Campaign Websites

Few things, *ahem*, excite me, more than good ole campaign pr0n. (It is almost becoming a problem).

To satiate my, again, *ahem*, nightly need, I browsed the websites of the candidates still running for all the constitutional offices and here are my thoughts.

Note: I tried to look at all of these sites as an undecided voter trying to learn more about each candidate. I would like to think I did a good job.

The worst: Mark Taylor’s. Nothing about his victory, no real news, no way to access old news, and just. plain. boring. What was not suprising was that apparently no webdesign firm was involved. Were I an undecided voter I would quickly leave and probably not consider voting for him.

n.b. I didn’t judge Tommy Irvin’s because he is such a fossil it was expected to bad. Had I judged it, it would be a close second.

The best: Sonny Perdue. Filled with information. The colors were bold and exciting, it was easy to navigate with all kinds of things to keep me at the site and interested, unlike above. Glad SP’s warchest is going to something.

Honorable Mentions go to: Casey Cagle, and Cathy Cox. I know she lost, but her site is just that good.

Why did I do this? Because this is where most voters are now going to go to get their information about each candidate and other cliches we already know.But more importantly, I think it says volumes about the quality of each campaign. A winning campaign these days MUST utilize the web in order to get people to vote. A bad website will only hurt a campaign.

[UPDATE]: Interestingly enough, my Representative, has a decent re-election site. It is a great one considering he is unopposed. Also interesting is that he is one of the two GA Reps I have not met, despite my many visits to DC and the fact he is my Rep.

[UPDATE 2]: With Firefox, you are able to use the url bar as a quasi search engine.  Typing in a phrase takes you to the most relevant website. Firefox users, type in “hankjohnson”.


  1. rugby_fan says:

    Sonny’s is the best of candidates still running. Tell me who has as much information or things to do as SP’s. No one else gives people as much of a reason to keep clicking as SP. Ergo: SP’s is the best.

    I do like what Stoneridge did with CCagle’s. It is a very interesting design with the way you “reveal” the SP story is very cool. However that pic on the fron page just looks blurry. Not good. With all that money they could get a much better photo. If they do, I would be willing to change my mind about the website.

  2. rugby_fan says:

    I am also a big fan on SP’s Site of having a way to contact county chairs, great for grassroots.

    Also having a volunteer of the week is a GREAT way to get people to come into the office and work hard. SP’s got it on his site.

    So it is not just based on the site’s design, its all that the site can do.

    And yes, a blurry photo on CC’s site is a big enough problem to make it second best. Too much money and time was spent designing it for a poor quality photo in the most prominent part of the website. Thats just the way it is.

  3. The Busdriver says:

    Blurry photo? Dude, everything in that picture–but for Casey’s mug–is supposed to be blurry. The foreground-clear. Background-blurry.

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