Reed’s Endorsement Backlash and GOP Presidential Primary

We have already heard some of the things going on with the fact that Sen Balfour endorsed Reed in the Primary and attempted to have Waffle House campaign for Ralph, but I wanted to provide a little analysis on some of Reed’s other “big name” endorsements, which Reed supporters boasted were going to lead him to the Lt. Gov’s office.

This is pretty basic stuff, here, but bear with me.

Did anyone else find it interesting that with the exception of Zell Miller (he’s excluded from this analysis on the basis that he isn’t really in politics anymore, officially, at least), Reed’s endorsements were from some relatively big political names, each of whom are already in the news for something totally unrelated to who they endorse in a down ticket race in the Georgia Primary? 

Newt Gingrich and Rudy Guiliani both endorsed Ralph, but why?  The answer is not difficult … they needed Ralph, more than he needed them, and those endorsements never had anything to do with Georgia or the Primary (or Ralph Reed, for that matter).

Newt needed Ralph because he thought it would help him “stay in touch” with Georgia conservatives, because since he has not been living in Georgia for a number of years now, this was the best way to make sure his old base would around for him in the Presidential Primary.  Look at the Cobb straw poll … Newt won it, so it looks like that mission was accomplished.  Newt, however, was smart to stay arms length from Ralph’s campaign, only helping him out early on, so as not to receive too much backlash from Reed’s scandal and now abyssmal showing in the Primary.

The second place contender in that straw poll brings me to my next example:  Rudy G.  How the heck did the liberal RINO, Rudy Guiliani manage to come in second in a Presidential straw poll taken in a conservative Southern district?  Could it have anything to do with the fact that the LG candidate Rudy endorsed weeks before came in first in that same straw poll?

Rudy needed Ralph much more than Ralph ever could have used Rudy!  If Rudy has any hopes of being a contender in the GOP Presidential Primary, then he will need some help getting the conservative vote!  I guess Rudy thought the former director of the Christian Coalition could help him with that … shows you how much Rudy knows about Southern conservative voters.

One other non-Georgia example of “why the heck are these big names endorsing small candidates” mentality is a race currently going on in Louisiana.  Sen John McCain has just endorsed a GOP candidate for Secretary of State.  That’s right … you heard me.  Granted, it’s the only big race in the state right now, but what business does McCain have endorsing a leading conservative candidate in the Deep South?

Could it be:  “Hey, look at me … I’m John McCain, and I’m really conservative despite what you see me do in the [useless] Senate.  See … I really care about conservative principles.  I even endorsed a conservative candidate in a state that I’ve only been to like twice in my life, and one of those times was partying in New Orleans” (ok, McCain didn’t actually say that … I used a little creative license there). 

What do you all think about endorsement backlash?  I know there will be a couple of Georgia Legislators paying for their dying loyalty, but will Georgia’s embarrassing candidacy of Ralph Reed for Lt. Gov affect the GOP Presidential Primary? 

One note:  I realize this will all be long history by the time the Pres Primaries heat up, but humor me here. 


  1. Bill Simon says:

    Cecil Staton, Don Balfour, Ralph Hudgens, Linda Hamrick, Sadie Fields, Grover Norquist, Jack Abramoff, Tom DeLay, Bill Frist (just on general principles of him being a complete moron)…I’m sure there will be some more I thnk of later.

  2. Demonbeck says:


    If you act that way, then the Religious Wackos have won.

    Seriously, though, we cannot admonish Philly for being a poor sport in his refusal to support Casey for LG and then say things like that. We must always support the Republican nominee, because as debbie says, “The worst Republican is better than the best Democrat.”

    I understand your feelings, but for anyone who has swallowed their pride and voted for Bob Dole can attest, debbie is right.

  3. GAWire says:

    Speaking of Hamrick … have they just run out of nails to put into her political coffin? I mean, seriously … stick a fork in here. She is D-O-N-E and every election cycle presents an opportunity to further confirm it!

    As far as Sadie goes … was anyone really shocked?

