The Young Turks of Georgia

I think we need to take a moment here and recognize a shift that has been going on for some time in Georgia. I think we can say definitely that this is the moment the Young Turks of Georgia have come into their own.

Joel McElhannon, Jay Williams, Trip Radtke, Clint Austin, Chip Lake, Brad Alexander, Steve Butler, Scott Rials — it is the young guys now (we’ll keep Trip and Clint in this list 😉 ) in the Republican party that are moving things forward. They are not always committed to the same candidate in the same race, but they are committed to not just building a Republican party, but a conservative Republican party.

And the Young Turks are winning. It’s always the young guy in the campaign HQ calling the shots from behind the desk. But it is usually the older gentlemen setting strategy, doing the message, and designing the campaign. The young guys are coming on now and they are doing well. In as much as this was a race between Cagle and Reed, part of me thinks it was also a race between old school and new. And new school won out using old school strategy and new school energies.


  1. Clint Austin says:

    Thanks for keeping me in the “young” list, Erick – for the record I’m only a year older than Chip – we actually went to high school together!

  2. HSC Republican says:

    I think Dewberry and Carlson both belong on the list. What they were able to do in a year was AMAZING! GO TEAM CAGLE!

  3. UGAMatthew says:

    I must concur; Dewberry and Carlson are top notch.

    Side note: imagine working on Cagle’s campaign and then getting married the week after the primaries…Congratulations to Russell; he and his fiance are heading out to Jamaica to tie the knot.

  4. Bill Simon says:

    The whole Cagle team was top-notch, that’s for sure. And, I find it fascinating that the guy who spent the shortest amount of time working for Ralph Reed (and left because he just couldn’t stomach the sleaze exuded by Ralph) is the guy who out-worked, out-organized, and out-managed Ralph’s organization: Joel McElhannon.

  5. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Whoever was the mastermind at putting this team together deserve a huge gold star. The Cagle team was, in my opinion, the most innovative, responsive and nimble campaign I have seen. That is one awesome team and backed up by Stoneridge’s innovation is superb.

    Ok, I’m done gloating I’m getting bored.

  6. Michael C says:

    Don’t forget Russle Calson takes the marriage plunge this week. Heck of a Wedding present. I wonder if his fiance even remembers what he looks like.

  7. shep1975 says:

    Russell is a political gypsy. He’s done races all over the country. I ran into someone in DC who worked with him on a race in Mississippi. Maybe now he’s getting married he’ll settle in GA. Plus for our state.

  8. nfire says:

    Good to see Russel getting his props. I think the guy remembered every single person’s name he met on the campaign trail. Congrats on the win and the marriage Russel!

  9. GOPeach says:

    There is something about the name “Turks” that quite disturbing.

    The Turks were the Mulsems who wared with the Christians
    over Jerusalem. The Turks were against Christ and His Cause.

    I’d ditch the name ” TURKS” fast!

  10. nfire says:

    Well I guess since these guys were against Ralph Reed that’s kind of like being against Christ and his cause depending on who you talk to…

  11. Demonbeck says:

    The Young Turks were Turkish, constitutionalist, progressive, partisan, which brought the second constitutional era by a revolution against Abdul Hamid II. The first movement was established among the military students in 1889, and with the official establishment of Committee of Union and Progress (CUP) in 1906, among the other parties, Young Turks became members of this party. The Young Turk movement built a rich tradition of dissent that shaped the intellectual, political and artistic life of the late Ottoman period (decline, dissolution).

    The Three Pashas of the Young Turks ruled the Ottoman Empire from Coup of 1913 until the end of World War I. The Young Turks were responsible for orchestrating the Armenian Genocide.

    Since this time “Young Turk” has also been used to signify any groups or individuals inside an organisation who are more progressive, seek prominence and power.

    The use of the term “Young Turks” does not imply an attack on Christianity in any way. The above is merely the history behind where the term came from.

  12. Bull Moose says:

    The Casey Cagle team was by far one of the best and most organized campaign efforts to hit this state since the Coverdell days…

    From day one, they were energetic, motivating, and worked tireless to ensure that there candidate was able to get the job done and win this primary. I’ve never seen a team so deserving of victory!

    I think that speaks volumes of them, but it also speaks volumes about Casey Cagle as a leader. It starts from the top down and the entire Casey Crew has set a new standard of campaign excellence in this great state of ours.

    As for Russel, the boy becomes a man on Saturday, and I can frankly say, I’m glad to count him as a friend. Casey and our state are fortunate that he came our way, now stay in Georgia! Congratulations to you and may you and your lovely bride have a great time!

  13. Wormface says:

    Great job, young men and women! Many of us in my generation were conservative, but Georgia was truly a one-party state. And the Dems of that day didn’t look much like the Dems of today: my late daddy and father-in-law are probably flapping their wings in dismay!

  14. Dorabill says:

    You can call me a “Young Turk” any time you want. My “moderate” dad dropped namalm on the commies in North Korea. And had nothing but good things to say about the South Koreans and the Turkish who he fought alongside. In fact the Turkish hated the Commies more than the Americans. They would go out kill Commies and make neclaces out of their ears. My kind of people.

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