The Republicans Will Win

Last night’s election results were really no surprise (except maybe Cynthia’s run-off), although the margins were to some. Senator Cagle’s win means that he is the odds on favorite to win in November, but the race should be taken very seriously. I have always predicted that Mark Taylor will be a vicious campaigner and that the Governor’s race will be close. That probably makes every down ballot race close, too. As we begin to define our vision and compare the records of Perdue-Cagle and Taylor-Martin/Hecht, the Cagle-Reed supporters will join together. The truth is that Casey is a solid, pro-family, tax-cutting conservative with no personal baggage. Let’s also give appropriate credit to the Cagle campaign’s tactics and GOTV effort. His victory cannot be wholly credited to anti-Ralph sentiment. He has proven himself as a focused campaigner and an effective fundraiser.

The Senate will remain in GOP hands with several new faces (Jack Murphy has replaced Bill Stephens), Bill Cowsert will replace Brian Kemp, and a good person will win the run-off in Hall County for Casey’s seat. No incumbent gets beat. The Caucus is as unified as ever and is excited about the future under a Republican Lt. Governor. It will be an awesome election season and an exciting session in 2007.

There are some posting on blogs anonymously that want to divide this winning team. They either don’t know what they are talking about or they have an agenda that wants to hurt what has been built so carefully. The Majority Leader and I have been working closely with Senator Cagle as we continue to shuffle the Senate leadership team that includes veterans and talented freshmen, as well as Cagle supporters and Reed supporters. More announcements and appointments are coming – all with the goal of delivering Cagle the Lt. Governorship, maintaining a Republican majority, and fielding the strongest possible policy team.


  1. HSC Republican says:

    If it was no surprise why did you not endorse Casey….you stayed neutral and proved you had no backbone!

  2. Bill Simon says:

    Eric, does this mean you folks will re-write the senate rules and give Lt. Governor-damn-near-elect Cagle a lot more responsibilities than ribbon-cutting exercises? 🙂

  3. Erick says:

    HSC, I’m kind of glad the President Pro Tempore of the Georgia Senate was not overtly campaigning for one particular candidate in his party’s primary.

  4. CynicalGeek says:

    I was not at all surprised by Cynthia McKinney’s runoff. I knew that her constituency would never change their mind about voting for her.

  5. HSC Republican says:

    It would have been fine with me had he not endorsed Kemp and Stephens. That opened the door for him to endorse someone. If you are going to stay neutral, stay neutral.

  6. Demonbeck says:


    This is something where you and I disagree. The Senate President Pro Tem is the Senator who works most closely with the LG and should have most definitely stayed out of the race. It is quite evident (considering those who currently hold these posts) that the Senate PPT can do his job effectively without the support of the Ag Commissioner and SoS.

    Senator EJ,

    I for one am proud of the job you have done for Georgia throughout your time in the General Assembly. Some people here are too caught up in the emotions of some very hotly contested races to remember how you led the Republican party (not all by yourself, of course) from an extreme minority to the majority we enjoy today.

    I am also proud as a Republican to see your colleague Senator Staton so eager to make amends with the Cagle folks in a post that (at least I think) seemed sincere.

    In a statement that I am sure will give others on this site heartburn (Bill Simon), I trust the leadership we have had in place since we have taken over and I am sure I will trust the leadership you and “Lt. Gov-elect Cagle” (wink at WSB) decide upon as well.

  7. HSC Republican says:

    Do not get me wrong I stand by Johnson 100%. He has helped build the party from nothing in the Senate. The time when he pulled the NY Flag from the chamber, or put up police tape when the flag changed. I am proud to call him my State Senator. I have worked with him before, and look forward to work with him again. There is good reason for him to remain neutral.

  8. Demonbeck says:

    Good, I am glad you feel that way. I would hate for any “he didn’t stand with us, so he must be against us” sentiment to take over.

  9. landman says:

    Guys,we just put up a Lt.Gov.Candidate that can elevate this office to new heights and more importantly for the short-term strengthen our entire ticket,so lets savor the victory and put our thoughts and efforts towards winning in November.