    And for the record, I am no longer supporting Jack Abramoff b/c of his endorsement of Ralph Reed 🙂

  4. GAWire says:

    Demon, that is true, but typically only at the higher levels, such as Pres.

    I have always supported Newt, despite some bad endorsement calls, but I have learned to trust Newt’s political judgement … he thinks three levels ahead of most people.

    As for Rudy, that will be a tough button to push if it came to it in Nov ’08 (not that it will ever get that far), but don’t think for a second that I would hesitate to do it. At that point, we all know we’re voting for the Party or against the other Party.

  5. GAWire says:

    Uh, Bill, Tom DeLay as far as I’m concerned isn’t even in office anymore, and he doesn’t represent me anyways. I’ve never been a die hard DeLay fan … just a supporter of the Majority.

  6. GAWire says:

    B-Boy, I would vote for a dying embryonic stem cell before voting for Hillary Clinton.

    Also, I vote Abramoff for Shower Monitor.

  7. politicalState says:

    I think you have to work your way up to Shower Monitor. Freshman prisoner’s usually have one or two terms of “Bunk Buddy” first.

  8. Bull Moose says:

    Demon, PRIMARIES buddy. It would take a miracle before I voted for a Dem in the general election. But, I can work my tail off to ensure that the names I included don’t win a primary.

    I think that the people I mentioned showed poor political judgement and if they are going to exercise poor political judgement, what about the rest of their decisions…

    Demon, you’re taking my comments way way too serious…

    I hate to admit it but the worst Republican is better than a Democrat, so Debbie, I agree with you…

  9. Big Mack says:

    I am delighted that Reed lost. I think that what this boils down to is that at least half of his CC followers decided that they did not want to take a chance on the next Lt. Governor being a resident of Leavenworth Penitentary. This is evident in the Fulton, Cobb, Cherokee, Dekalb and Fayette returns.

  10. Big Mack says:

    I would hate to be Ralph Hudgins and Cecil Staton at this point. I’ll bet that they are both talking to themselves now.

  11. dagny says:

    The backlash on this thing is not good for R’s in general. More D’s pulled ballots and that does not account for the gay community that came out in droves to vote against Ralph – who will vote D in the general. This was clearly the anti-Ralph vote. It’s something we knew was a possibility, but the anti-vote was venemous – much more than was anticipated.

    Of course Guiliani wanted to shore up that base – can’t get much past you, genius. Zell, I don’t think so. That guy could give a crap. He believes in Ralph’s causes.

    And don’t get so hasty to say that Cecil and Ralph H. and Balfour are in all this trouble. If you understand Senate politics at ALL, you know that this is a LOT more complex than that. The split R to D’s is narrow, and this general is going to be a bitch! Once the fat lady sings in November – THEN the fight will begin. The current leadership is not going to lie down and take this – they will work all kinds of angles to keep the structure in place. The D’s will also be looking for ways to “help” so they might take back a little bit of the power.

    So, don’t count your chickens. Here’s what i do know…Casey won and that’s that. R’s should get behind him as bitter as the pill might be. We can’t make the mistake of being divided, becuase this election is going to be hard enough.

    Casey is overall a good guy. He will make a good Lt. Gov. I do wish that his acceptance speech would have mirrored Ralph’s concession a little more. Ralph talked about how he would get behind Casey – he was a real class act – and Casey basically stuck it in Ralph’s face. Does he not realize he’s going to need every damn vote come November? He’s about to find out that the media has been using him and what it’s like to be on the receiving end of their crap. What will become clear to him is that he’s going to need the 45% that Ralph walked away with, so that was a little ridiculous…we’ll see.

  12. CHelf says:

    Looking at the returns in Zell Country and Westmoreland Country, I’d question what they brought to the table. That really goes for all of the big name endorsements Ralph picked up.

    I’d say the opposite of conventional wisdom prevailed in this race. Usually the big endorsement list and support of elected officials loses out over the ‘grassroots’ campaign. In the Cagle-Reed race, the opposite tactics from what was expected happened and so did the result.

