Casey Cagle: Giant Killer, part 2

From the editorial page of Thursday morning’s Athens Banner-Herald:

Cagle’s against-all-odds, David-versus-Goliath victory in this race was a parallel of his life story to this point. A living embodiment of the American dream, Cagle was raised by a single mother, who often had to work multiple jobs to provide for them—but who “never took a dime of government assistance.


  1. Bull Moose says:

    I’m scared to death to post this for fear of rallying division, but I almost couldn’t believe this when I read it. This comes from Rich Lowery, Editor of National Review:

    Here’s the view of what happened from the Reed camp: Once the Abramoff stuff exploded, it was going to be a very tough road for Reed. Glen Bolger did a poll for the campaign in January showing that it was possible for Reed to win, but his negatives were very high and he would have to squeak by. Reed had a choice to make, and decided to stay in the race and try to make it happen. In the end, soft Republicans appear to have broken very strongly against him in the suburbs. There may have been some cross-over Democratic votes in the open primary, but that alone can’t account for a 54-46% loss. Reed’s connection to the Abramoff stuff had broken back in the summer of 2004, so it couldn’t have been predicted that it would be such a huge deal even now. But it was. The Reed camp blames John McCain for playing payback for his 2000 primary defeat with a campaign of leaks, and the press, of course, was happy to pile on. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution ran dozens and dozens of stories about the scandal. Outside liberal groups might have spent upwards of a quarter-million on the race. The Reed team felt good at the close of the race, but, in the end, they just couldn’t scratch it out.

  2. Philly says:

    I will support Casey Cagle when hell freezes over. I will sit out the election in November or vote Democrat. I made a donation to Greg Hecht. yesterday.

    The way Cagle took advantage of the anti Reed sentiment from liberals an gays, the way Cagle lied and distorted facts in his ads. For example, Reed was going to jail, Reed supported child prostitution and forced labor. Cagle can not go unpunished or such acts will continue.. I hope the State Senate reverts back to Democratic hands to teach the GOP a lesson.

    I look forward to the attacks from Democrats against Cagle.

  3. landman says:

    Jeff,good post and I hopeas a Party we can rally around the entire ticket when it is set and take them to the finish line.

  4. GabrielSterling says:

    Good grief Philly…get a grip. Ralph Reed is going to support Casey and the conservative slate in November and he was the “actual” person attacked. Further, Casey won by 12 points, that wasn’t jus gays and liberals voting for him. With the low turnout, it was mainly regular ole Republican voters.

  5. Philly,

    I would just like to point out that you’re a complete dumbass. First, you predicted that Reed was going to blow Cagle out of the water. That didn’t happen. You said that Reed would only loose if cross over “gays and liberals” voted for Cagle. Well, Cagle could have won without them, according to Matt Towery. You said that Reed had a massive grass-roots army that would flood the polls. That didn’t happen.

    Nothing. I say again, NOTHING you say has any credibility whatsoever. I’m sure there will be some pissed of Reed supporters that will not vote for Cagle. But that percentage will be less that 5% of Reed supporters, probably more like 1-2%. Your man lost. Quit whining like a 10 year old girl! Blame whoever you want. No one gives three shits what you say.

    And, BTW, I hope you give more money to Hecht. Because when he loses to Jim Martin, you’ll be 2 for 2 in the loss column, making you even less credible–a feat that was once thought to be impossible.

    Good luck, Philly. Dumbf*ck.

  6. GAWire says:

    Jeff, awesome article in the ABH!

    Philly, welcome to the big leagues. Oh, yeah … and welcome to reality. It hit ya hard, huh?

  7. BahamaBoy says:

    I won’t waste any more keystokes responding to the likes of Philly. He is the embodiment of Reed supporters who drank Ralph’s Kool-Aid and believed the lies coming out of Reed Central HQ.

  8. Jeff Emanuel says:

    You know — and this has nothing to do with anything — but I always saw Philly as a female. I guess it was the proximity in message to Debbie (BEFORE now; I commend Debbie for her constructive attitude after the pimary). Also, I kept translating the name “Philly” into “FILLY” in my head, for some reason…oh, well. Philly, if you’re a male, sorry about that! If not, well, whatever…

    Bottom line is, there’s a huge difference between “not voting” for someone and donating to their opposition-party opponent. If you were really a Reed supporter, and in line with his legislative and social ideals, then a candidate like Hecht would turn your stomach. I’d leave it to GOPeach to psychoanalize you, but she seemed to have enough trouble trying to judge Cagle. The point is, though, you can either be a team player, or take your ball and go home; however, as the Cagle supporters on here have noted, the team already has enough poeple to play the big game in November without you.

  9. Cobb County says:

    Philly, come on, I was, and still am about as big of a Ralph Reed supporter as anyone, however, to donate to Greg Hecht is just crazy. First of all, Hecht’s attack adds on Jim Martin have been absolutely horrible. It doesn’t make sense to dislike Cagle for his adds, and then support an individual making similar claims. Secondly, as I have stated before, Ralph always stressed the need to provide the Gov. with philosophical allies, not adversaries. Cagle, like him or not, will fit nicely as Lt. Gov. Bottom line is that the Republican Party is bigger than any single candidate. Forgetting that will lead us to giving back what we have fought so hard to achieve.

  10. GOPeach says:

    For what ever it’s worth-

    I am here to report to all those who continue to
    trash Ralph Reed and insult all who stood with him
    that you are shooting yourselves in the foot!

    The issue is moot. Move on!

    I am very serious. If you do not, you will not have the
    Reed folks with you in November!! I can assure it.

