Greer’s Kemp endorsement

Bob Greer, who, along with Deanna Strickland, threw his support behind Brian Kemp in the Ag Commissioner runoff, had this to say about why he was supporting Kemp:   

We must put someone in office that is not part of the liberal political machine that has run this critical office for over 37 years.  That won’t come from nominating a liberal lobbyist like Gary Black.  We need Kemp’s fresh approach and vision to win in November and ensure we have a true Republican at the helm of one of Georgia’s most important positions.  That’s why I’m endorsing Senator Brian Kemp.    

Pretty hard-hitting; however, this came from the Athens Banner-Herald Wednesday, and provides further evidence that this endorsement may be less about Kemp and more about ABB — “anybody but Black.”   

Greer said he was surprised that Kemp was beating him.   

“He’s a good young man, but, you know, in this race, he really doesn’t have a clue,” Greer said.   

Bottom line: can Greer and Strickland turn out enough of their supporters for Kemp to make up the deficit? And, what really matters: which candidate, if any, can unseat a 37-year incumbent?


  1. Bud says:

    Kemp is the only one of the candidates who can beat Tommy. I don;t understand why this is so hard to see for y’all. It is obvious to me. Just picture Tommy Irvin and Gary Black debating and then picture Brian Kemp and Tommy Irvin debating. The choice is clear.

    Looks like Bob is going after the liberal democrat.

  2. freeloader says:

    What’s going to be freekin hilarious is after Kemp puts out a mailer with Greer and Strickland endorsing him, Black is going to put out a mailer with the following Greer quote, “He’s a good young man, but, you know, in this race, he really doesn’t have a clue.

  3. Romegaguy says:

    It seems like I have asked this at least once before but here we go again… Which GOP candidate for Ag Commissioner has voted the most times in a Democratic primary? It’s not the lobbyist turned candidate…

  4. Bud says:

    So, voted for conservative demorats over liberal hippies in Athens-Clarke county. That is really the same as voting against GW Bush.

  5. ConservativeFire says:

    Where are all of the Liberal Democrat Special Interest Lobbyist, Tommy Irvin, Jr. supporters at? Trying to figure out what went wrong? Trying to figure out what hell you are going to do? Looking at the drained bank account, whats up? Half Time is over, the 3rd quarter has begun and I know you Black supporters are scared, as well you should be.

    We have another chance to vote against the liberal lobbyist. The real republican candidates have united.

    Kemp ’06

  6. funkymonkey says:

    as i have said before i don’t reallly have a pick in this race but would like to know where you get the facts that gary is a liberal lobbyist. seems like kemp staffers are on the blog shooting blanks cus they have no real ammo. i have met gary before and never heard of him being anything but a good christian man. facts anyone????

  7. Mike says:

    You Kempers sound an awful lot like the Greer supporters did last week. Gary needs less than 8 points, your boy needs over 23. Try to be a little rational.

  8. Cotton Boll says:

    You are right monkey….these kemp folks are desperate losers. Gary Black will go on to defeat old Tommy in November.

  9. atlantaman says:

    I guess Gary is a lobybist, but you leave out the fact that he’s a lobbyist for the Georgia Agricultural community. I know it’s a crazy idea, but wouldn’t somebody who’s worked for the best interest of our farmers have a fairly good understanding of Agricultural issues?

    So I guess if you want to portray the fact that Gary has spent a good bit of his career working for farmers as a negative then go right ahead.

  10. Demonbeck says:

    God forbid that someone who has made a living out of speaking for and pushing the legislative agenda of the Georgia Farm Bureau actually oversee the needs of the members of the Georgia Farm Bureau.

    It sounds like quite a stretch.

    And for those of you who like calling Gary a Democrat – I dare you to say the same to Sonny Purdue – especially those of you who trumpeted Zell Miller’s endorsement of Ralph Reed.

  11. ConservativeFire says:

    Yep. Ralph Reed was a “lobbyist” and an “advocate” and look what happened to him. Like him not, the fact that he was a lobbyist hurt him. Gary Black is the same except he is a liberal democrat.