  13. GOPeach says:


    Cecil Staton is not going to kiss anyone’s sweaty
    fanny. He is a gentleman; a true statesman whom
    you wil be glad stands tall. He is humble but not

    He is who he is. Thank God.

    You may not like his thinking, but you have to
    respect someone who does not cave when the
    power plays begin. I wish he were my Senator.

    Just because he sent Cindye Coates money,
    has made me respect him a lot. He has my
    support. I know lots of folks in Macon and at
    Mercer Law.

    I bet you anything Coates becomes the
    GOP House Freshman shining star. Her
    enthusiasm is contageous even in a
    democratic district. They love her. She
    will bring that to the State House.
    FYI – her husband is has a few Grammy’s.
    he is a songwriter. The liberals love
    their connection to the arts.

  14. GOPeach says:


    That was a great post!

    I agree with you. The arrogance in the Cagle camp
    is the kiss of death. They need to seriously grow
    up and have some class.

    I suggest they stop playing video games and
    drive a real car. This is not “drag “racing in Hall
    County ( which is what the gays thought)…
    this is a real race that will effect the ballot.

    I’d say some humility would be nice.

    I still say RALPH REED ROCKS to the tune of

    Okay everybody … ready …slowly now…
    push in the clutch and change gears
    we are on a different road.

  15. debbie0040 says:

    Unfortunately, I think the GOP will remain split on the Lt. Governor’s race from what I am hearing.

  16. debbie0040 says:

    Cagle was very arrogant in his speech and showed a lack of class. It may have sealed his fate from the feedback I have heard.

  17. debbie0040 says:

    McCain was the one that was found not to be acceptible. McCain had a 41% Unacceptible rating. Rudy had a 71% acceptibility rating.

  18. shep1975 says:

    As for Newt, it’s beginning to look like his endorsement is the kiss of death! Ask Dylan Glenn and Robert Lamutt! Quick Newt…endorse Mark Taylor!!!

  19. shep1975 says:

    Newt won the Cobb straw poll because half of Cobb County (including yours truly) have either worked for or volunteered for Newt’s campaigns.

  20. landman says:

    Debbie,I was standing right next to Casey when he made his speech and I dont agree with your discription of it at all.Casey was very gracious and had many people to thank,so whats your beef?I thought he was cordial to Ralph and was feeling like anyone who had just accomplished such a victory would feel.

    Ralph has always bragged how he has always put the Party first,here’s his chance to do just that,and earn back some lost credebility.I hope he does and I hope the Reed supporters will as well,I guess we shall see who are real Republicans in November.

  21. jacewalden says:


    You wouldn’t be Senator Chip Rogers would you? He was standing right beside Casey during that speech. 😉

    Regardless, you’re right. The speech was not arrogant or condescending in any way.

  22. GrandOleDawg says:

    I really thought that the endorsements would help to temper the effects of some of Casey’s attacks. Whatever their politics or history, people like Rudy, Zell, and Newt. Looking back now, it doesn’t look like anything could have overcame the triple threat of Casey’s nasty attacks, the media’s constant pounding, and the State Senate stumping hard for their man. I know my Senator was busting his butt for Casey like HE was the candidate.

    As far as backlash goes, I doubt it will be big. When these guys get going in ’08, there are going to be lots bigger issues than who Rudy or Newt endorsed in the LG race. Sure, many on here have completely written off anyone who so much as pondered voting for Ralph. But the average Republican voter doesn’t live in an all-encompassing Lt. Governor bubble (as we have been in for a year or so now). And GAWire, you can turn down the rhetoric a little bit, the race is over (embarrassing candidacy? gimme a break).

    And I agree with dagny….Casey could have been a little classier with his victory speech. But honestly, I wasn’t surprised.

  23. BahamaBoy says:

    To quote your favorite president, Ronald Reagan, “Now there you go again, Debbie.”

    You say “Cagle was very arrogant in his speech and showed a lack of class.”

    Back it up! Point to the specific words he uttered that display arrogance. Show us the lack of class.

