An eye-opening graphic

ImageIt’s been mentioned on this site that Gary Black won 142 of Georgia’s 159 counties. While that sounds significant, this graphic, much like the county-by-county map of the 2000 presidential election, makes the difference appear even more overwhelming. On the map seen here, the green areas are counties won by Black; the white areas are counties won by any of the other three candidates (Kemp, Greer, or Strickland).

Disclaimer: While winning 89.3% of GA counties is significant, the important numbers are 42.3% and 26.8% (the percentage of the vote Black and Kemp received). Kemp still has a lot of work to do, but endorsements by Greer and Strickland cannot hurt, and 15.5% of the vote is a lot less to make up than almost 90%.


  1. Bull Moose says:

    A plurality does not a majority make.

    Gary Black won a plurality of the votes in a four way race. A MAJORITY of the voters in some of those counties did not vote for Gary Black. They voted for anyone but Gary Black and I think those voters will turn out and vote for Brian Kemp in the runoff.

    Brian Kemp is the committed conservative Republican that can win in November and that’s what matters.

  2. memberg says:

    Enough with the crap about winning more counties than the other candidate. One person, one vote. We’re done with the county unit system. Again, Republicans be hatin’ on something the Voting Rights Act set out to correct.

  3. BulldawgGirl says:

    Gary Black is also a committed conservative Republican that can win in November. I think that he will do the best job and will best be able to outseat Tommy Irvin.

  4. funkymonkey says:

    i doubt that a majority turned out to “vote against gary black” its more like they turned out to vote for other candidates and it got statistically split like expected from a down the ballot race. I do believe though that some dems crossed over to vote against mr black because they know the threat he poses to Irvin in november.

  5. memberg says:

    Point is that it doesn’t matter what percentage of counties you win.

    Were you asking what the county unit system was? I’m sure the CVIOG website can help you out with some history.

  6. Jeff Emanuel says:

    I did make the effort to point out that the number that matters is the popular vote, not the number of counties won. Kemp has an uphill battle ahead, but it is not impossible. However, he didn’t perform as well as hoped by many; even in his home county, he lost the “greenest” precincts (although he overwhelmingly won the county proper).

  7. landman says:

    How many votes do you guys think will be cast in this runoff? Considering the low-turnout of the Primary itself.

  8. Bull Moose says:

    My guess is that about 100,000 votes will be cast in the runoff, maybe a few more in and around the Metro Atlanta area because of Karen Handel.

    If we want to win in November, we’d be wise to nominate Brian Kemp for Agriculture Commissioner.

  9. Groseclose says:

    Bull Moose:

    Please enlighten us! Why in the world do you believe Brian Kemp is better suited for a match up with Gary Black?

    Kemp doesn’t have any support in rural Georgia, a place that the GOP has to win to continue their dominating trend.

    Kemp has less money.

    Kemp has less name recognition.

    Please explain yourself rather than making such absurd predictions.

  10. blazer says:

    In an Ag Comm. race, what is an important demographic to have behind you……

    Farmers…. who has farmers behind him? beside Tommy… Gary Black…

    Gary is the only candidate that has a chance of pulling farm support away from TI.. I frankly think there is very little chance of either GOP candidate beating TI… but I beleive wholeheartedly that GWB has the best chance of doing so..

  11. John Silage Jr. says:

    I agree. The farmers down in SOWEGA don’t even know who Brian Kemp is. However, they are excited about Gary Black. Gary is the only one that can pull farm support away from Irvin. I don’t think the farmers would support Kemp, but if he wins the nomination I wish they would.

  12. techtrack says:

    this is a run-off, the key is who is going to get their base out to vote. was the farmer base bigger, or the metro base bigger? it helps to start with a much bigger base. i did receive an email from the greer campaign endorsing kemp.

  13. John Silage Jr. says:

    No doubt the metro base is bigger but without the farmer vote in the General, Tommy Irvin will certainly win. My thinking is that most of the metro vote will go for the GOP nominee(excluding inner city Atlanta). With that being said, it will come down to whether or not the GOP candidate can carry rural Georgia. Black can do it because he has appeal to rural Georgians. The farmers are confortable with him. I simply don’t see Kemp getting anyone down in South Georgia Excited.

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