    Gary Black=Jack Abramoff (well, except Gary is a liberal democrat)

    The conservative State Senator will prevail on August 8th!!

  12. Demonbeck says:


    If you think that Ralph Reed lost merely because he is a lobbyist, then you need to get your head out of that fine Georgia Red Clay it’s currently stuck in.

  13. UGAMatthew says:

    that’s right on Altman,
    Sounds like some of the guys need a lesson or in logic and critical thinking…maybe a philosophy class or two…

  14. HJ Bailey says:

    Oh yes UGA, you think you are so brilliant, right? Your political logic and reasoning are off the charts due to spending a year in the University of Georgia CRs. You will be talkin big when Kemp defeats the liberal democrat lobbyist in the run-off. You are going to say s***, maybe I need to start repeating what they say instead.

  15. Groseclose says:

    Fire, you asked where all of us Gary backers were this morning? We were at work! You must forget that Gary also has support among adults that have jobs, not just college students.

  16. UGAMatthew says:

    Hey Bailey,
    I love how you just keep proving my points. If you’re confused, check out the definition of ad-hominem fallacy. You just committed it.

  17. waterboy says:

    Maybe HJ is going for the Peach Pundit “Turd Blogger” award….should be a landslide victory for him.

  18. HJ Bailey says:

    You know waterboy that is a good name for you. You are about on same level as Adam sandler in that movie. And Jeff, just because you almost ran for state house and you post on this blog doesn’t make you the hot shot you think you are.

    Kemp will win the run off. The results from the other night go out the window. It is a whole new ball game. That is how Georgia politics go. Run offs always bring surprises.

    Just me though. But I am wrong because yall are just political masterminds because you post on peach pundit. Haha.

  19. Mike says:

    Bailey–You really crack me up. I’m guessing that you pleasure yourself with thoughts of Kemp dancing in your head every night. Oh Brian!…….Oh Brian!……Oh!!!!…Brian!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. John Silage Jr. says:


    Gary won all the major ag counties in the state. Like I have stated previously, he is the only one that can beat Irvin. The farmers are crazy about Gary and despertatly want a change in the Department. However, Kemp simply does not click with them. I am not saying that they wouldn’t vote for Kemp, but they wouldn’t be very excited about it. Gary would get them excited and that would ripple through the rest of rural Georgia. If rural Georgia backs the GOP nominee, Irvin gets beat. Plain and Simple.

  21. John Silage Jr. says:

    On another Note….If I were Kemp, I would drop out of the run-off. Just think how the GOP would respect him for that. I know I would. He would get my vote on the next race he runs statewide. It would show that he is more committed to seeing the GOP win in November rather than pursuing his own personal agenda. We need every resourse we can get to bring down Irvin. This runoff is only helping Irvin.

    Just think Kemp could say ” I ask Senator Stephens to join me and concede the run-off in order to save the taxpayers of our state money and to ensure a Repbulican victory in November”

  22. Jeff Emanuel says:

    HJ, if that IS your real name…(devious laughter)…I’ll agree, with all due respect to Erick, to one of your points: it is not posting on this blog that makes me a hotshot 😉

  23. Jeff Emanuel says:

    “Kemp will win the run off…But I am wrong because yall are just political masterminds because you post on peach pundit. Haha.”

    Not at all. You may well be right — but you have a track record of being wrong.

    July 12, comments from you:

    (1) “Brian Kemp will win next week and in November. You black supporters are blinded by ignorance.”

    (2) “You thought Gary was going to walk through this primary but you underestimated Kemp and now you will lose.”

    And that’s just a couple wrong ones; there are plenty of immature, vitriolic ones that could be posted. It’s sooooo easy to write whatever comes into that noggin of yours when nobody knows who you are. Fortunately, most folks are far too mature to say the things you do.

  24. Demonbeck says:

    “Fortunately, most folks are far too mature to say the things you do.”

    Not all of us Jeff.

    Nanny Nanny Boo Boo! Gary Black won the primary!

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