    I am so sick of your bullsh#2t posts here pontificating with absolutely nothing offered as evidence, much less proof.

    Go download a copy of Cagle’s speech and quote to us the specific passages that support your baseless and idiotic charges.

    The first One Cagle thanked was His Heavenly Father. You can start with that one and see if you can twist it to your advantage.

    And I am STILL waiting for my steak dinner. Which Waffle House shall we meet at? I’ll bring my own Heinz 57!

  24. landman says:

    Grand Dawg,give me the parts you had a problem with,I just dont see how you and Debbie can honestly say this.

  25. Michael C says:

    I was in attendance, live and in person for Casey’s speech, and I did not find it arrogant in the slightest. It was humble and gracious. Arrogance is saying your candidate will win by 10-15% when they actually loose by that margin. This is just more sour grapes from the losing side.

    The only candidate out there that has a chance in ’08 is George Allen. As for the Cobb straw poll Ralph won that with 65% but still lost the county by 5,000 votes. I just don’t see Ralph getting elected after he did this. Could have been funny, but horrible execution.

  26. Michael C says:

    That last line was supposed to be I just don’t see Rudy getting elected after he did this. Could have been funny, but horrible execution.

  27. Debbie,

    Casey had some real nice things to say about Ralph later on in the speech and there was applause. Casey’s speech was alot longer so the tv stations did not air the entire speech.

  28. GrandOleDawg says:

    Bahama, landman…please, step away from the coffee. I didn’t like the speech. I’m entitled to that. I’m not going to re-write his speech for him. Wasn’t horrible, but I thought he could have been more gracious.

  29. CHelf says:

    I heard the speech and didn’t think there was any arrogance to it. I think there are those who no matter what wanted Ralph to win and will not accept anyone else could have beat him. Many of Ralph’s people have openly come out and support Casey. There are others who cannot admit what they did and cannot handle Cagle winning. To those, especially to the ones who even said they’d support whoever won, you have a basic choice of either helping the GOP or helping liberals like Taylor, Hecht/Martin, etc. What do you want to be known for?

    As far as polls and who is on top in the 2008 race, I think we’ve all seen the effects of polls…straw polls….nationwide polls….GA polls. They can change, be manipulated, or just flat out have incorrect methodology. Taking a nationwide sample of 1000-1500 people has to be the farthest reach in determining anything. Just where were these 1000 pulled from? Are they NE Rockefeller Republicans? Southern Christian Conservative Republicans? Once these guys get out there and generate a platform and raise money to get that message out, we’ll see more realistic numbers are.

  30. BahamaBoy says:

    Dawg, I have no problem with you not “liking” Cagle’s speech. Everyone has different opinions about such things.

    What I asked Debbie to do is back up HER baseless assertions that Cagle’s speech was “arrogant” or “lacked class.”

    And I am still waiting . . . and waiting . . . and waiting . . .

  31. dagny says:

    >I’d say the opposite of conventional wisdom prevailed in this race. Usually the big endorsement list and support of elected officials loses out over the ‘grassroots’ campaign. In the Cagle-Reed race, the opposite tactics from what was expected happened and so did the result.

    agreed. this primary defied all conventional wisdom if you ask me.

  32. dagny says:

    Did you see the speech bahama boy or were you in the bathroom rubbing yourself down with coco butter? how could you NOT see that it was A) rambling, which made the media totally cut away and B) arrogant.? How could someone miss this?

  33. northside elephant says:

    I’ve worked on a big campaign that lost in the primary so I know how bad it sucks for all of the Reed people right now. Even though I am proud of my fairly specific predictions that seemed to turn out in this race, I’m not about to gloat.

    A few points:
    1) It would have been worse to lose a race like this by just a tiny margin because that would have made the staff/volunteers look like they could have worked a little harder and won.

    2) It’s best to find a new candidate for your energy. Karen Handel is a fine choice.

    3) The best thing that I did after a brutal campaign loss a few years ago was take a vacation and stop reading the blogs and news for about 2 weeks.

  34. northside elephant says:

    Oh what the hell, since Dagny keeps pushing it maybe I will rub it in.

