1. JP says:

    This shill voted NO on stem cell research last year, for some reason–just like Bush, apparently. At least I agree with his stance on net neutrality.

    I need more convincing on this guy.

  2. Bill Simon says:

    Erick, he sat on his ass and watched the legislative parade roll by and acted ONLY when directed to by Tom DeLay.

    He is a mediocre representative at best.

  3. BB says:

    Sounds like BS is coming around…now Tom is “mediocre” instead of some of the other colorful terms used to describe him during the campaign.

    Not to gloat, but I seem to recall a number of posts from BS and Konop claiming an internal poll showed 40% for Konop. It seems a bunch of people forgot to vote or Konop was just full of it, I bet on the latter.

    Speaking of internal poll, who conducted it because there is no listing on Konop’s disclosure report paying for a poll. Maybe it’s included in the $14,000 paid to Capital One without line item description of each expenditure…hmmmm.

  4. BB says:

    Wasn’t my race to lose Bill, unlike the Konop landslide loss with you as the paid consultant. Had I been involved, we would have found an issue to get Towne Lake interested.

    Did Konop’s BMW start after being idle so long?

  5. duluthmom says:

    I should have added that while I disagree with Price on Amnesty, I do agree with him that we should get control of our borders before passing any Amnesty legislation.

  6. Bill Simon says:

    He doesn’t have the Beamer, BB. My advice to you is to check-in to the nearest hospital for that bad case of diahrrea-of-the-mouth you still have.

  7. mba_1999 says:

    I’m sick of this anti-immigrant backlash. It’s clearly aimed at the Troglodyte wing of the Republican party. Those who want to work here should be welcome! There are enough worthless people here who do nothing but sponge off of taxpayers. Maybe we could set up an exchange program — we get all the hardworking immigrants and Mexico can have our detritus!

  8. John Konop says:

    James Budd
    GOP snubbing challengers in primary

    July 06, 2006
    I live on a rocky ridge in Cherokee County, and when the sun angle is mirror-perfect on my west-facing windows, these monstrous crows, which perch on a nearby persimmon tree, take turns battering themselves against the “challengers” reflecting in the glass.

    Today’s Republican incumbents and the party infrastructure, at both the local and state levels, appear to have the same mentality as the crazed crows outside my house, battering and clattering at both real and imagined challengers. The clattering has reached a crescendo as the July 18 Republican Primary nears.

    In fact, the state GOP’s executive board has enacted a policy to support incumbents only, according to Sheila Auffrey, corresponding secretary with the Cherokee County Republican Party (CCRP).

    Out here in the frontier of Cherokee, just next door to Milton, the list of GOP hopefuls who couldn’t break into the “in-crowd” form a long, dejected line. More will be added after July 18. Bet on it, Bubba.

    The GOP putsch has been won, so now it’s time to round up dissenters and keep the power among the “pure” original Republicans.

    It’s the same way in Forsyth, where the local party recently called for the resignation of School Superintendent Paula Gault because she was one of 22 state superintendents to criticize Gov. Sonny Perdue in a letter for cutting school funding during his term and lowering maximum class sizes.

    Cherokee’s Superintendent Dr. Frank Petruzielo also signed the letter criticizing the governor, but he’s so ornery, and heavily armed with data, that most politicians cower and wilt when he enters the room.

    Although local party officials such as Auffrey and Chairman Pete Castello deny giving a cold shoulder to GOP challengers, ask practically anyone who has dealt with the local party as a challenger and he will report they felt like the proverbial “skunk at the picnic.”

    First case in point is John Konop, a financial services specialist from Cherokee County, who is challenging North Fulton physician and incumbent Tom Price for Sixth District Congress.

    Konop’s run an energetic campaign against an entrenched incumbent, who has more than $1 million in his campaign war chest. Konop’s been drawing hundreds of supporters at recent forums.

    Konop, an America-first candidate, had no luck getting his campaign announcements on his home county’s GOP Web site. The state party also snubbed him with its incumbents-only policy.

    Bart Brannon, the guy in charge of communications for the Cherokee GOP, brushed Konop off from the get-go.

    The challenger complained bitterly to the local party’s executive board in an e-mail.

    In his e-mail, Konop wrote: “All I am asking for is fair treatment. We all know Bart [Brannon] has refused to book me to speak to the CCRP as a candidate, while offering Tom Price multiple opportunities…”

    Nothing happened at first.

    But, Chairman Castello finally got so tired of the infighting he had all candidate announcements yanked off the Web site a few weeks ago.

    Konop said a faction within the party is so “vicious” that they’ve verbally abused his children at political events.

    “When it sinks to that level, you know it’s over the top,” said Konop. “There’s a very dangerous element that controls everything.”

    Ironically, Brannon was arrested several years back for violating state elections laws when he was a political consultant. He could have faced jail time, but instead was allowed to produce a pamphlet on election laws as part of the terms.

    Another candidate who’s had trouble breaking into the clutches of the local GOP “in crowd” is Mary Whilhite, a former Chicago Bears cheerleader who happens to be an African-American. She ran an unsuccessful campaign two years ago for the District 22 House seat in south Cherokee, losing in a runoff election to Chuck Scheid.

    After taking office, it turns out Scheid, a resident of Woodstock, hadn’t paid his state taxes for several years. He was also cited for numerous ethics violations for filing his campaign financial disclosure reports late.

    A financial adviser, Scheid, 57, claims his records were destroyed in an arson that happened at his home in the midst of his close runoff election with Whilhite. Hmm.

    Scheid, who had the backing of the local GOP two years ago, decided not to seek the District 22 House seat again, probably because news of his tax problems hit the newspapers and the future didn’t look promising.

    Now Scheid’s running for State Labor Commissioner in the GOP Primary against Atlanta businessman Brent Brown. In a recent straw poll in Cobb County, Brown, 35, whipped Scheid by landslide.

    Scheid’s departure left the door open for Whilhite to try again. She’s in a three-way race in the primary and continues to get the cold shoulder from the party elite.

    Whilhite, whose signs were recently sprayed with racial epithets, rolls her eyes when talking about the local GOP. She said most of the leadership tries to be fair, but a “nasty faction” controls the party.

    “The stories I could tell,” said Whilhite.

    There are plenty more stories to tell from the wild Cherokee frontier, but space is limited and the crows are back.


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