    As everyone on here knows Politics is not a zero sum game,you have to see the big picture and remember the end in mind is to win the Governship and all the down ticket offices,while maintaining the majority in the House and Senate. I strongly believe we made a GIANT step towards that goal last night and if we unite with that in mind and put our best effort as a party forward we will send the Dems to the wilderness for 40years.

  10. Philly says:

    I refuse to vote for Cagle. I will choose to sit out the general election and if you think I am the only one then you are being rather foolish.

    Most of the Reed supporters will support the ticket, but you will have around 30 – 40 % that will not. They are deeply hurt by the way Reed was treated and the way Cagle ran his campaign. Cagle should not be rewarded. This hurt will not go away. Enough is enough. Cagle and the State Senators took it for granted that they could conduct the campaign anyway they wanted to and we would just forget and blindly support the GOP ticket. That ain’t happening. I know people that might say they support the ticket but when they vote it is a different story.

    It will not change in time.

    You could tell from even the Reed people that say they will vote for Cagle, they don’t have their heart into it and they will not work for Cagle. Cagle had a great deal of support that was anti Reed. Where will that support be now that Reed is no longer in the horizon?

  11. Bill Simon says:


    People said the same thing back in 2004 about Cain and Collins’ supporters when Isakson swept the primary. Know what? If they stayed home, Isakson STILL didn’t need them.

    If you are a person who thought Ralph was fully innocent of the hypocrisy charges against him, then Cagle won’t need you to win either.

  12. Bull Moose says:

    I really hope that Jimbo, Philly, and others that are continuing to attack our nominee will remember that the Republican primary was yesterday and cease the attacks.

    A united team is a victorious team.

    Remember, we are only as strong as our weakest link.

    By the way, I think we have excellent Republican State Senators and I enjoyed meeting some of them last night.

  13. debbie0040 says:

    Bull Moose, you guys need to stop attacking Reed as well and remember the primary is over. Take your own advise.

  14. Bull Moose says:

    Debbie, no one on here is still attacking (or even talking about) Ralph Reed. I think what we have are a few out of towners or even Democrat infiltrates that are continuing to keep us all divided… Ignore it… Let it roll off your back… We’re big boys and girls here…

  15. debbie0040 says:

    We need to be united. I am concerned about the turnout in the Democratic Primary. They had more voters than we did..

    The question I have is will the people that voted for McBerry stay in the fold and vote for Sonny in November or vote for Taylor? That will be interesting. Taylor is no friend to the Southern Heritage folks.

  16. techtrack says:

    senator johnson,

    i think i understand why you supported stephens in the primary, he was part of the leadership team and a friend.

    i assume you want the strongest ticket to support the re-election of sonny. stephens is not that person, he has the largest fine of any person in the history of georgia for ethics violations, when asked about it in sundays debate, he threw sonny under the bus. he lost over 100 counties, including north georgia counties. handel can help sonny with the female vote and fulton county. she took more votes than sonny did in fulton in 2002.

    please do the right thing and switch to a winner – handel

  17. Bull Moose says:

    Senator Johnson, I have to agree with techtrack here. Bill Stephens is not the best candidate to be on the team. With the largest ethics fine in history of the state senate, he does not have the ethical qualifications to serve as Secretary of State. His bragging about the fine and that he’s proud of it — it means he’s gotten things done — doesn’t work for me or for a majority of Georgia voters.

    I strongly second techtrack’s recommendation to withdraw your support of Bill Stephens and support the candidate with momentum, qualifications, and most importantly with impeccable ethics.

    As well, it would be nice to see you distance yourself from the negative personal remarks that Bill Stephens launched against Karen and her husband.

    If every race is going to be close, we need our strongest candidates as our nominees and in this race, that person is Karen Handel.

  18. eem2006 says:

    Great comments…too bad you didn’t have the nerve to join your fellow Senators and say that a year ago.

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