    There is nothing at all surprising about Reed’s big loss. He had 40%-50% unfavorables going into this! No one can survive that.

    Celebrity endorsements help raise money, thats all they are good for, no one cares who John Smoltz or some NASCAR driver votes for. Local endorsements on the other hand give volunteers, sign locations, local credibility and more to actually win votes.

    Voters almost always reject candidates for major, statewide office that lack previous elected experience.

  35. Jeff Emanuel says:

    IMHO, it was only arrogant if what you were looking for was a “Ralph Reed is actually better than me and I didn’t deserve to win, but he sure did” somewhere in it. I’ve spoken with Cagle many times, and have never found him to be anything even slightly resembling arrogant; on the contrary, I have found him to be one of the most humble and genuine men I have met.

    I won’t attack Reed’s speech at all; I thought it was gracious and well-timed. He’s a great speaker, even when he has to say something no candidate ever wants to. I will say, as someone who’s seen him speak, and spoken with him, several times, he appeared to be a bit “punch drunk” during the concession speech, as though he didn’t know what hit him — which is 100% understandable. Almost NOBODY saw this coming (a 12 point loss for him); I know I sure as heck didn’t.

  36. FarmBoy says:

    I’d rather vote for a democrat than settle for someone like Cagle who used the liberal media to drive his campaign of lies.

  37. dagny says:

    Yeah, I agree that Casey is a humble, good guy…however, he just came across a little “poke you in the eye” and even though Ralph lost by a good margin – he still has some hard core voters that Cagle’s gonna need.

    And I totally agree that it’s better to lose by a more signifiant number…people feel better.

    I am not directly tied to the campaign, so I’m not all bummed out. I just wanted Ralph to win. I don’t need to take any time or anything like that…just not that close to it.

  38. larry smith says:

    A few points:

    1) The threats from bitter Reed supporters directed toward Casey are just silly. If these folks could deliver on their words in the first place, their guy would have won.

    2) Who the hell is Cindye Coates and why should anyone care that her husband won a Grammy?

    3) It’s not like Reed didn’t give as good as he got in that race. The only difference is that Cagle’s hits were more effective because they were more accurate.

    4) How does GOPeach personally know who does and does not have a “sweaty fanny?”

    5) Did someone on this board really just use the word “fanny” in a post?

    6) And most importantly, the GOP would gain points at the polls if Ralph’s 100 noisiest and most bitter supporters went off and started their own party. The fact of the matter is that nuts like this scare normal people away from our party.

  39. Demonbeck says:

    I did not mean to insult my supporters in Fannin County. I retract my statement and apologize.

  40. Jimbo says:

    Cagle thought he could run a very nasty campaign and once he won the primary, all Reed supporters would just fall in lockstep and support him. That is not happening and you guys know it. Nothing will change that anger out there. Not time and not pleadings that if we stay at home we will elect liberals. I will not fall for that rhetoric or that type of manipulation.

    I have heard a lot of rhetoric since Cagle’s victory about how the Christian/religious voters are no longer front and center in the GOP and how the more moderate voices are prevailing.

    Well the GOP can sure see how well they prevail without this christian conservative vote in November. I urge all christian conservatives to sit out the November election and let the GOP see how well they do without our vote.

  41. Bull Moose says:

    You know, it’s absurd for anyone to say that Casey’s speach was anything but gracious in victory. He was thankful of the call from Ralph Reed. He wished the Reed family well.

    What’s telling about Casey is that in his victory speach, he said many of the things that he said to me when I first met him over a year ago back when he was 40 or so points down.

    I know some of you LOVED Ralph Reed, but please, give Casey a chance. You will be very pleased. He is one of the nicest and most sincere people in politics today and you will be very glad to have him serve in statewide office.

    Now, as for threats, I personally was on the receiving side from some of those threats from Reed volunteers in Chatham County. I didn’t appreciate it and I was stunned to receive them. I can forgive a lot of them, but still, it’s alarming that people would become so antagonistic towards one another. I honestly think that if you have to step down to threats that you may need to pull back and not be involved in politics.

