More on McKinney (and those pesky crossover voters…)

The AJC’s Political Insider has a blurb on the effort to boot Cynthia McKinney this August, and on what she can do to help/hinder her own party in statewide elections as a result of her performance in the upcoming runoff. According to Messr’s Baxter and Galloway:

We’re…hearing from people who walk the halls up there, that cops at the U.S. Capitol in Washington are passing the hat for Johnson. Not sure about the amounts involved, but if Georgia cops jump in as well, it could produce a tidy sum fairly quickly.

Don’t blame ’em a bit. Even more interesting was this:

Should she lose next month…McKinney won’t be able to argue that Republicans did her in. All the hardcore Republicans in the district voted in the Reed-Cagle race on Tuesday.

So here’s the day’s topic for you armchair strategists out there. And remember, the following is a tactical discussion — not an endorsement:

The technology is there for Republicans. But do you pull the trigger? We’ve heard a good many people say no, Republicans need McKinney as a poster child for liberal excess. But that’s a fund-raising argument the Republican National Committee might make. The more pressing strategic argument involves the re-election of Gov. Sonny Perdue.

Say that Democrat Mark Taylor makes all the right moves, and the race for governor in late October is tight. Would Republicans rather have a happy, enthusiastic McKinney pushing all the south DeKalb County buttons at her disposal? Or would they rather have a sullen, defeated McKinney who thinks Democrats — perhaps including Taylor — didn’t do all they should have to help her?

We’ve passed this by a number of people today, and it’s produced one cogent objection: They say that McKinney’s turnout machine, like that of Ralph Reed, is highly over-rated, and is decreasing in power as south DeKalb’s middle-class wealth increases.

Remember, one Democrat told us, that had John F. Coyne III of far-away Alpharetta not jumped into the race — and siphoned 5,249 votes from Johnson — there would be no run-off. It was Johnson who was drawn into the run-off on Tuesday, not vice versa.

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  1. Michael C says:

    I like having her in Washington. I look forward to seeing her in her lime green, or orange sherbet colored suit on the aisle at the State of the Union. She shows up hours before to save her seat so she can get on TV. Its priceless.

    She is the albatross around the Democrat’s necks, and she does nothing but help Republicans.

  2. Dignan says:

    Michael: thanks for being willing to sacrifice those of us who live in the 4th district and have no representation. Your perspective is way too cynical and needs to be done away with.

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