    I am a rare case who will vote Republican no mater what.
    The vast majority of Reed supporters will not support
    Casey in Nov. They are appauled at the constant “hate
    language” and that is NO WAY to win support from them.

    You Cagle people may be still salivating but I suggest you
    get over yourselves fast!!! It will hurt you. You need the
    178,112 Reed supporters. These people have friends
    whom they influence and they will not be bullied by
    moderates. Please be cool. I mean it!

    When my kids played little league baseball, they were never
    allowed to celebrate on the field. They could not taunt
    their opponents. We took the party to a private location
    and enjoyed ourselves.

    Peach Pundit is not a private location. It is a public blog.
    Do not forget that. Wouldn’t it be a terrible is you bloggers
    were instrumental in keeping whom you refer to as “CC’s”
    away from the Lt. Gov. ballot. It could happen.

    The people I know ( which are many) are skipping the Lt.Gov.
    ballot This is their way of quietly getting back. CC’s are not
    on public blogs. I am just trying to help you guys. They are
    a different breed of people who are loyal to their own. They
    can only be won over only by kindness.

    For what ever it’s worth.

  11. GAWire says:

    Peach, here is the bottom line … I can either make fun of Ralph Reed’s embarrassing showing last week as well as all you folks promising us he would win OR work. Now, what do you think sounds like more fun?

    All I got to say is: GIVE ‘EM HECHT!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahaahhahahahahahahaaha (that was the “best” ad all season! I can still picture the lady yelling that as the ad began … priceless)

  12. Bull Moose says:

    Okay, I regret putting that comment up there, but to suggest that McCain is responsible for his loss is like me blaming Acura for me being a bad driver… It isn’t a logical conclusion.

    Let’s unite behind the nominee, primaries are in the past.

    The Bull has spoken.

  13. scs00 says:

    Why would the total vote count by county have the least bit to do with any possible correlation to cross-over voting? Surely you know that the population over the last FOUR years has grown also, right? Enlighten me if I’m wrong.

  14. techtrack says:

    don’t forget that there were two cities on the ballot in fulton county. that had an impact on turnout in north fulton

  15. Broty says:


    Keep in mind that in Dekalb in 2002 there was a large crossover vote of republicans into the democrat primary. That was the year that McKinney was ousted in favor of Majette. The numbers in 2002 may be artificially low for that reason.

  16. BahamaBoy says:

    Guys, please don’t confuse Debbie with the facts. She is busy trying to come up her own “facts” to support her claim that Cagle’s victory speech Tuesday night to supporters was “arrogant” and “lacked class.”

  17. GOPeach says:

    Bah Mama Boy –

    Yes, you sillly ambulance chaser! ( just kidding)

    “CC’s” have the Internet. They are not on PP.
    They are most likely on sites like
    www. etc…

    They are on line to make money not waste time
    like me inbetween appointments.

  18. GOPeach says:

    Casey will be a great Lt. Gov.!

    They do nothing but rant in the Senate with a gavel.
    This should be theraputic for him and a nice
    way to reward the Boys Club Senate. They will
    have to look at him everyday stand up and yell
    at them in that country accent.

    Theeas Seenat Weeahl Cum tah Awdah – bam bam bam .

    Okay- I am just having fun now …. Don’t go Flagger on me.

  19. bowersville says:

    GOPeach, you’re to funny. I’m from Gawga, I make Dallahs… and I like awdah. What are you saying, you live in Gawga, but depise us grit eaters? I often wish my grandmaw had lived long enough to realise we were’nt eating grits and gravy but instead, bechamel and polenta.

  20. GOPeach says:

    bowersville –

    I am from from Gawga too.
    So was my mahthah and grand fawtha and his famleh.
    I grew up on the norsthide of AhLanta and ate at
    Mary Macs many a Satadeh with my mawthah. We
    often awdahed grits with owah fish. It was very Southun.

    My family lost their Suthun drawls as soon as folks started
    laughing at us and deemed us dumb for being stuck at Tara.
    I ditched my hoops skirt and put on some jeans and I
    supposed I started a PEACH Revolution. GOPeach Go!

  21. bowersville says:

    I’m not trying to start a war here, but I don’t care if they laugh at my southern drawl. I grew up here and I don’t care, don’t give a damn about the flaggers, but had ancestors in the 1st Ga. calvary in the war of northern aggression. Don’t give a hoot about Tara, my ancestors lost a 157 acres in Carroll county due to the ignorance of the law by the carpet bag judges or they were simply crooks themselves. It was illegal to sell land for debts. So if you are ashamed of your southern heritage, so be it, I am not! I will never deny my God given right to exist with my southern drawl!

  22. bowersville says:

    And no GOPeach, there were no slaves in my heritage, not one. I have checked every available record. You were simply placed in the calvary because you had a horse.

  23. GOPeach says:

    Alright Alright Bowersville-

    Don’t get mad at Peach. She’s just having some fun.
    I know the whole “War of Northern Aggression” thing
    and I AGREE with you about it !!!

    However, you must know that the Creeks and Cherokees
    were here before your people and those were my people.
    They were sold the worst deal in American History.

    I understand the “slave thing also”. My Cherokee Uncle
    tells people ” I picked my own damn cotton!” So I
    feel ya bower.

    I believe you have a right to speak Suthun if you want to
    by God! Go for it. Let ‘er rip!!


    I AM BACK AND READY TO BEAT THE DEMS IN NOVEMBER, CAN DEBBIE OR GOPEACH SAY 12 POINTS OKAY ERICK I HAD TO DO THAT, NUFF SAID WE WON!!It is now time to unite and win in November ,we need to put the primary behind us and focus on the general.

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