Winning Under the Radar

We have all, quite rightly, been congratulating those who were on the ballot and won, but I think there is a winner — a BIG winner — who has escaped notice.

Speaker Glenn Richardson was one of the very few politicians in this state who had the balls to engage in several contested primaries around the state for legislative seats. He got engaged, he raised money, and worked for the candidates he endorsed. The result? Not only did all of his guys win the primaries, but now he has a solid new group of loyalists in the legislature.

And while we’ve all been paying attention to Ralph and Casey’s fundraising numbers, Speaker Richardson has had Tony Simon out beating the bushes raising about $1.5 million to throw at House races. That is $1,500,000.00, a whole lot of zeros in there. Between individual contributions and getting incumbents to throw money into the pot, Tony and Glenn have built a formidable war chest that will help people like Tony Sellier take Robert Ray’s seat and Allen Freeman keep his seat. That also begs the question — how many more Democrats will become Republicans if they make it past November?


  1. rugby_fan says:

    “Democrats will become Republicans if they make it past November?”

    Not many to none. The ones who are elected now still believe in the Party’s principles.

    I am going to go out on a limb and say Cathy Cox will switch. She has already been courted by the GOP and I think she wants to do more, much more, in GA politics and will see the Republicans as the way to do that.

  2. rugby_fan says:

    I think she exhibited a true paucity of politcal skill in the race for Governor. She would see the Republican party as the best way to get things done for her ambitions in GA.

    Just sayin’ that would be the big one to watch out for.There is a slim chance it’ll happen, but a chance none the less.

  3. Demonbeck says:

    But, what would she gain from it? After November, we’ll have a second term Governor, a first term and rising LG, two Republican US Senators who can stay as long as they wish, a young rising Speaker, an ambitious SoS and qualified leadership in both the House and the Senate. The only place for Cathy in the Georgia Republican Party would be to run for Congress against Sanford Bishop.

    It is quite evident that in 2010 our problem is not going to be a lack of options for statewide and leadership posts, but a lack of posts for our leaders.

  4. freeloader says:

    I don’t think Cathy will switch, her best opportunity to switch was before the Gov Primary. The Dems have a very weak bench and her best shot is to stay as a Dem where she’ll be a big fish in a small pond. The Repubs are not lacking in potential statewide candidates and Cathy would be considered a small fish in a big lake in Repub circles.

    Once you get past Cathy and Mark for Dem Statwide candidates, the list gets very weak. I’ll give Shirley her due and consider her a formidable opponent, but who else do they have? Flaming liberals from Dekalb and South Fulton are not going to win statewide.

    In a Party that has fielded Denise Majette and the “cookie guy” to run in open or Repub held Senate seats doesn’t exactly have a strong group of hitters on deck.

  5. Freeloader you clearly mean “flaming liberal” = “black”. I have a hard time looking at, just for example here, Thurbert Baker’s record as Attorney General and calling it liberal.

    Need I remind you that he won big in 2002 and even in Perry Mcguire’s bogus poll (where he allegedly jumps 20 points after two bio statements are read about the candidates, probably along the lines of Perry Mcguire is a good Christian who works for Chic Fil A and served in the Senate. Thurbert Baker is a fried chicken eating liberal black politician from metro Atlanta who refused to personally defend Georgia’s gay marriage amendment) he starts off way ahead of McGuire and will probably stay there when as he continues to remind Georgians of all stripes of the good things he has done for this state.

    Now, I invite you to make the mistake that a politician like Thurbert Baker isn’t a credible top of ticket statewide candidate for Georgia, or for that matter Jim Marshall. Our bench includes a lot of upstanding guys. Sure you’ve got Glenn Richardson, who does well in a 70% Republican district, but we haven’t really seen any evidence that a lot of the GOP’s rising stars will do that well in a general election. Heck, Bill Stephens can’t even get 40% in a Republican primary, how will someone so ethically charged do in a general election?

  6. Broty says:

    I’d even guess that the Democrat stars of the future don’t even hold office today.

    There’s been a lot of Democrats leave/loose their seats in goverment who’ve been around for a while. I think you’ll start to see new, well-adapted democrat candidates emerge that will be very competitive in this state.

    Shyam Reddy may have lost last Tuesday, but who’s to say that in 1 or 2 election cycles we won’t be saying he was just a candidate ahead of his time.

  7. GOPeach says:

    Speaker Richardson is doing a great job!!
    Go Glen Go! Tear it up!

    He knows how to build momentum. I have
    enjoyed watching him focus on the State
    House seats and Get the House in Order!
    He is wonderful.

    He seems to support women candidates
    which is great! Looks like the dems are
    getting their women off the ballots. Now is
    time for GOP women to shine!

    As far as Cobb seats go ( where I live) , I
    know the Speaker is very much
    behind Cindye Coates, Sharon Cooper,
    and Judy Manning

    Judy Manning is unopposed. Cindye Coates
    and Sharon Cooper have democrat oppistion.

    I would suggest that we get these women elected
    because they will be able to get more done in
    the majority than a man in the minority.



  8. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Peach, You claim to be the wife of a judge, live in Cobb county and in Cindye Coates district. You are really narrowing down who you could be. But then again all of the judges wifes that I know in Cobb are not loony and can form cooherent sentences.

  9. GOPeach says:

    Brian from Elijay-

    I am in Vinings. I do not live in Cindye Coates’ district.
    She is north of me in Marietta by Kennesaw Mountain
    next to Judy Manning I think. I live closer to Sharon Cooper’s
    district actually. My husband serves in Fulton Co.

    We attend Church at Mt. Paran and so we live near it.
    I am a counselor and I do a lot of work there and
    Church of the Apostles.

    So you know a lot of judges’ wives huh? I am gld you
    think we are all intelligent! 🙂 That’s very kind of you.

    Are you in Elijay? How do you know judges in Cobb?
    Are you a lawyer like Bah Mama Boy?

  10. Brian from Ellijay says:

    I was mainly thinking of Plichta. But, no I am not an attorney. Have applications into several law schools though.

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