Worth Noting

Techtrack has noted this:

handel won every major metro region in the state, atlanta, macon, augusta, columbus, savannah.

handel beat stephens in over 100 counties.
bailey beat stephens in 7 counties.
martin beat stephens in 5 counties.


  1. foray says:

    Or that Gary Black one 142/159 Counties which includes all the metro area- and Bibb, Muscogee, Richmond and Lowndes.

  2. waterboy says:

    It’s over for Stephens and Kemp. The fat lady hasn’t started singing yet, but she has the sheet music in front of her and is warming up!

  3. Dawgsrock says:

    How’s it feel to go into a campaign being the leader, and getting your butt kicked all over the state. Your buddy Johnson couldn’t even help you win the Sav. metro area. You won Chatham by a hundred votes, but got you clock cleaned in Bulloch and Effingham. If I was was going to the Navel Academy and had to use that as a leadership model, I’d transfer to West Point.

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