    I’m sorry if that hurts someones feelings, but think about the other person who is on the receiving end of the threat? They are excited and enthusiastic about who they are supporting and by making a threat, you’re just making that person not want to be involved anymore. It’s not right, acceptable, or tolerated.

  42. Demonbeck says:

    In fact, it wasn’t me that typed it, it was my press secretary, Brad Alexander, who typed it and sent it out without my consent.

    Damn you Brad Alexander!

  43. Bull Moose says:

    It was a 12 point victory… That’s not even really competitive. It was a landslide victory.

  44. HSC Republican says:

    After what the Reed people did to me in Chatham County….I can never, and will never work with those people again. Nor will I ever support Reed for not demanding these people not do it. There hits were below the belt, and down right lies. It is sad when a 20 year old has to get a lawyer because of the lies being told about him! It is down right slander!

  45. nfire says:

    I don’t associate myself with either party.

    I was an intern at the capitol and I got the “big umbrella” speech from several republicans. From the press and others, I had identified republicans with Tom Delay and Ralph Reed types, and a lot of the folks I met up at the gold dome tried to tell me that I shouldn’t identify republicans that way. Now that Casey has won, I have a reason to believe them. If Ralph Reed had been nominated, I would have been done with Georgia republicans for a long time. Let’s see what Republicans do with their influence. Let’s hope there’s a lot less argument about fireworks, marriage, abortions, gayness on golf courses, logs on the bottoms of rivers, and noodling, and a lot more about cutting spending and traffic congestion.

  46. Michael C says:

    Reed made his speech for the TV cameras. Cagle was speaking to the crowd at hand. He was thankful to everyone in that room. He even stayed around for several hours talking to everyone in the room thanking them. We left after midnight and there he was still talking with everyone who had worked hard to get him elected.

  47. Sandy Brothers says:

    Looks like Senate politics are getting real interesting right now according to the Political Insider.

    Moody has announced he is running against Balfour.
    Rumor at the capitol is that Shafer may be the chair of rules and Pearson the new pro tem. Rogers may be the new majority leader.

    Why no front page post on this guys. Let the games begin.

  48. Demonbeck says:


    Why do you bother reading InsiderAdvantage anymore? Did you not see how easily PeachPundit tooled them on Primary night? Beating them on scoop after scoop?

    I would venture to say that the front page bloggers on PeachPundit are by far more in touch with the voters and elected leaders of this great state and much better looking to boot – especially that Demonbeck guy, he’s awesome.

  49. Bull Moose says:

    We don’t talk about it because you’re the only person that reads InsiderAdvantage… Why don’t you post it here…

    Chip Pearson is the man! I could see him running for the US Senate one day…

  50. Bull Moose says:

    We don’t talk about it because you’re the only person that reads InsiderAdvantage… Why don’t you post it here…

    Chip Pearson is the man! I could see him running for the US Senate one day…

  51. Bull Moose says:

    We don’t talk about it because you’re the only person that reads InsiderAdvantage… Why don’t you post it here…

    Chip Pearson is the man! I could see him running for the US Senate one day…

  52. GAWire says:

    >>”””I still say RALPH REED ROCKS to the tune of

    HHHMMMM … you “hate” being losers, huh? Reed folks are like those types of people that want to lose, so they can whine and cry about.

    NEWSFLASH: You gotta have MORE than your opponent to win!

  53. GAWire says:

    >>”””Cagle was very arrogant in his speech and showed a lack of class. It may have sealed his fate from the feedback I have heard.”””

    Time for today’s history lesson … let’s review some of the other stuff that Debbie “heard” in the past:

    -Ralph Reed is going to win by 10 points.
    -Ralph Reed’s grassroots machine will beat Cagle’s
    -Ralph Reed’s supporters are more loyal than Cagle supporters
    -Ralph Reed is the conservative candidate that the majority of voters want
    -Ralph Reed will have GWB campaigning for him
    -Ralph Reed’s Rudy endorsement will help him win
    -Ralph Reed led all of the polls
    -Ralph Reed will win, etc, etc, etc

    Call me crazy, but I’m not going to subscibe to anything Debbie “hears” anymore.

