Unity, what unity?

I’ve been scanning over the posts and comments since I got back and I thought I’d say something about Party unity. For starters, the standard bearer for Georgia’s Republicans is not the Lt. Governor nominee. No offense meant to soon to be Lt. Governor Cagle, but the leader of the Republican Party is Governor Sonny Perdue. It is behind the Governor that Republicans will unify.

I don’t need any soothing words from the Cagle campaign to make me feel better about myself, and frankly why should they offer any? Cagle blew Reed out of the water and to the victor go the spoils. Cagle should focus on winning in November, because after all, isn’t that what this is all about?

If the Republican Party is to be the majority Party in Georgia, Republicans must to trust the primary voters to get it right. That’s my opinion, I welcome yours. 🙂

Jeff E. blogged along these lines back on July 5th.


  1. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Nice one, Buzz — glad you’re back! The focus on a lower office instead of the state’s “standard bearer” is, in my opinion, a combined result of the Governor’s security in the nomination, and the high profile/contentiousness of the candidates and campaigns in the Lt. Gov race.

    I think you’ve injected some good perspective into the situation, and agree that we should focus on (a) uniting behind the Governor, and (b) remaining in line on down the ballot, to follow the standard-bearer’s lead and to remain united not only as voters, but as state leadership.

  2. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Buzz, you are correct, however, the Party has just come through a heavily contested primary where the gotv efforts were built around the LG race, not the governors. People who were diligently working for their candidate in this race are responding in kind. The governor is going to have to pull tap into those people, and of course he will, to build support. He is definitely going to need it.

  3. landman says:

    Buzz,your synopsis is totally correct and I concur.We have an opportunity as a Party to take total control of this state and thats what we have all been working for and we should keep our eye on that goal.As a party we have grown
    to the point where from this point on there will always be contested Primaries albeit not as High Profile as the LG race was but nonetheless contested and we need to come out of these Primaries accepting the winner as our choice for the General.

    I feel strongly that at the end of the day we as Republicans will come together and put the Dems on the shelf for awhile.If we slap them like we are capable of this cycle they are done for a good while and will become a shell of what they once were.

  4. Michael C says:

    The loyalty shown in the Lt. Governors’ race on both sides is to be commended. The answer is to unify behind Sonny (who we agree on). The rest of our differences will fix themselves over time.

    The contentiousness of the LG race shows passion. That’s what I want in politics. I want people to fight for their guy. To not be passive. I understand that it is hard to let go of residual feelings. I still have them but I know we have bigger fish to fry in beating Mark Taylor. We all can agree on that.

  5. Demonbeck says:

    We’d all be united if it weren’t for those other guys. They are ruining any chance of unity and they suck for it and so does their candidate.

  6. Broty says:


    Actually, those guys and their candidate have done nothing but try and unify the party. It’s the other guys that are ruining it for everybody.

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