, and I remember reading about Handel and her fight with the BOA over the property tax situation in Fulton. Once I started doing my research, plus talking to major players in the GOP, plus internet research, I stumbled onto PP. I followed PP for a while and then some JERK came on sight and used the “L” word in describing Handel. Then I read at various sights and sources, Stephens using the terms “to emotional, l’m the only conservative, she’s just a local politician” etc. I’m old enough to remember Maddox and his red dirt campaign, offering nothing but red dirt rhetoric for the ignorant. Well, I’m not that ignorant, I may be stupid, but not ignorant. Stephens has only offered that same old ignorant emotional red dirt arguement. As a native Georgian, I resent it. But furthermore, after meeting Handel, researching her and her platform, I am pro Handel. When Handel came to Hart county, there were three Democrats in the gathering. Two so well known to me( they were my litmus test) that they threatened to throw me out of their house if I said anything against Kerry. Once Handel worked the gathering(40-45 people) and presented her campaign platform, those Dem’s stated they were going to vote Republican for the first time ever. Stephens has no vision and he’s running by counting on the ignorance of us Georgians by only running on poverty ridden red dirt issues.

    Stephens claims are pathetic. ” Locking up McKinney, changing the voting rights act, ballots in English.” If he wants to do something about that, why doesn’t he run for congress? D*mn, how ignorant does he think we are?

    By the way, don’t try to pee on my leg and try to convince me it’s raining. I suspected you of being a Stephens supporter as soon as you began commenting on this thread. You should have made that plain.

  57. Demonbeck says:

    The only reason I began commenting on this thread was because Bill Simon was posting why lies and innuendo spread by the Handel campaign should be considered fact, yet for some reason the Georgia Equality questionnaire answered by Handel isn’t valid for discussion.

    To me, that was a double standard and I called him on it.

  58. Demonbeck says:

    That BS is gay and that he cheated on his wife. The proof to these falsehoods, they claim, is because his ex-wife says so.

  59. techtrack says:

    lol. i never saw any where that bs was gay.

    it’s the stephens camapign that spreads the gay rumors about handel and her husband. he’s even got it on his attack website.

    the press reported the rumors of stephens cheating on his wife, not the handel campaign.

  60. Demonbeck says:

    And the Handel campaign is spreading it again. I’d show you where Bill Simon did it, but apparently, he asked Clayton to remove his post in which he did.

  61. techtrack says:

    i just checked the handel web site and bill simon does not work for the handel campaign. sounds like bill simon did the right thing and asked for something to be removed. i haven’t seen any stephens supporters ask for the out right lies like handel is gay be removed. nor have i seen stephens change his website.

    kudo’s to bill simon.

  62. Bill Simon says:


    I think you folks down in the south 40 have too much “gay on the brain.” That and the fact that I think your support of Stephens over Handel has MORE to do with the likely fact that in a political contest between a male and a female, you will always opt for the male, regardless of his lack of qualifications.

  63. conservativecore says:

    Buffalo Bill Simon is just mad because he didn’t get hired again by the Stephens campaign. I think if you look at the disclosures you will see that the Handel campaign has paid Buffalo Bill or one of his companies for work. He is not an employee, and I don’t think he is a consultant, he was to busy guiding John Konop.

    What should be apparent now when it comes to the opinions of Buffal Bill is that he is the quintesential sour grapes guy in politics.

  64. Demonbeck says:


    That is utter nonsense, I completely support Cynthia McKinney because of her lack of qualifications.

    Too bad I can’t vote for her.

  65. JasonW says:

    Bowersville, I love the Judge Judy line…(Don’t Pee on my Leg and Tell Me it’s Raining) I use it all the time!

    Oh, and I think that Stephens has run a poor campaign, and I think that he’s forgotten that he’s running for Secretary of State, not the US Senate. He’s flinging criticisms at Handel over issues that quite frankly have no bearing on the Secretary of State’s race. The last time I checked, the Secretary of State had no voting power, and had no say about Abortion, Gay Marriage, Illegal immigration, etc. Stephens has made this an issues based campaign, but it’s issue based on the wrong issues.

  66. bowersville says:

    Bill Simon,
    I just got around to reading PV. Though it may not be new news, it’t probably news to most. I heard it at the time by a reliable source.

    JasonW, I’m older than Judge Judy. I heard that line growing up. I’m glad Judy stole a line from the old south. LOL You using it carries on tradition. Keep it up.

    I’ve got another line I’m saving until the right moment. Don’t know if Judy uses it, but she probably will when she hears it.

  67. bowersville says:

    CvC, look at the at disclosures? If you need to know anything about the Handel campaign, talk to Jamie Ayers (Nick’s wife), Michael O’Sullivan, or maybe Marty Ryal. This garbage about Simon being on the payroll? Prove your assumption of hiring Bill or one of his companies or better yet, shut TFU!

    BTW, I prefer to look at contributions. It seems the only money your Bill can raise is from PAC’s. Is Stephens beholden to PAC money, or will he represent us, the voting Georgian?

  68. Bill Simon says:

    Full Disclosure: I have been a supporter of Karen Handel’s since I met her in 2002, and would support her over, I think, ANYONE ELSE for any race.

    I have, on occasion, visited the Handel campaign HQrters in Chamblee to say “hi” to everyone there. Why? Because I like Karen and I like the people she surrounds herself with.

    You wouldn’t catch me at a Bill Stephens HQrters, unless I was DEAD.

    Unlike Demon and others, I don’t just have a passing interest in this race…I think the SoS’s job is a very critical job that demands someone of competence in the seat, especially if this is to be the first time we get a GOP leader in there.

    The question is, would Demon hire Bill Stephens to manage a part of his business? Karen could walk right in and know exactly what kind of questions to ask in any business…Bill Stephens wouldn’t know jack about operating a single-department enterprise, much less a multi-department enterprise.

    It’s too bad all GOP voters don’t use their heads when deciding on a candidate…they have a funny way of “demanding” that government be run like a business, but then they go vote for morons who know nothing about business and then they can’t figure out why government doesn’t work any better than it does.

  69. techtrack says:

    bill simon,
    so you are not a member of handel’s staff, or a consultant to handel’s campaign?

  70. Bill Simon says:

    I am not a member of her staff, nor am I a consultant to any part of her campaign.

    I did sell her campaign lapel stickers earlier this year and hand fans a few months ago. Other than that, I am only a supporter.

  71. northside elephant says:


    “Bill Stephens, a Republican state Senator from Canton, lent his campaign $113,000 but repaid himself $31,100 too much, according to campaign records.

  72. Bill Simon says:

    That Bill Stephens looks more and more like a financial genius. What a great idea to put him in charge of securities and investments. Yeahhhh, that’s the ticket! (note…heavy on the sarcasm)

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