    Deb, just b/c the voices in your head tell you something, doesn’t mean you should repeat it!

  54. GAWire says:

    And, let’s get something else strait … there were no crossover Dem voters coming out in droves. If you believe this, then you are blinder than I thought. Crossover voters are not why Ralph lost. You can keep telling yourself that, but you will still be a moron, and there will be nothing we can do to change that.

    There were less than 100 crossover voters that voted against Ralph.

    Let’s get one other thing strait: Reed supporters will vote R in Nov for Lt. Gov. Ok? Can you get that through your heads?

    Give up your little wet dream that the person who whipped Ralphie all over the school yard is going to lose.

    I know it must really suck to be in your position, but it’s time for reality to kick in!

  55. BahamaBoy says:

    And someone said I get a little rough on here sometimes?

    Thanks for pointing out the truth about those voices in Debbie’s head. Those same ones appear to be driving a handful, and I do mean “handful,” of others posting here to bitch and moan ad nauseum about their man’s loss.

    I agree that the majority of Republicans will have no qualms about touching the screen for Cagle in November. So if this hate-filled minority of Kool-Aiders want to continue their rant here, fine. It just doesn’t matter.

  56. atlantaman says:

    “Well the GOP can sure see how well they prevail without this christian conservative vote in November. I urge all christian conservatives to sit out the November election and let the GOP see how well they do without our vote.”

    I feel confident that is not the predominant attitude within the Christian conservative community, due to it’s childish “take the ball and go home mentality.” Georgia has passed some extremely Christian conservative favorable laws in the last few years. To make a statement that equates to: “were going to punish the current set of Republicans by electing a bunch of liberals who will then pass laws contrary to our goals” is the definition of cutting your nose to spite your face.

  57. debbie0040 says:

    GAWIRE, you are a fool if you think there less than 100 crossover votes for Cagle.Look at the numbers in just Dekalb alone. McKinney was on the ballot again.

    Well then GAWIRE, since there were only 100 crossovers, the general eleciton should be a cakewalk for Casey and he should be breathing easy now…

    Moving on to 2008. The Gallup poll that was released basically showed the GOP race to be between McCain and Giuliani. The Gallup is not exactly a straw poll.

    If that holds true and the race is between Rudy and John. Who would you support and why?

    Me, it would be Rudy. Number one, I can’t stomach John McCain. Number two, after 8 years of Bush, voters will be looking for a change unless a miracle happens with his apporval ratings. There is Hillary, Kerry and Al Bore on the Democratic side. I think Rudy could win against any one of them and that is more important than nominating a social conservative.

    Rudy is a national hero and well liked. He believes issue such as marriage and other social issues be left up to the courts to decide. It is doubtful the next President will have Supreme Court Appointments to m ake. I think is he a m u ch better choice than John McCain.

    I actually prefer George Allen but not sure if he will be in the top tier .

  58. BahamaBoy says:

    Anyone else notice that Debbie has shifted from offering her insights into Georgia politics and now has gone national? I think there’s a role for her at the RNC — not!

    Still waiting for Debbie’s evidence that Cagle lied, that Cagle was arrogant in his victory speech and that he “lacked class.”

    The only one around HERE who lacks class is . . . Well, you know who I was gong to name, so I’ll just leave it at that.

  59. GOPeach says:

    Bill Simon-
    I am anything but sexually repressed dear.
    Please know it!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    The judge is one hot man.
    After 28 years of marriage, we still got it
    goin on. It’s one of those Republican
    family values that I strongly suppot
    on a regular basis!

    As for sweaty fannies…
    I just saw a whole lot of Senators scratching
    the back of their pants during the past few
    BBQ’s. I just put 2 and 2 together.

  60. Romegaguy says:

    Why hasnt anybody blogged about VP “Good Aim” Cheney coming to GA to campaign for Ralph Reed today?

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